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Safely back home after surviving his Asian/Australian press odyssey, Jay Wilson took to Twitter to reply to a variety of fan questions and comments. Here are the Diablo III-related ones; check Jay’s twitter if you want lots more on non-game stuff, including details on his recent flight schedule, sights he wished he’d seen more of and marsupials he wished he’d eaten in Oz, etc.

jay wilson
Hooroo Oz
D2 runes were a cool crafting system, but we have a formal crafting system now. D2 style runes would be redundant. –JayWilson

I think many of D2 community do not share your view that runes was not fun, they added depth to items. Don’t let them die!
runes = rune words, which is the redundant element. You should play the game before declaring what it lacks. 🙂 –JayWilson

You are partly right. Runes are runes, and they can become runewords. But not necessary it’s an option you know 🙂
haha, have you read our forums? You think runes without rune words will get past them? 😉 –JayWilson

Please make the runes different colors.
coloring them implied categories of function that did not exist. Many people found this very confusing in internal tests. –JayWilson

Was anyone in the internal test team able to beat D3 Inferno difficulty?
No — JayWilson

Hey Jay, while you’re answering Diablo 3 questions — any chance that we can get a toggle option for the low hp “red alert”?
not likely. If we added every option requested we’d have hundreds and the options screen would be impossible to navigate. –JayWilson

That’s very disappointing, the red haze is extremely garish and not helpful at all, quite the opposite in fact.
I know for a fact that many people find it very helpful. 🙂 –JayWilson

Bashiok and the other CMs have to answer questions as though D3 exists in a vacuum, but I thought Jay had the freedom to be a little more forthcoming. Ignoring the fact that Twitter’s 140 character prevents meaningful communication, couldn’t Jay have said something like, “We wanted to keep the item socketing fairly simple in D3C, which is why we only retained 4 gem types and gave them very simple bonuses, and removed the Mystic and her redundant enchants. We’ll add her back in, plus add runes or jewels or some other more interesting item socketing features in D3X.”

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53 thoughts on “Jay Wilson Twitter Time

  1. Was anyone in the internal test team able to beat D3 Inferno difficulty?
    No — JayWilson

  2. “Was anyone in the internal test team able to beat D3 Inferno difficulty?
    No — JayWilson”

    Maybe we underestimate the difficulty of Inferno big time:) 

    • Im little surprised because they test this game for like 1 year now, and I imagine they tryed Inferno with best gear/skill builds available. Its easy to make unbeatable game, when even if your geared with most epic gear you get 1 shoot by boss/champion but is this really well balanced difficulty level? No.
      1 year of testing so I assume they got all the data they need, and they just overbuff bosses at the beginning just to proof us that Inferno is really hard, but after few months when people will get frustrated becasue they get demolished in second with high end gear. Blizzard will nerf the inferno, but I hope that this nerf will not allow people to faceroll this difficulty.

      • They said that they tested inferno with random gear generators (of 0.5-1 lvl inferior to an inferno boss monster level – no clue which one or which act) and no one could beat it. This says nothing about the quality of the gear that dropped.
        Could have had 1 good item in all the generated ones for that class. I’m pretty sure that we players will get to accumulate and shift gear that is much more favorable to our chars on the long run and eventually will have enough decent gear for a particular class to take on inferno. I think it will be hard enough to be a good challenge and won’t be completed in the first week but feasible in the long run once people acquire enough good gear as they play/trade/buy on RMAH.
        I think this is the core of the longevity of the game and the adrenaline to kill moar to get better gear until we complete inferno (for the hardcore guys grinding to that point) and bam when we’re done d3X comes along with more challenging stuff for additional grinding time.

        • Random (or any other) gear can’t be 0.5-1 lvl inferior to the inferno bosses after the beginning of Act I since it’s no longer a flat difficulty.  Hopefully Act IV is lvl 70 or so.
          But I agree with you that random gear is not at all representative of real play.

          • They already said that mlvl was 61-64 for Inferno while we’re staying at 60 max.
            I have no clue how the internals of gear levels works but it could be tied to mlvl (call it glvl) a bit like it was in D2. So it’s not impossible to have the best gear found at glvls that are 0.5-1 under mlvl. The glvl only dictates the pool of affixes that are available at that level.
            Anyways we shall see. I can see the smile on my face when I find that shiny new weapon or armor piece that really helps and you can notice that it’s getting easier in inferno after acquiring that piece. and each subsequent piece like that.

