Thanks to HolyKnight for pointing me to French Diablo fansite JudgeHype, which has posted a nice interview with Joseph Lacroix, the artist of the Diablo comic DiabloWikiSword of Justice. The English translation is quite readable, and it talks about his artistic start and influences, how he came to the attention of Blizzard to be selected for this project, and includes a nice selection of concept art, in various stages, for the comic. (The third issue of which was just released.)

    JudgeHype: How did the briefing go and it was your flexibility in relation to it?

    Lacroix: I was mostly asked to give life to the world of Sanctuary. There are in the game, there are in cinematics, there must be in comics. It has to be dark, epic and dynamic. I’ve been researching graphics for all the main characters, for decorations.

    DC Comics and my editor Michael McCalister allowed me to show you these drawings for this interview and I thank them. There Jacob course, the main character, but also a lot of research on Khelric, the giant barbarian history. I was instructed to try to “please the 10 year old child that lurks in the heart of every Blizzard employee” … These are their words ^ ^.

    Apparently Jay Wilson’s heart holds a seven year old child, but who’s counting? The artwork showing the progress from sketch to finished cover for issue one can be seen below.

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