Join Blizzard at the Slaughtered Calf Inn at Blizzcon 2015

Looks like the D3 team have planned a fun small area at Blizzcon 2015 for people attending to chat with developers and more about the game.

We’re doing things a little differently at BlizzCon this year, and we’ve put together a special attraction for our Diablo attendees. If you’re attending BlizzCon 2015, you won’t want to miss out on joining us at our very own Slaughtered Calf Inn, located at the back of the Darkmoon Faire grounds!

We have reimagined the Slaughtered Calf Inn from Act I’s New Tristram, decking it out with not only thematic decorations but historic pieces of Diablo’s history. Fully staffed by members of our development team, this quaint tavern will be your one-stop-shop for all things Diablo!

Like this, but with fewer corpses and more friendly developers.

Throughout the course of the BlizzCon weekend, our developers will be offering a series of quick talks on all sorts of development topics. Want to hear John Yang chat about item design or Alex Sulman share an inside look at what makes a Treasure Goblin tick? We’ll have a full schedule of talks at the show or just swing by and enjoy some live music in between each short presentation!

If you’re itching to find out what’s new in Diablo III, you’ll definitely want to pay us a visit. Attendees will have the first opportunity to see what we’ve been working on at one of our demo stations. If you prefer to decimate the hordes of hell with a controller, we’ll also have a few consoles prepped and ready for you and a friend to tackle together!

Last but not least, the best reason to head over to our living piece of Sanctuary is to simply hang out! We love getting the chance to meet our players and talk about the game we’ve been passionately working on. We invite you to stay awhile and listen, and can’t wait to see you at this year’s BlizzCon!


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  1. Fix the f*cking servers. Move to 64bit client. Balance classes quicker than said 6 month ‘season’ cycle. Increase stash space.

    I don’t even care about game new features, zones, or items etc. All I want is serious engineering to make the game run like it’s indeed 2015, not 1998.

  2. NONE of that frilly crap matters!!! Release a F*****G expansion, a new class, act 6, 7, and 8, and make Cain the new Archangel of Wisdom, and balance the Crusader and Wizard ffs….

    • This is speculaton on my part, but we might get all that bit by bit over the course of the next year because they scrapped D3X2 in favor of Diablo 4.

  3. That floor plan of Blizzcon is the saddest thing I have ever seen. Diablo is crammed into a tiny corner and the other games have these huge areas lol…

  4. So, the developers have so little to actually talk about they are playing house…

  5. It seems there won’t be a new expansion.
    Too bad… all that hype build up for nothing. They could have told us sooner..

    Well i’m sure i’ll be fina with Poe and also Grim Dawn coming out soon.

  6. I’ve got to say that the minimal exposure for D3 at Blizzcon is embarrassing to the franchise. The fact that they (Blizz CMs) have to highlight where the D3 site is on the map is outrageous. There’s more Diablo content in the “bag of digital goodies” they’re giving away than is happening on the convention floor.

    I had (high) hopes for a bigger presence at Blizzcon, but I’ve got to admit the future for D3 looks pretty bleak. Barring some sort of surprise announcement (99.99999% unlikely), a second expansion is unlikely to happen. The next real window for any sort of game announcement is most likely not until sometime next year (June- E3 – maybe? or a PAX event if one of those is earlier?)…and even with an optimistic 6-month wait til release, it’ll still clock in at 30+ months _after_ RoS came out. I highly doubt we’d see a release schedule as slothful as that…even from Blizzard. Maybe there really is a second expansion in-progress….and maybe we’ll wake up mid-January to be surprised with the announcement, but it would be without the typical fanfare of a Blizzard title.

  7. mmm puts it into persepctive doesn’t it.

  8. Blizz would be desperatly pumping up all things WoW this year as the cash cow has fallen dramatically to 5.6million subs in q2 2015 (down from 10million at the end of 2014). Q3 numbers are estimated to be well under 5million – the first time its been that low since 2005.

    One day they may realise that D3 playerbase is far more loyal and deserving a bigger slice of their development time.

  9. … all this for (one of the) most ever best selling computer games ever in history of ever … I’m getting carried away … short version: not happy.

    • Please remember that this title stems from 2012, when the game was initially released. The brand was still in good reputation from the pre-D3 era and the full scope of the game’s disastrous nature wasn’t entirely forseeable at the time.

