Safely back home after surviving his Asian/Australian press odyssey, Jay Wilson took to Twitter to reply to a variety of fan questions and comments. Here are the Diablo III-related ones; check Jay’s twitter if you want lots more on non-game stuff, including details on his recent flight schedule, sights he wished he’d seen more of and marsupials he wished he’d eaten in Oz, etc.

    jay wilson

    Hooroo Oz

    D2 runes were a cool crafting system, but we have a formal crafting system now. D2 style runes would be redundant. –JayWilson

    I think many of D2 community do not share your view that runes was not fun, they added depth to items. Don’t let them die!
    runes = rune words, which is the redundant element. You should play the game before declaring what it lacks. 🙂 –JayWilson

    You are partly right. Runes are runes, and they can become runewords. But not necessary it’s an option you know 🙂
    haha, have you read our forums? You think runes without rune words will get past them? 😉 –JayWilson

    Please make the runes different colors.
    coloring them implied categories of function that did not exist. Many people found this very confusing in internal tests. –JayWilson

    Was anyone in the internal test team able to beat D3 Inferno difficulty?
    No — JayWilson

    Hey Jay, while you’re answering Diablo 3 questions — any chance that we can get a toggle option for the low hp “red alert”?
    not likely. If we added every option requested we’d have hundreds and the options screen would be impossible to navigate. –JayWilson

    That’s very disappointing, the red haze is extremely garish and not helpful at all, quite the opposite in fact.
    I know for a fact that many people find it very helpful. 🙂 –JayWilson

    Bashiok and the other CMs have to answer questions as though D3 exists in a vacuum, but I thought Jay had the freedom to be a little more forthcoming. Ignoring the fact that Twitter’s 140 character prevents meaningful communication, couldn’t Jay have said something like, “We wanted to keep the item socketing fairly simple in D3C, which is why we only retained 4 gem types and gave them very simple bonuses, and removed the Mystic and her redundant enchants. We’ll add her back in, plus add runes or jewels or some other more interesting item socketing features in D3X.”

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