Jay Wilson’s Twitter Feed… Returns!

Whether you greeted Monday’s news that Jay Wilson’s twitter account was gone with joy, dismay, or indifference, most everyone had some sort of reaction. Well, you can have the opposite now, since Jay’s back and he says it was just a mistake; that he put his account into private mode by accident.

Hey guys! I’m back. Sorry for any confusion. #mybad –JayWilson

The holidays will be pretty busy, so I might not tweet much. But you can always find the latest info on http://Diablo3.com

People are, of course, asking him for more comments on PvP. I wouldn’t exactly hold my breath for that, given the treatment Jay’s received for his last few attempts at promising “very soon” info releases.

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31 thoughts on “Jay Wilson’s Twitter Feed… Returns!

    • Agree totally – public backlash for D3 has been mostly due to overhype, imo. People were expecting some sort of transcendent experience after 4 years of buildup. What they got was simply a very good game that has only improved with each patch. There was no way to meet the expectations after so many years of development and hype.

  1. Nor does it need a magical cure.
    I think the bitching about the game is so people have something to do. I play it everyday, and don’t see this brokeness many cry about.

    But I couldn’t care less for PVP, I might have some fun with mates when it arrives but I never cared for it in D2, and probably won’t in D3.

    • I am not much of a PVPer either myself. NEver really got into it in any games that support it. Was never my thing.

    • That’s great for you. (No sarcasm)

      I don’t play D3 because I don’t enjoy it. But I played a few sessions of D2 lately. That was really fun.

      So, my bitching at least is genuine.

  2. D3 is already a great game these days without PvP.

    I wonder which idiot is still in denial after playing for 8 months and over 1000 hours.

    If you don’t like it, no problem, it is a game…It doesn’t need to cure cancer.

    But the fact millions still play it 8 months later is great.

    D3 is still in the top 5 of video games played, preceding games like Minecraft and World of Tanks.

    The game is much better than many think these days. / learn to accept that.

    • not much to do with the quality of the game, far more to do with the RMAH. to quote Vince McMahon “it’s all about the monaaaayyyy!!”

    • lol D3 is not in the top 5 games played still. The playerbase has lost massive amounts of players since launch and yet to regain even a decent portion of them. Talk about pulling info out of your ass to make a convenient point.

    • Please quote your sources, oh wise one.

      And Imo D3 is not a great game. It should have been a great game (but they failed). It even could be a great game someday (if they continue to improve it and finally do something about this abhorrent itemisation).

    • Out of five of my friends that bought the game, zero play it now (or months ago for that matter).

      We don’t have tangible numbers on concurrent or active users. Considering Diablo 3 has ALREADY sold more copies than World of Warcraft, it’s not hard to see that only six months since release, tons and tons of folks are still playing.

  3. Most of you were probably happy that Jay left the tweeting scene for a while (F that loser) but, Flux out of everyone is glad that Jay is back at tweeting. After all, pointing his and Blizzard’s flaws are what keeps this site going.

      • Staying employed after shipping a game that helped knock 2 billion off of market cap with a sub-40 user score is a victory EVERY day.

        Staying employed after an expansion ships about half of Bliz’s customary rate relative to a vanilla release… now that will be truly EPIC. Titanic, one might say.

        • I pretty much expect the expansion to sell like it’s the best thing since sliced bread. It’s not like the rainbow graphics prevented D3 to be the bestseller it is …

    • Now don’t be silly, you undermine any points you’re trying to make when you waft your axe around making spurious claims. Especially with the news page chock-full with stuff. der

  4. Playing the game is one thing. Reading D3 news and posts on the web, look for funny comments here in incgamers is another activity. I want more tweets just for entertainment. Does’t need to be any promises in game development. Just something…so please don’t shut up jay.
    It’s going to take years before this game i epic anyway. I didn’t play pvp in D2, but I think pvp will be very fun in D3.

    • Ya I maybe do 2 to 3 15 minute runs a week on my DH. I spend wayyy more time checking this site and diablo subreddit than I do playing the game and honestly thats not even much time. The game is a great game, but lacking so many things to make it that great Diablo game. Maybe eventually the shit will get fixed and the item hunt will be fun.

  5. you know what happens after you have played hundreds upon thousands hours of d3? You will be bored. Why? Because you beat the game! D3’s number 1 flaw is the fact that it ends, like any game.

  6. LOOOL this guy… He should have just stayed gone. It’s increasingly clear that he needs to just step away from Blizzard all together. Maybe take on a smaller project with a lesser known company and hope that it turns out well enough to clear his name down the road. As of right now he seems to have this “Well if I’m going down then I’m taking the game with me” mentality. Not really surprised given his ego and easily hurt feelings. Well I guess brace yourselves for some epic “Jay Wilson style” PVP haha.

  7. The game sucks, its broken like a console shit. Its fail of the year! You must be fucking blind not to see this.

    • we are so many…so blind…ow poor us…ow ow…bu hu, buhu…buhu -_- Now go play whatever you play and have a nice life. BYEEEEEE!!!

  8. So, it took corporate communication 3 days to shut him up and take control of his twitter account 🙂

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