Jay’s Game System Update Slated for Tomorrow

For those that may not know, it was stated that Jay would be providing an update that would provide fans with a pulse of the development for Diablo 3. While no DiabloWikirelease date was promised, it will be the first release-date related news we’ve seen come directly from Blizzard since DiabloWikiMike Morhaime announced its delay (You know, other than that red herring by Zarhym the other week…).

In a tweet unlike the usual uncertainty we’ve all become accustomed to, Bashiok has tweeted when we are to see the article:

@Park_Spencer I don’t know what he was talking about. He drinks a lot of cough syrup. (jk it’ll be going up tomorrow)

Take this with a grain of salt, though, as Twitter is the new unofficial channel of questionable Blizzard media. Based on its directness, though, we should be seeing the article go live some time tomorrow as previously promised by Zarhym. The biggest question now, is what we’ll learn? What systems have they been tweaking? All of them?

Thanks to Lukk and Jiflyon, the first to mail it in.

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51 thoughts on “Jay’s Game System Update Slated for Tomorrow

  1. I’m really looking forward to this. We’ve been dry on any interesting game news for a while, which is probably what brought on that overblown twittergate fiasco.

  2. “Sadly, because of all this major changes and tweeks we are forced to move our target release date to unforeseeable future”.

  3. Please dont delay the game…Please dont delay the game…Please dont delay the game…Please dont delay the game…Please dont delay the game…Please dont delay the game…Please dont delay the game…

  4. To me this upcoming explanation from Jay looks like sign of delay. Why would they bother writing all that stuff if they were planning to announce release date in upcoming weeks..

  5. It’s one extreme or another: either “here, we’ve worked out all the big systems and here’s the release date” or “so we realized a lot of what we had is shite and is going to take a while to un-shite-ify, so we’ll get back to you with a release date.

  6. Am I the only one who spotted that Nizaris made the article?
    Grats, Nizaris, on your first article 😀

  7. Pretty sure this means the game is coming out tomorrow.  Trust me guys,  I’m a random internet person.

  8. any guess on the definition of “tomorrow” ?

    noon Pacific time perhaps ? 
    am I gonna have to be hitting refresh every 5 minutes all day long ?

  9. It will be a well written account of a particularly memorable moment of Jay Wilson’s childhood having to do with his mother. At first fans will be in an uproar, but after reading the incredibly moving piece, everyone will have forgotten what the point of the article was for, and be thanking Jay for sharing such a touching and personal story.

  10. Jay:

    “There will be a delay of the game but a massive increase in players let into the Beta. One thousand beta keys will be given away thru the FaceBook contest over the next six months.”

    • Facebook: done
      Twitter: done
      Do MySpace and hi5 still count as “hip venues for the masses”? If they start handing out beta keys on Starbucks coffee cups though, I swear…

  11. won’t be a disappointment if you bring yourself not to read it :), just avoid the site for like a month or so since a release date or release isn’t expected for a few months, so you won’t really miss anything

  12. Guessing disappointment as well. The tone in their voice regarding the vastness of the seemingly recently-implemented Rune system has always scared me.

  13. Possibilities:
    – Explains they are almost done with all system’s release date soon!
    – Release date
    – Delay
    – Lots of information and nothing concrete coming for it, just a little snack to keep us busy
    – Wallpapers!

    I’m thinking wallpapers 😀

  14. As long as it makes Diablo 3 easier for my 80 year-old grandmother to play (without my help!), I’ll be satisfied.

    • They’re making the game easy for 80 year olds because that’s the age most of us will be when the game gets released. Assuming D3 is not a very elaborate april’s fool joke.

    • “We’ve improved the accessibility factor significantly. In the current iteration, no user interaction or decision-making at all is required to play the game. This was in response to a certain grandmother falling into a coma. While we are satisfied with the current progress, we are looking into further ways to make the game more accessible to an even wider audience.”

  15. Release date moved back to Q2 or later. This is about as disappointing as season 2 of the Walking Dead. You keep holding on expecting things to get better only to be disappointed every week.

    • Amen to that. AMC had a record breaking, super popular show, and they asked for budget cuts across the board? Are they morons?

      • Wow, I just read up on that. Who fires Darabont only to make room for some garbage show from the has been hack Kevin Smith? Oh yeah, I said it.

  16. I’m also not expecting much, mostly because I don’t really know what to expect. I just hope it isn’t a re-hash of last August…

    I also hope that they’re tweaking or even overhauling the skill system, how you get skills, how you change them. I don’t really care for the system as it is, although it isn’t the end of the world.
    I would mention “tweaks” to the UI for the auction house but it doesn’t need tweaks. It needs to be completely re-done.

    For the last two years, for me at least, whenever they say “Big News!” it really means “Bad news!”.

  17. Considering they mentioned that Dontinquire’s huge post about stat and skill customization in Diablo 3 would need to be “heavily revised”, Jay’s post could be on a lot of different things… The way attribute points are assigned, what the attributes do themselves, the way runes work, the way skills are assigned, the way gems work, the way crafting works, anything.

    Sounds like we are in for something major. Who knows if that will be good or bad… or a combination of both.

    • My guess is that they reveal what they’re doing with the rune system (which was also in the post you’re referring to) and that the talisman could possibly be back in a new form. That would be awesome and would explain the delay.

      • If they brought back the Talisman and made the charms more interesting then I guess that would make up for the gems being boring… But I’d rather have the old interesting gems with more basic charms the way they were originally doing it…

  18. Don’t you forget that it was written on Trollitter, so it as well may be Bashiok’s personal opinion…

  19. Possible release, possible delay, possibly nothing really important! 
    Regardless, finally some professionalism from Blizzard and not their usual Vague updates we’ve endured for 4 years about D3!

  20. We just wanted everyone to know that we are going to include a packet of our extra special kool-aid with every copy of the game purchased… enjoy, and don’t forget Mr Morhaime is god! (or else…)

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