Jinx Launches Diablo 3 Summer Collection

So the game is out but you still have some bucks to spend on Diablo 3 merchandise. Enter the Jinx Diablo 3 summer collection which includes new shirts, stickers, keychains, caps and even a wallet. You can find the full range of Diablo 3 Jinx goodies here including all of the new items as seen below.

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  1. I’m getting that wallet.
    AND that blonde girl. 😉

  2. I already have the Tyrael t-shirt and the Tyrael premium hoodie, not sure I need anything else Diablo related from Jinx! They have great stuff though.

  3. I’m getting the lanyard.

  4. Hat and wallet are a must have for me !

  5. lol that dude looks like ForceStrategyGaming hehe

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