After churning out a blog on each class it seems as if we shall have to wait for Jay to dole out the last surprise for 1.04: Magic find. Lylirra was kind enough to drop this gem;

    What do you say to the god of blogs? “Not today.” Or, you know, something like that.

    In other, less stark terms: we’ve already published six blogs this week, so Jay’s Magic Find update is currently scheduled for next week. I hate being the party pooper here, but I also don’t want you to sit there and spam F5 all day.
    Soon, though!

    And just in case you missed that one, this post as well…

    Nah, not today. Gotta save something for next week!

    We saw the vote a long time ago about what to do about Magic Find and next week we find out what they decided. I can only wonder what’s in store but at least for now you can stop refreshing the page.

    What do you expect of the MF blog?  Do you think Blizzard went with any of the options they detailed in the post linked above or a mashup of a number of them or something entirely different?

    Recent updates from Blizzard on changes coming in patch 1.0.4.

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