Josh Mosqueira Interview: Pre-Gamescom

interview to Polish site caught Diablo 3’s Game Director DiabloWikiJosh Mosqueira for a short interview just before Gamescom. There’s no “new” info, but Josh answers questions about the economy, the Diablo 3 console adaption and differences from the PC, class variability, and even teases the new coming soon™. Yes, DiabloWikisoon. Here’s a quote from the nicely-readable Google translation provided English version (h/t Orion):

Many people have mixed feelings about the auction house, and that which has an impact on the economics of the game. What is your opinion on the current state of the economy in Diablo III? Do you have any plans for this particular aspect of the game?
Josh: It’s a very complicated aspect of Diablo III. It seems that everyone wants a simple answer, we will do X and thus everything will be fine. However, it is not that simple. In my view, we have to deal with two major problems. First, the biggest problem, that is what I call the “index of temptation.” It’s too easy now to visit the auction house and buy items. This is not in itself a bad thing, but it becomes a problem when players think it is for them the only place where you can find items. This is what we are trying to improve the Loot 2.0. The second problem, related to the economy, may require us to more amendments and debate, both within in the team and with our community.

According to many blue entries on forums in recent weeks, we can soon expect changes and developments in PC version of Diablo III. Which systems to improve for Diablo III were the most fun? Can you give an example?
Josh: Wait a little 🙂

It would be nice if we knew if that “little” meant “one day for Gamescom” or “two months for Blizzcon.” I’m guessing/hoping it’s the former, at least in part since Josh gave that grinning winkie face. Yes, it’s come to this. Analyzing Blizzard time-tables based on emoticons…

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  1. Will see tomorrow if Blizz has a balls. They just have to shake this game and rebuild core to revive it. If they only add a content and make some minor changes to items and etc it wont live more than a week.

  2. Paragon 2.0, and directly linked with skills system. That´s new, I believe that they can make a big progress with skills diversity if they have some good ideas there.

  3. The most interesting question for me is: Will we get 2 new acts for character level 70 and 80 respectively? THAT would be a great feature!

    • I remember reading in one of the interviews with jay wilson and he was asked if characters will level with expansions and he said they won’t. although that was before the game was released and obviously he’s no more the game director so it could change.

  4. Hearthstone (New Blizzard card game) is in beta and while it is fun, it is EXTREMELY PAY TO WIN.

    I guess what I am trying to say is that AH/RMAH is here to stay. No questions about it. There is just 0 signs of Blizzard moving away from such a business model even if it is at the expense of the gameplay.

    It sucks but we can only hope you can at least actually find good items when playing, not play the AH.

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