Jay Wilson Won’t Debunk or Confirm Diablo 3 17 April Release Date Rumour

Jay has tweeted this evening commenting on the April 17 release date that has apparently come from Activision Blizzard in Italy.

can you debunk the rumor of april 17th or confirm?

I cannot debunk or confirm.

At least he didn’t come out with the usual line of “we don’t comment on rumours”, and at least he’s not debunked it outright, so there is a chance the date is correct.

Thanks Arkentass

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    49 thoughts on “Jay Wilson Won’t Debunk or Confirm Diablo 3 17 April Release Date Rumour

      • I don’t think it will be Apr 17th. It doesn’t seem long enough away to get everything ready for release. Image how many copies of the game they would have to ship.

        I haven’t even heard the game going GOLD (v1.0) or doesn’t that even happen anymore?

    1. If virtually every store on the planet quickly adopts this date, Blizzard had better learn to adapt, real fast- planned date or not.

    2. yes, that is definitely a yes. if it was wrong he would have said “no, it’s wrong.”

    3. I’m pretty sure he knows that is the release date, and knows we’re going to know it too in a day so he’s just being happy and not raining on the parade.
      Lol at my captcha being red white and blue. White and red b!tch

    4. Until Blizzard official announces a date, every pre-order advertisement wont matter

      • This is true. But there’s more strength behind this rumor than most of the others.

    5. It is a yes.

      Normally, Blizzard would downright reject or deny any rumors, but this time Jay “doesn’t wanna comment about it.” If the release date isn’t really on April 17th and he said no on the rumor, then he would doing us fans a favor for not giving us false hope, because they had promised us an earlier release date numerous times and failed. It would be bad for buisiness if they teased us yet again into believing that April 17 will be the release date even if it isn’t.

      So we just have to accept that because they flat out didn’t comment about it, it means that there’s some truth onto this matter, and even if it isn’t actually April 17th, it should be realisticly close to that date.

    6. He can’t say nor “yes” nor “no” because that would spoil the fun. People keep guessing, the hype is high.
      As for the release date, don’t even dream about the release in april. Even if they reveal the date tomorrow, it won’t happen in next two months. I guarantee that.

      • If I knew you IRL, I’d take you up on that bet. They definitely would not want to announce the release date too early (again) and it would definitely be announced LESS than 2 months before release. In fact, had I indeed known you, I would be willing to put money on release being 5-6 weeks after announcement.

    7. Every time there has been a rumor it’s been squelched right? Doesn’t that mean this is for real?

      • If it wasn’t real, at least we’d get his “We don’t respond to rumors” thing, at best there’d be Bashiok in the forums tearing us up for believing it, and Zarhym using it as an excuse to insult this site.

        If something is blatantly false, they usually say so. This isn’t just the D3 team, it’s been that way at Blizzard for a long time, although there haven’t been many leaks from that company until recently. 

    8. Yes or No, its a simple question. it must be a struggle for Jay in the mornings, “should i wear underwear or not, do i flush the toilet or not, should i fire the rune system work team or not”, these are all simple yes and no question Jay, you can do it  8) 

    9. Bashiok or any other blue poster would have replied with “Italy will know when we know” or something vaguely pointing out that it is not a valid date. But ” I cannot debunk or confirm.”

      Haha… sh**!

    10. I’ll be quite pleased with April 17th, it’s very early Q2. usually when I hear Q2 my mind goes to late June, always the worst case scenario. but despite the recent Q2 statement this is pretty damn good, I hope this is officially confirmed. I won’t accept anything less

      • Seeing as it was first meant to be released before 2011 [so 2010] and then got numerous times pushed back, early Q2 ain’t that early 😀

        • You mean it was first meant to be released in 2011… I don’t think it was ever their goal for it to be in 2010, or if it was, they never said so publicly…

        • well I got tired of being the negative Nancy so I thought I’d try something different……optimism is a mostly foreign concept to me. and they never said anything about 2010, far too early. it was that fat guy on Youtube back then saying the game is far more complete than they were letting on……now it’s 2012 and he’s still fat and full of shit 🙂

    11. Interesting… Like others have said, if it was outright false then they would have given their usual snarky remark downplaying it as only a rumor, but now we get a “can’t confirm nor deny” response. I’m thinking this means that this could very well be the real release date, and he is avoiding lying about it without officially announcing it either.

    12. Only problem about this is that April is still “early 2012”. Why would they announce they “need until Q2” if the release date is still “early 2012”? They might as well have kept their mouths shut and stuck with the “early 2012” release date.

      With no EU servers deployed yet to add to the mix, I hate to be negative but I’ll be very surprised if this is the release date. 

      • That sounds bad because it makes sense…wtf…anyways…

        I think the March 5th announcement won’t happen on March 5th anymore…because of Assassin’s Creed 3 info releasing on that day also…a fact that came to light during the last week. Blizzard will obviously want to hog the limelight on the day of announcement, and coinciding with AC3 is not a wise way to do that.

        • We already know about AC3. It has a horrible setting with a retarded main character. Yay.

          I don’t think they have anything to fear from that. If anything, it’s Ubi that would be getting shot in the foot.

          • I’ve never played any of the AC games, but I’ll GUARANTEE you that in recent years AC’s sales/play numbers are much higher than Diablo’s, due to a modern market.

        • Wait… did Ubisoft get tired of milking the same character from #2 and they are making #3(5)?  AC was a great idea and looked fun up until the point where you realize that it’s genetic memory.  No you can’t go to that place because you haven’t remembered it yet!  Such a stupid impossible concept. 

        • Depends on what you consider early right?
          If you divide the year in two, then April is early. If you divide in 3, April is still early. I’m not sure what the standard definition of “early” is but for me everything up to June was perfectly fine as being “early”. I am aware that people seem to always consider Quarters in finance/whatever but I guess it’s a cultural thing to consider the second out of four Quarters not early.

    13. well let’s here. a ‘neither confirm nor deny’ statement wouldn’t be necessary if the rumor was false. he would just say “nope, that’s wrong.” and earlier he said “you guys will know the release date as soon as i do” so yeah i’m expecting the official announcement before the end of the week.

    14. Maybe this time it is for real!
      Hmmz wouldn’t denying this rumor essentially kill the hype again? Besides, if the date isn’t true we can always blame italians lol! It’s just marketing.

    15. im guessing that april 17 is one of the possible release dates of the game, so he doesnt want to confirm or deny it as it could very well ene up being the date or changing. gotta feeling theyll decide by spring break

      • That was my read of it.  If they don’t have a 100% release date set, then April 17th may be a possibility so he couldn’t deny it.  But he can’t confirm it because he can’t preempt the official announcement or he doesn’t know for sure yet.

        In any case, anything but a straight denial is good news.  April 17th could be the date.  Maybe earlier… who knows! 😀

    16. Meh.  One year ago I would’ve been elated by this news.  I swore I was going to take a vacation day or two when D3 came out (I never take vacation time), and wait in line for the midnight launch like a good fan. 

      Now, not only am I not going to do those things I swore I’d do, but I’m going to wait for the reviews.  My, how things have changed. 

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