          • It still can be  0.5-1 lvl inferior to the inferno bosses if its in power rating AKA item level rating. <- this is what D2 used for its drop rolls.

    • or people just over estimate the capabilities of the internal test team  😉

      • Preeetty much this. They should have simply had David Kim take a break from SC2 and do this one; a GM(?) level SC2 player should be perfectly capable of showing them whenever the game is too easy for Inferno or not.

        Also, a billion toggle options requests is indeed terrible, but I still can’t fathom why don’t we have an option for numbers over the resource system. Orbs are nice and all that, but they are awful for judging whenever you have enough for a combo of different cost spells.

      • Yep, they made the game but it doesn’t mean they are good players. 3-4 weeks I’ll have it done :mrgreen: Then of to the RMAH with my epic sword $$$

      • I have never really doubted the internal test team before…but, seriously?  Not one person in Bliz has beaten inferno?!  It sounds like Jay is trying to really sell us on the fact that Inferno is hard; which makes me doubt.  hopefully inferno lives up to the expectations that Jay is building.

  3. Flux, the reason why he didn’t say what your fake quote said is because it might not happen.  They might not add more gem types.  They might not add the Mystic back in.  They might not bring back charms and the Talisman.  So why would he say they will when he don’t even know for sure himself?

    • And that would be the first time ever they’ve discussed a future dev plan that didn’t come to fruition, right? 😉

      Okay, so tack on a “we hope to” or whatever disclaimer you require. Wouldn’t that be more interesting and communicative than Jay impersonating some PR-drone and acting like he’s never heard of or imagined any additional socketing items or ideas?

      Not that Jay’s paid, or perhaps even allowed, to share dev plans for the distant future. But I thought his tweets were below the quality of discourse we’ve come to expect from Senor Wilson.

      • I think Jay likes life.  I don’t think he would want his head to explode thanks to the chip in his brain.

  4. Jay again misses the point – cool part about runes was that it added some value to white items thanks to ability to add sockets, also you were able to use them in cube recipes. Its not there and whites could as well be filtered out .

    • Dude again this is not D2. Please stop asking for every single things in D2 to make a return without proper consideration.

  5. I think Jay missed the point on toggling the low-health red haze

    Jay: I know for a fact that many people find it very helpful.

    Many != All and hence the simple request to toggle. 

    • There are also a lot of people that want an in-game toilet and a snackstand. Should they implement those too?

    • The most common phrase (swearing aside) I hear when someone dies in pretty much any game with hitpoints is “I didn’t even know I was low.”  Never ever going to hear that from someone playing Diablo 3.

  6. Runewords were a shiat way of crafting. First you needed to grind for the runes forever and then you had to exit the game to look the exact runeword and the optimal weapon up on the interwebs. If you did it wrong, all of your effort was for nothing. Where is the fun in that?

    • I agree. Even if you have to grind materials for a very long time in D3 to craft something good, you’ll still be making incremental progress, which is a lot more satisfying and encouraging than an “all or nothing” approach.

      I think this will do a lot to help the longevity of D3. More casual players in D2 might never see a really rare drop and thus might not know there’s anything for them to reach for. In D3, the carrot-on-the-stick of crafting is made visible in-game, and you can do small things to contribute to it all the time.

  7. I agree with the colouring of runes. Colours would definitely imply a certain type of function  Green usually conveys some sort of poison base, purple arcane etc.

    I like the shapes and symbols and as you don’t trade or collect them they don’t need to be recognisable anyway.

    The red danger fog is quite useful for those of us who forget to keep an eye on the health globe but I can see why some people would rather not have it. It adds another element to gameplay – pay attention or get a nasty shock when you suddenly drop dead.

    • I think people would be more amiable to it if it wasn’t so in your face and cluttering the screen like crazy.

      • I treat the “cluttering the screen” aspect of it like a challenge in itself – you’re suffering, at low health, so it’s harder to focus. I know that’s probably not the design intention, but that’s always how I’ve experienced it.