      • H-m-m, let’s look at hard cold numbers. Diablo 3 sales worldwide, combined:

        End of 2103: 15 million copies
        Summer 2014: 20 million copies
        Summer 2015: 30 million copies

        • I’m guessing we’re talking about the “fastest-selling game” title thingie here, for which only sales within the first day or week beyond release seem to be considered. If not, the argument still stands, as – from what I can find – D3 has sold (roughly):

          3.5 million units during the 1st day (incl. pre-orders),
          2.8 million units over the following 6 days,
          4 million units over the following 2 months,
          — release rush over —
          2 million units over the following 4 months,
          2.5 million units over the following 6 months,
          — release on consoles —
          0.5 million (?) units over the following 9 months,
          — RoS release —
          5 million units over the following 3 months,
          — D3+RoS release on consoles — *
          — D3+RoS release in China — (*)
          10 million units over the following year

          * 2 units counted per game sold.

          Yes, that’s 30 million units sold, thanks to a release across the globe, across all platforms and clever counting. However, we’re ultimately discussing the possibility of another expansion here. You’ll notice the original game naturally sold best shortly after its initial release, over a timespan of roughly 2 months („release rush“). Now, take a look at RoS’ „release rush“ period: Even if you dismiss all console sales for those months, RoS has sold a maximum of 5 million units in a comparable timespan – to 15 million D3 owners.

          For reasons unknown, Blizzard chose not to release any intermediate results beyond RoS or any separate RoS sales figures at all. Which, unfortunately, leaves us with the deduction that during RoS’ peak time, 1 of 3 D3 owners were happy enough with their purchase to also buy the addon product. Sorry for the wall of text, but I feel this is kind of relevant to my above comment.

          • I’d actually like to see this organized into a timeframe. And directly below the ups and downs of the number of active players. (Both at the same time, as in frames lengths of a month.) A division there between hc, sc and overall numbers of active players, would indeed be the icing to the cake, though. But yeahh, Blizz withholds the numbers. Might be they have shareholder reactions in mind…

          • First, D3 is free-to-play in China. There are no sales there, much less double-counted ones. The micro-transactions do present an ongoing revenue stream for the first time since the AH was axed, however.

            Second, “D3+ROS consoles” – i.e. the Ultimate Evil Edition, would not be counted as two sales. It isn’t priced that way. If you’re gonna go that far, you might as well accuse Blizzard of fabricating the figures outright.

            Third, a 33% hit-rate for an expansion pack isn’t bad when you’re talking the kind of numbers D3 has sold. Clearly that ratio has since gotten even better. I doubt Blizzard are as bothered by your arbitrary time periods as you are.

            Fourth, they shifted 10 million copies in the last reported year. That’s without a new release. Without extensive promo. TEN MILLION. Does that suggest a dead franchise to you? Ten million with no promo? That says “let’s pack up and move on” to you?

            But all of that is somewhat irrelevant since your original point was that D3’s remarkable sales were due to the franchise’s pre-existing reputation. But, as you have laid out for us, 20 million of those sales came after the “release rush” period, when all D3’s flaws had been laid bare. Whether they were RoS, or UEE or whatever doesn’t matter. 20 million units sold well after D3 established it’s own reputation and became its own entity.

            D3 my not be the game for you, but it clearly is the game for a lot of other people. The question is, then, why are you still here three years in trying to prove one of the most successful games in history is a failure?

          • Mage Slayer
            «“D3+ROS consoles” – i.e. the Ultimate Evil Edition, would not be counted as two sales.»

            Very true.
            Search — «Forbes: Believe It Or Not, ‘Diablo 3’ Is Now The 10th Best-Selling Video Game Of All Time» (sorry, but comments with links didn’t post now).

            «The assumption here is that the 30M is also counting something like standalone Reaper of Souls sales, which somehow don’t “count.” I’ve reached out to Blizzard to confirm this, but I’m going to guess it’s true (Update: it is).» Ultimate Evil Edition = 1 copy.

            Our very own Flux write 6 Aug 2015 here on diabloii-net: «So that’s D3v + RoS + D3 console + UEE console, including digital downloads, but *not* including 1.2m advance copies given out to WoW one-year subscribers.»

            Clearly F2P microtransactions in China didn’t count as «sold copies», but maybe upgrade to RoS do. And at launch here «over 1m players have purchased the RoS upgrade».

