Jay Wilson’s Magic find blog next week

After churning out a blog on each class it seems as if we shall have to wait for Jay to dole out the last surprise for 1.04: Magic find. Lylirra was kind enough to drop this gem;

What do you say to the god of blogs? “Not today.” Or, you know, something like that.

In other, less stark terms: we’ve already published six blogs this week, so Jay’s Magic Find update is currently scheduled for next week. I hate being the party pooper here, but I also don’t want you to sit there and spam F5 all day.
Soon, though!

And just in case you missed that one, this post as well…

Nah, not today. Gotta save something for next week!

We saw the vote a long time ago about what to do about Magic Find and next week we find out what they decided. I can only wonder what’s in store but at least for now you can stop refreshing the page.

What do you expect of the MF blog?  Do you think Blizzard went with any of the options they detailed in the post linked above or a mashup of a number of them or something entirely different?

Recent updates from Blizzard on changes coming in patch 1.0.4.

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    29 thoughts on “Jay Wilson’s Magic find blog next week

    1. Wow! That was by far the worst “Game of Thrones”-reference I’ve ever seen…

      Edit: On expectations: Well, we already know, that there’ll be less white items from white mobs, so I’m just hoping for a boost of Set- and Legendary-Drops that takes a greater hit on blues than rares.

      What I really would like to see, though, would be a concentration of good itemdrops of a type, the monster providing the drop could actually – in theory – use, to make controlling the hunt for specific items a possibility (, although still far from a certainity of success ;))

      • Increasing Legendary drops would be the worst thing to do. In fact, they should drasticly lower it (if i had to throw some random numbers, i would say 1/3rd of the current drop rate).
        I personnaly drop like one legendary every two act II runs (i dropped 2 legendaries this morning). People not dropping lots of legendaries either have low mf or not doing it right.

        I do full act II runs (starting quest being magdha, but i still clear areas before), i have decent permanent mf (i have 150% mf with 5 nephalem and my enchantress equipped with mf). But mostly, i have an extra mf equipment that i change before last-hitting elites, i reach 350% with it. I wont be able to do the last part on next patch, but chests will drop again, it will probably balance lower mf on elites.

        If legendaries become strong and fun and unique, i don’t want to have them all within a month.

        • You admit that the sole reason you supposedly get so many Legendaries is about to go away, and you still think the droprate should be nerfed?

        • Imho someone with low mf should also be finding the one or other legendary when playing through. One shouldn’t be forced to stack up on mf, just to have the feeling of a successful legendary-drop once in a while. A possible solution would be going back to a diminishing return-formula here…

            • Source?

              I know that mf affects the number of affixes on rares, but have seen no proof up to date that it influences the Affixlevel whatsoever…

            • It does not affect numbers, once the ilvl of an item is decided, you have the range of stat that can proc, the rest is just random. Also, since legendaries have a fix number of affixes, once you loot one, mf or not mf does not change the outcome of it.

    2. While I’m quite excited over the class changes, legendary changes, and probably the soon-to-be Magic Find changes, I’m still very much curious what they’re eventually going to do for their “end game” additions or changes.

      • Yeah … Still hoping for a comeback of the runecolors as runeupgrades to fill up up to six upgradeslots the rune. Limited to one runeupgrade per levelup as maximum (to also build up skills you wanna swap to for partyplay or PvP, while also allowing a boost through upgrades of other runes of the same skill, thus including tradeoffs) and a pool of five respec-possibilitys at max, which can be refreshed by completing quests after hitting maxlevel. (Although the latter would make more sense, if it where just one of “many” possible questrewards, chosen randomly.)

      • it might not even just be swapping… im somewhat hopeful that they are redesigning the system itself, instead of just providing a “fix” for hotswapping.

    3. I have probably spent about 120 hrs playing in inferno with less than 30% mf. Over that time I have seen 10 legendaries and sets, 4 of which are used by my 2 characters and the others all sold on AH. Three sold for million+. The items are dropping even without lots of mf. I don’t farmgoblins specifically – just 5 stack nv elite clears. Is this frequent enough? I think so, esp with the coming buffs to these items.

      • In about 200 hours of play I’ve found 5 unique items, 0 sets and 1 blacksmith recipe for a 4 affix shoulder or whatever crap it was. The uniques were all throwaway trash.

        That is not fun.

        Leveling characters is especially boring because you’ve got no NV and probably aren’t running around with much amazing MF gear.

      • then you are either really lucky, or im REALLY unlucky. ive logged about 350 hours of game time, id say at least 150 of that is inferno time, ive found 3 legendaries, and 4 rare plans that were only 4 modifiers each. and id say the 150 hours has been with mf ranging from 70 or so (pre NV), up to about 225 (with 5 stacks) as my gear got better. i really dont feel the drop rate is high enough at all when i do 20-30 runs, each netting about 2 full inventories of rares…. none of which are equippable, rarely sellable, and get zero legendaries.

        • Maybe you do but you need to do full act runs, not just a portion of it so you can keep nephalem bonus for as much elites as you can.

    4. I’m not really surprised to a see a bluepost on Reddit. I’m not reading Reddit that much, but the way I see, there are far less whiny little scumbags who complain about everything.

    5. with 300% i get about 2 legendarys per every FULL run in act1, and by that i mean killing every mob including whites ( wich i would say like 80% of all my legendarys came from) it’s really time consuming and not effective when it comes to getting rares so i stopped doing it and started just focusing on elites to get rares, and only a legendary has dropped so far in about 4 days or so, and that’s doing several runs a day

      now that legendarys are good their drop rates shouldn’t be touched at all

    6. I would be really happy to see some stability in the item affix system. Not just a total 100% random generating. It this case, the drop chances for yellows could be even nerfed by xx%, I dont care… just give the looting system some head and tail. But thats just wishful thinking, I guess…

      EDIT: And not to forget, get the stupidity called “MF gear swap” out of the game!

      • I understand why some may not like “MF gear swap” but saying it’s objectivly stupid is just wrong. As long as somebody finds something fun (without harming other people), it is ok to have it.
        I like “MF gear swap” because it’s a risk for a reward, you temporarily risk to die (and usually reset the elites hp) for the reward of better loot.

        If you don’t like it, don’t use it but personnaly i see it as a second step in farming gear.
        First step, no mf at all.
        Second step, MF gear swap, you only have mf on elites.
        Third step, permanent MF gear, you have mf for both elites and white mobs.

        If you found Second step too dull to use, you can stay on step 1 until you can jump on step 3 (kind of too late now, as step 2 will be removed from the game).

        • Yes, I have MF on my regular gear. Yes, I swap MF gear, because it is a MUST. Otherwise, I do not maximalize the drop quality. Whats D3 about? About farming and drops. MF gear swapping is just nonsense, or better say, the possibility to swap gear in fight is nonsense. Well, yea, its a fantasy game, not reality based. But cmon! This is totaly unlogical, to re-dress yourself during a fight!

    7. I dont see what the problem with swapping is? If somebody wants to do it, so be it. I tried it for a little bit, kinda had mixed results, and worked on getting a decent set of gear that I could equip all the time to at least run Act 1 and 2. I can have some pretty low resists and still roll anything in Act 1, so finding gear with high magice find and no resists has worked for me. Act 3 ia different story, as resists start to become more important. I found a pair of rare boots a couple days ago that had 12% movement, 70% resist all, 15% MF, and 14% GF. Those are perfect to wear all the time, well at least for me in Acts 1 and 2.

      I really hope they dont try to mess with magic find to muich and totally screw it up. NV is one of the best ideas they have incorporated into the game, but a weapon switch key would really help.

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