    • While certainly giving each rune a different color would/could confuse people. They could give all of them a different shared color which is more noticeable, like Grey, so it pops out better. They could also add some extra design work around the edge of them to make them look more interesting. Right now they just, blend too much with the background.

    • Except for the fact that they substituted the colors with shapes that match across the board so they are still all categorized. The old crimson runes now all have the same symbol, etc. so you can tell which runes used to be which colors if you learn which symbol replaced which color. Plus, they did have sort of a categorization anyway, it just wasn’t very strict and had some exceptions.

    • The red danger fog is exactly the type of thing that should be an option because it does clutter your vision and many people don’t like it.

  8. No surprise to see he is still an arrogant tool. The red fog is very annoying and certainly not helpful, it’s the opposite of that. But nope, you think that? You’re wrong. And nobody has even beaten inferno? Pathetic, what morons do they have testing this thing? Probably the same idiots that need the basic tooltips to explain what your health globe is for, or what gold is.

    • I need all of these things because of alcohol.  The fog is helpful when you mix up your health for your resource globe and numbers are hard to make out after the first few bottles so they don’t really matter.

      Have a problem with this? Take it up with Farnham.

    • So it’s “arrogant” for him to say that other people have told him something? Wha? 

    • must fight urge to respond to troll….argh i just can’t.
      Red fog…I like it.  So it is a matter of opinion.  He is definitely right in that they can’t put in an options screen for every flippin thing that some random person doesn’t like. 
      nobody has beaten inferno….the main way they tested inferno was to create a character with random gear for each boss fight.   They were unable to beat it.  I doubt many of them leveled characters and kept going and collecting loot.  With loot drop chances being pretty low, it would have taken an extraordinary long time to test.  Something that a company just isn’t likely to pay people to do.   Sure, test and make sure things work, make sure things are hard, but then move on to testing next item on your testing todo list.   Remember, these tester people test, and retest things when broken things get supposedly fixed.   They aren’t paid to try to beat inferno.

         Taking out a graphics filter should be very easy, and people that like messing with teh settings won’t mind there being too much options…
         If they’re afraid of confusing PC illiterate people just use an Advanced options button/tab to house it, plenty of other games do…

  9. “Couldn’t Jay have said something like…”

    No, he couldn’t, because the bit you posted is over double what Twitter allows in a post. I think you’re vastly overestimating how effective Twitter can be as a communication tool. 

  10. I would love to get rid of the red glow affect on monsters when targeted.

    I swear their internal test team consisted of all of their grandmas.  They come across as very noobish.

    • when watching youtube videos the red glow stands out.  When I got to play beta, I didn’t even notice…to each his own.

  11. Wait a sec. The red FLASHES won’t be removed even in retail? That is pretty shit.

    • You’ll be glad there are notifications like this so you can smash that Q key or run to a globe. 

  12. Thanks for complaining about the red screen that warns you. I am SOOOOOOOOO glad Jay wasted extra question answers on that issue (sarcasm). Gah, you people are starting to get really ridiculous with your cries over the most mundane crap. 

    One more thing to ask. If the Beta was so easy, why were you that close to dying anyway? 

    • Some people like to do naked runs, or go off on their own in a 4-player game to fight packs of elites. It can get dicey sometimes.

      Of course, you’re probably just making a sarcastic statement regarding how people complained too much about the first tiny bit of the game being too easy.

    • “If the Beta was so easy, why were you that close to dying anyway? ”
       Because being so easy you weren’t watching your HP as much or care that it was low as there was little danger of getting killed even with so little HP.

  13. Hey Jay, while you’re answering Diablo 3 questions — any chance that we can get a toggle option for the low hp “red alert”? not likely. If we added every option requested we’d have hundreds and the options screen would be impossible to navigate. –JayWilson

    This is so disappointing.  I guess console gamers do not want to know that they are actually playing a game and not watching a fireworks show. 

    • Tinted screen = Fireworks? Not seeing it.
      Now it would be something if a little party happened every time you hit low life. Streamers, balloons, the works. Yeah!

  14. The red screen was kinda aggravating, but not a big deal. I can live with it. For health/resource globes, why not do it like it was in D2. Tap the resource globe to toggle the numbers on and off. Thats not to much to ask.

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