  10. After what happened to Titan and Overwatch, Blizz is giving up the boxed sales market. If they released it today, D3 would be free, but you’d have to pay microtransactions for each class, each character slot, maybe Acts 2-4, etc. There is a LOT of stuff you can do in SC2 w/o paying a dime, which I’ll give them credit for. But D3 is the old way of doing stuff, and I doubt we’ll ever see a similar set up again. D4 would probably be a mobile game.

  11. Called it. The Cube was the big feature of the cancelled expansion.

    But Blizzard is committed to Diablo. They’re working on Diablo 4!

    They probably wanted to do more with Diablo 3 and honestly intended to do a second expansion, but the game is busted. I don’t see how to fix these problems in a patch:

    – Set items or go home.
    – “Mainstat” is implemented poorly.
    – CHC/CHD has been a non-optional modifier since day 1.
    – We’re dealing 11-digit damage to enemies that have even more HP.
    – Loot 2.0 has spoiled us with too many “dings” per 30 minutes.

    – Enemies can deal “unavoidable damage”. The engine “locks in” hits.
    – Some enemies can’t die until their animations finish playing. (wtf)
    – Elite mods can deal instant, unavoidable damage as a “gear check”.

    – Enrage timers, invulnerable minions, the elemental shield on the angels, and the concept of a RG that clones itself are good ideas that can’t be implemented in D3 because of how out of balance the game is. The list of features REMOVED from the game is at least as long as the list of the features still IN the game.

    – The current system of invisible “additive multipliers” and “multiplicative multipliers” is completely against the transparency in the tooltips that the developers originally sought. Those orange bullet points are doing all your damage! This system is also not balanced and never will be. Not even if Blizzard completely open sourced the game and the modding community went at it for 20 years. The whole thing would still suck. Start over. (Oh yeah, modding.)

    – The maps aren’t random. You know how much fun rifts are? You know how much fun campaign mode ISN’T? Imagine if campaign mode took place entirely on rift maps! So the walk from New Tristram, to Old Tristram, to Adria’s, and to the Cathedral would all be randomized like a one-floor rift. Wouldn’t that be awesome?! It would be like a real Diablo game!!

    – Both too many skills AND too many bad ones. Remember when the Barbarians couldn’t have Mortick’s Bracers? If “__skill__ gains the effect of every rune” isn’t completely ridiculous then that’s a bad skill with 5 bad runes. (Like Slow Time and Archon.)

    • But what does “Diablo 4” mean in practice?

      Clearly the engine for D3 is pretty solid; in your list above the majority of it is gameplay design features, not shortcomings of the engine.

      If they retained the existing RoS engine, then what “Diablo 4” really means in practice is that all existing player characters simply wouldn’t follow through and everyone would have to start from scratch. Which most people are doing with Seasons now anyway.

      So they could rebalance and overhaul the game by making D3X2 require brand new characters to play, and all existing characters will be relegated to RoS purgatory.

      If the storyline is as it appears to be – that the player character is now more powerful than both the prime evil, and death, and the angels of the heavens – then it seems like the PC is now the main boss for the next expansion anyway. This is pretty difficult to pull off, unless you require everyone to start new characters when playing D3X2.

      • Of course it doesn’t really matter what ‘we’ (aka customers) think Diablo 4 means in practice. That’s the developer’s creative agenda.

        And I totally agree with Catastrophe’s post. So many core pillars of D3 atm cannot simply be ‘fixed’. One of the largest issues is the ‘Paragon Problem’ (see explanation here: This restricts the leaderboards by requiring group paragon farming for 10+ hours/day with minor exceptions. Also I’m unsure how you can make any game competitive when there are layers upon layers of RNG (hence ‘fishing’ for proper rifts).

        I don’t even like how gear is in D3. Everything now is at the margin, you fill your character with said BiS items and then just increase DPS with very slightly better versions of the same BiS items over time. That’s incredibly anticlimactic no? In D2 for example you might truly find something special and UNIQUE to the player next to you.

        • The point of my reply, is to illustrate that if “Diablo 4” were to use the same engine as Diablo 3 (and it’s a good engine, so they’d at least build on top of it if not re-use it), then aside from a simple content overhaul, the complete rebalancing would mean your characters wouldn’t follow through to the new game.

          But there’s no reason they can’t make D3X2 exactly like that – players are already used to starting over with Seasons. Give the game a complete balance overhaul, add Act 6 and say you can only play it with brand new characters. Boom, all the D3 balance problems solved, without making “Diablo 4”.

