A new Josh Mosqueira interview from Gamescom with Korean site Players Cut, in which he answers numerous short questions with a yes, no, or maybe. Most of them are technical stuff about the story and lore, but more general topics came in halfway through and the one that everyone’s going to seize on Josh’s reply to a question about the Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls beta test start time. Here’s the exact quote of that one, which you can hear at 7:33 in the video:

    Question: “I hope that Blizzard can put up the first beta test of Reaper of Souls within this year.”
    Josh, “Yes.”

    Before anyone gets too excited, note that “hope” does not equal “it will happen.” Also note that the interviewer didn’t say “Public beta.” Game developers generally begin beta tests on internal servers with only a few employees playing. They gradually expand to include more internal testers, then friends and family, then some media and other connected types, and finally go “public” and when they begin to really scale up the number of testers. So the RoS beta could indeed get underway this year, but not get to the public testing phase until well into 2014.

    Still, it’s good news that they’re even far enough along to think about starting up the Beta! Here’s the full interview, with more transcript below:

    Most of the questions in this are very technical stuff about lore and story, and Josh seems to really enjoy them. Probably it was nice to get a change from the usually run of general questions, and I thought it was nice to hear more about the story and the lore, even if that’s not my main area of interest.

    The following are paraphrases of most of the questions Josh answered “Yes.” to. There were at least a couple of dozen others that got “No.” replies, and many more “Maybe.” answers, some of which Josh’s reply appeared to mean, “Yes, but I’m not going give out that information yet.”

    Josh said yes to the following:

    In the cinematic, Tyrael’s sword wouldn’t hurt Malthael, the former Angel of Justice, which implies that Malthael’s behavior is just and righteous.

    There’s a new historian in D3X, taking the lore-explaining role we saw filled by Cain and DiabloWikiAbd al-Hazir in D3C.

    The Pandemonium Fortress will loook very different in D3X than it did in D2.

    The Crusader has a stronger spell than the Paladin.

    The Warrior class from Diablo 1 was an influence on Crusader’s design.

    The Crusader’s Wrath resource is different than Barbarian’s Fury resource.

    Reaper of Souls has the same PC requirements as D3C.

    Exact quote on this one: “I hope that Blizzard can put up the first beta test of Reaper of Souls within this year.” Josh, “Yes.”

    Much more info about RoS will come at Blizzcon. Yes yes yes.

    I want a Josh Mosqueira monster as an Easter Egg in in RoS so I can knock it down? Yes (says Josh).

    Josh spoke more in a question about how the Crusader and the Paladin differ. Summary of his reply: “The Crusader and Paladin are from the same order. While the Paladins traveled West to spread the Zakarum faith, the Crusaders are an elite order within the Paladins. Individuals are chosen to become Crusaders if they demonstrate a stronger capacity to embody the power of the Paladin. The Crusaders splintered off to form their own sect within the order. One cool lore bit is that there’s only a fixed number of Crusaders. Each one of them takes on an apprentice, and when the Crusader falls their apprentice takes the shield and role of the master, and choose a new apprentice to follow him/her.”

    Beta news = excite? Anyone really into the lore who wants to listen to the first 5 minutes of this one and break down any new revelations to the rest of us? Thanks to Mark and Nobbie for the news tip.

    Update: I tacked on a vote because why not?

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