Josh Mosqueira and Kevin Martens Interview

Another Gamescom interview with Josh Mosqueira and Kevin Martens has been posted, along with a partial transcript on BlizzPlanet. The recording is audio only, but you can listen below.

The interview covers a number of topics we’ve heard in other interviews, including the darker tone and theme of Act 5, the DiabloWikiCrusader‘s lore, going deeper into the story of the current Followers (No one has yet asked if they’ll have more gear slots in D3X, which I assumed was almost a default, but appears not to be happening), and more. One new tidbit confirms that we’ll have another interaction with a DiabloWikiNecromancer NPC, and there’s also some good stuff about randomized levels and the non-Westmarch settings we’ll see in Act 5:

The Bloodmarsh is an area outside of the city of Westmarch. It’s a very cool area, it’s one of our more fun and dangerous looking zones we have in the game. Actually you see some of it in the opening cinematic, where the Black Soulstone is buried. Where Archangel Malthael comes and steal it from Tyrael. It’s underneath the Bloodmarch, and it does exist in the game right now.

The other area you will be exploring is the DiabloWikiPandemonium Fortress. It’s sort of the heart of creation, and that’s going to be a really great counterpoint to the more gothic feeling of DiabloWikiWestmarch. The players will really love the journey from Westmarch to the Bloodmarch to the Pandemonium. It’s a place where the angels and demons have fought over forever.

In other interviews the devs have stressed that the Pandemonium Fortress will be nothing like the tiny little Act 4 town we saw in Diablo 2. In the world lore it’s huge, the size of a city, and it has changed ownership dozens of times over the ages, as the Demons and Angels warred over the territory and occasionally one side drove the other out and worked to strengthen the fortifications. It’s also where Malthael spent the last mysterious decades, brooding and polishing his armor while plotting his grand return, and it seems a safe bet for the location of the final battle of Act 5, when you take him on in his own lair.

Update: As some of you guys pointed out in the comments, the partial transcript is misleading on some points, especially about the Leah story thing and the “returning” Necromancer. Naturally, some excitable forum types took the hype literally and tried to believe this interview left the door open to the Necromancer returning in RoS as a playable class. Quick corrects were issued by Blizzard CMs.

If you read this article from they interviewed Josh Mosqueira on Aug. 25th and they said the Necromancer will play a role as either a NPC or possibly a playable character. But we will not know anything until Blizzcon so it is still speculation about using the necromancer as a character but they will have some sort of role.
Grimiku: Vaeflare confirmed it earlier, but there is no harm in saying again. You’ll get a chance to meet a familiar necromancer NPC, but the only additional playable class in Reaper of Souls is the Crusader. We’ll have more information to share about the Crusader in the coming months, but this armored, battle-worn, veteran will be a mighty addition to hero roster of Diablo III.
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19 thoughts on “Josh Mosqueira and Kevin Martens Interview

  1. The slip-up regarding Leah? Listen to the interview, the transcript isn’t particularly accurate, but it’s clear they were making a joke. They “spoiled” that she dies during D3C.

    • yeah, the transcript was a bit iffy, either on purpose to try to grab headlines or just from error. The bit about necromancer was obviously another NPC appearance as you get in Act 2 in D3C, but the article played it up like maybe a 7th class preview.

  2. Why would we get a new gear slot if they’re not bothering to fix the stats themselves? How many more places can we put main stat/crit/crit damage/attack speed/res all?

    • Not we, mercs. As they did in D2X. And no one cares about dps stats on mercs anyway; I just want to give them more exp and mf/gf to share to me. Be something to do with obsolete mempos and green chest pieces, at least.

  3. I hope they have something in the story where Malthael resurrect Cain as one of his demon servant for whatever reason, but we end up taking him back from the clutches of evil. Effectively bringing Cain back in the game. You can’t kill Cain, he lives and die with the franchise, this is not up for debate.

    • Malthael resurrect Cain as his *demon*?

      As long as I remember, that emo angel fights against demons, so how and why would he make demon minions?

      (maybe you meant undead?)

    • No, just no. The way they’ve killed Cain was very disappointing, at least for me and even though I miss the guy, I don’t really want D3 story team to come up with any way to bring him back, because I have a feeling that if they did try to resurrect him, it would feel even worse than his death.

      Cain is dead, we should just let him rest in peace, not submit him to any more poor-story torture.

    • I’m betting on Zayl from the novels. He was in Westmarch in Moon of the Spider, set sometime after the Worldstone’s destruction.

    • Technically, Kulle was never dead, just taken to pieces. The Horadrim were unable to kill him.

    • Didn’t Kulle left behind tools to resurrect him? Like blood or corpse? Besides Cain was old, barely alive. Maybe Maghda’s design was not the best, still death of Cain was inevitable.

  4. My guess for the “famous NPC necromancer” would be Zayl, the main character of some of the Diablo novels (Moon of the Spider…). Or Rathma himself!

    • Travis might have been reassigned, but I don’t know. In any event, not everyone on the dev team can or needs to go to every convention. Wyatt Cheng’s not there either, and he’s been one of the most prolific of the devs in fan communication in the past.

    • Conspiracy theory. Travis never existed, he was made up to be the ‘front man’ until the new game director was hired.

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