      • @But what does “Diablo 4” mean in practice?

        An Action MMO like the upcoming Lineage Eternal – Blizzard always wants to dominate the respective markets, and with D3(X2) they can’t in the future. I’d bet that the art director position is for Diablo 4.

  12. Lol Blizzard. I need a microscope to find your very own D3 corner at Conv. Center. If you look the overall picture, D3 is invisible, and it seems it was always been like that.
    Patch 2.3 = Monk and Barb supremacy show plus multiple bugs,and it seems like never ending lag issues. At least on EU server.
    I realy don’t care at all what makes treasure goblins tick. Bring new Expansion and fix the current problems. Thanks.

  13. I think for the sake of community the devs need to come clean and spell out their medium to long-term plan for the game at Blizzcon. If they are going to keep supporting ROS through patches then that’s great, as the last few patches have been great and free and I really appreciate how much effort they are continuing to put into the game. It’s better than ever now. However free content becomes a problem at some point when they have run out of money so how are they going to carry on funding that indefinitely? Basically, microtransactions or more paid for content? It doesn’t even need to be a full-on expansion for the latter. Just some DLC providing new zones and a continuation of the story (yes some people really get into the lore!) would make me happy. Just give the people MOAR!

    I just hope people attending can straight up ask this question to the devs and get a straight answer as people are rather downbeat about the future of this beloved franchise judging by all the comments. & rightly so!

  14. You are right Cipherthros, to some extent. The game now is better than ever. We have fixed legenadry items,couple of nice class sets,GR, LB, Bounties and now Cube.But that’s because, I don’t think Jay Wilson’s D3 vanilla from May 15th 2012 was really a game. Are these things I mentioned before enough for a game with name Diablo. A game which is coming from Blizzard with their big budgets and teams. A game which is already 3 and a half years after release,and a decade of development time before that. And We still don’t have PvP, We don’t have talisman, and they both should be there. With no skill trees,no runes and runewords,no charms, We left with our legendaries most of them useless because of the sets supremacy. The only reason I still play D3 is GR and leaderboards, because I like competition, nothing else. Every RPG have items,this is nice,but not enough.
    I got Grim Dawn 2 weeks ago, to check how it is, and it was great surprise for me. I saw fresh new game with a lot of interesting features dual class system,skill trees,now devotion system. Many nice items,good looking areas,graphics,camera rotation and many more. And this is all from a small team of 10 people. From a game which one is not even released officially yet.If I have to make a comparison btw D3 vanilla and Grim Dawn,it won’t be good for Diablo. D3 vanilla 60 EU, Grim Dawn 25 EU.
    So, I’m sorry Cipherthros,you are right, but not exactly.

  15. A second expansion would have been nice, but then again Diablo 4 would be quite nice as well. I’m kind of torn. I would really love for them to put out another expansion, but not if the price is that Diablo 4 development is put on hold.

    My Diablo 4 dream is a game featuring
    – in depth character development
    – the balance of power is swung slightly back from gear to the player. Characters have a modest but respectable level of inherent power (as opposed to the wet pieces of tissue paper characters are without their gear currently)
    – allows for some sort of leveling/development of your skills
    – wider array of interesting affixes on gear
    – way way way less damage scaling
    – more transparent game mechanics (additive vs multiplicative stat categories)

    All that combined with the amazing combat and physics engine from D3, as well as a solid infrastructure that won’t crap out when you’re throwing a zillion damage and proc calculations at it, or go all stop motion photography every time you enter a certain zone.

    • “– the balance of power is swung slightly back from gear to the player. Characters have a modest but respectable level of inherent power (as opposed to the wet pieces of tissue paper characters are without their gear currently)”

      I’d prefere 30% power from items, 30% from the character system and +40% to -20% from a synergy tieback system (environmental effects, trap effects, mob skills, ‘afterglow’ of recent quests done, and so on). Make it 15%, 35% and +50% to -25% for pvp. (: Combatitive tieback into the opponents skill developement and its usage, so that it’s really hard to actually accumulate said +50% synergy in a pvp battle.)

      +5 to the rest of your contribution! D2 was a serious attempt at a roleplaying game in the hack’n’slay playstyle. And that’s exactly what I’d want from future games of the series.

