The first Jay is now online on our parent site IncGamers.com. It’s just 7 minutes, and is packed with good stuff

    In the interview controversy talks about his past jobs in the gaming industry, the D2 team guys working on D3, struggles they’ve had with game and art design, and art design, and art design, and art design. Have you heard that there was a controversy about the art design? No? Well, this interview will fill you right in.  Jay does elaborate on two art changes they’ve made based on fan feedback; they’re going back and making a lot of the dungeon environments grittier and bloodier, and they’re not going to fade out all of the corpses after battles now; just some of them. Many will remain on the ground until the characters leave the area. Also he confirms that there will be cinematics for D3, at least as many as there were for D2, and that the teaser we saw from WWI was pieced together from several of the longer cinematics we’ll see in the final game.

    Jay also says they’ve got big plans for D3 info releases at Blizzcon, but he’s not allowed to say what they’ll be, or if D3 will be playable at the event.

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