inDiablo.de has posted an interview with Diablo III Lead Console Designer DiabloWikiJosh Mosqueira. It’s a good read, with several nice tidbits on some lingering game issues. For one thing, Josh introduces himself as “the Lead Designer for Diablo 3 on Console.”

    That’s interesting since other Blizzard peeps have stressed that it’s not a Diablo 3 port to console, but “a Diablo console project.” It seems like it won’t be just exactly D3 modified to play on a console, but clearly it is going to be Diablo 3; they’re not making a whole new/different game just for thumbpads.

    Also, Josh confirms that the plan is for a random mod on runes, and doesn’t say, “we’re just testing that out” as Jay Wilson did when announcing that feature 3 weeks ago at the Bliz media event. It might yet change of course, but from Josh’s reply it sounds like that feature is pretty well established in their testing. Which is good, since I think it’s a cool feature and most of you guys seemed to like it as well.

    Other topics covered in the interview include the game’s “hellish environments,” the importance of player skill vs. equipment, the lack of bonus quest/content in DiabloWikiInferno, stopping item runs in Inferno, and more. Here are a couple of quotes. You can read the full interview here.

    inDiablo.de: Is the Inferno mode more for groups or for solo players or for both?
    Josh Mosqueira: The general philosophy for Diablo 3 is that it’s viable both for Singleplayer and for cooperative and in fact I really believe that Diablo 3 will be maximum fun when you play it with a bunch of friends. So definitely Inferno will be a lot of fun with a group of players or because the difficulty scales with the number of players. It will be fun solo or with a group of players.

    inDiablo.de: When I played the beta some weeks ago in Irvine, the new skill system felt more like an advanced hotkey system because you can change your skills every time you like. Can you understand this feeling and did you ever consider changing that so you can’t change your skills for a certain period of time?
    Josh Mosqueira: Right now, we’re currently doing a lot of tuning and we are really evaluating a lot of different things. At Blizzard we always want to make sure that we look at how we interact with the game and how the community interacts with the game and we try not to make some snap and we need your reactions but again we’re actively tuning all aspects of the game especially the active and passive skills and the rune system at the moment.

    Josh gets a little PR/non-specific about things a few times, but he’s fairly forthcoming on the whole, and I’m sure Jay “The Exhausted” Wilson appreciated having someone else around to save him some talking.

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