    • edit: […] D2 was an attempt at a serious roleplaying game […]

    • edit2: “[…] +40% to -20% from a synergy tieback system ([…])”

      Also: Traditions, different schools of teachings inside such traditions, elemental harmonies, accumulated knowledge on legendary items worn (different for each individual character, even if being of the same class and wearing the same gear), …

  16. On the bright side, we won’t have Josh lecturing to us about how great “epic loot” is.

  17. #BringBackOurBlizzardNorth

    • Well, if the guys would come together for a kickstarter (or a similar platform) project, they would probably be under quite the pressure to come up with new goals to add quite fast. How they could manage to do that while being bound to multiple different development studios, is the question, though…

  18. The more I play D3, the more obvious its warts become.

    – Unreliable servers (come on guys it’s over been 3 years).
    – Lack of a coherent design vision; some aspects of the game get improvements (gear, game modes), others get literally left behind and still work as designed for the 1.0 version (gold, stash). Even some features that have been introduced after the game debuted have not scaled well (paragon).
    – Amazingly poor UI; the ARPG genre relies heavily on communicating a lot of information to the player, and D3 is really, REALLY bad at that. Worse, they won’t provide an API for TurboHUD style mods.
    – Bugs, bugs, and more bugs.

    But hey, it’s all good, because we’re getting new sets and items in 2.4!

    As a poster above has pointed out, it is very unlikely that these issues can be fixed in the current game, so it would make sense that D3’s development gets scaled down while work on D4 gets started. But whatever the reason, I’m kinda bitter about this poor showing at Blizzcon. Can’t even sell the ticket now 🙁

  19. Diablo 4, please. With overhaul of the game mechanics and artstyle. Skill trees. Back to the roots.

    • For me, the set items/RoRG/BiS is the single greatest reason I don’t play anymore. Im so incredible tired of wearing the same 1-2 sets required to progress and participate in the upper torment level(s). In practice this means that as a barb for example the only legendaries that aren’t straight up trash are wrists and amulet. It would be fun to rock a different weapon and armour once in awhile but the drop in stats by removing a piece of the BiS puzzle is so great that its not worth it. Get rid of sets of 6, or atleast set the bonus affix cap at 2. And get rid of the RoRG like a band-aid. Upgrades would become alot more frequent, builds would vary and legendaries would get useful again

      • Agree. And curiously Kanai cube did not change much because of focus/restraint which busy your two fingers, RoRG on the Kanai cube for the “companion” legendary. For WD you even have a set for weapon and off-hand which synergies well with arachyr and helltooth…

        Fortunately I don’t play enough so new sets with each season bring new play styles but I understand that for player who play more intensively, it is not enough, particularly with the too small stash which prevent from having one character of each class.

    • Not necessarily ‘skill trees’. Something more interesting and complex can be made accessible for sure, nowadays. But a multidimensional and logically differentiated player driven character development more akin to pen&paper rpg character systems (, preferably using the possibilities available today to go beyond these in complexity, ) for sure. (Character, not account centered! Bonus points for seamlessly integrating underused concepts like a ‘merits&flaw system,’ for example, into such character system.)

      Just start it simple, with a strong root, and let it become more and more complex and interwebed, giving more detailed control over skill behaviours to the players. (Bonus points, again, if synergies of multiple skills being finetuned in a similar way [, which must not be on the same layer of detail, depending on individual skill development routes, ] would allow for skill evolutions nearer to or at the root at a later point via use of individual skill breakpoints in combination with/or overall evolution threshholds.

      And don’t stop at thinking, how the player acts with the environments, environmental traps therein and with mobs. Go on to how these are reflecting back onto each character, his individual skills performances and, furthermore, the skill development choices open to the player to adapt, use and abuse accordingly to specialize his characters as he sees fit.

      Triple bonus points, if there’s additionally the possibility to fuse two or more skills (as ‘learned’ via skill development), be it as a player predefined hot button solution or purely as a multiplayer incentive, by designing a skill interaction system. (Though, as I’m preferring soloplay, I’d hope for both a character centric and multiplayer interaction centric solution…)

      I don’t ask for too much here, do I? Just for Blizz stopping to be afraid reaching for the stars again and getting it done. As they once were before …

      • The idea of skill and skill runes was not bad except may be for the amount of creativity it requires since it multiplies the number of skills by 6. Maybe a glyph system like in Wow (just read about them do not know if it is fun in play) that you have to craft. Are they randomized?

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