Thanks to HolyKnight for pointing us to a new tweet by John Yang, in which he announces that he’s changed teams within Blizzard.

    John was formerly one of the most outgoing and outspoken of the Diablo 3 developers, and was the designer behind many of the best changes and improvements we’ve seen to the Legendary Items in recent patches. The community owes him thanks for his game-improving ideas, and best case scenario he’ll eventually return to the Diablo team to contribute legendary item ideas for Diablo 4.

    Don Vu has also moved to WoW, and We learned of LeBo’s departure earlier this week, and so who is left working on Diablo and are there job openings to replace them? The Blizzard jobs page paints an interesting picture:


    Rainbows & the laughter of children

  • Software Engineer, Graphics
  • Senior Character Artist – Unannounced Project
  • Senior Concept Artist – Unannounced Project
  • Senior Lighting Artist II
  • Senior VFX Artist – Unannounced Project
  • Yep, that’s 5 Diablo team jobs listed and 3 of them are senior artists for an “unannounced project.” Seems like D3 is in archive mode, while D4 is in the early development period, with the basic look and style still under iteration. If you’ve got the art chops, do try and sign up; those rainbows aren’t going to animate themselves!

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