In another Aussie-based interview, this time with Gameon.Net, Jay discusses the DiabloWikiRMAH and reiterates that it’s up to the players to play by the rules when it comes to currency and declaring taxes. He also touches on the latency issue Aussie gamers are usually concerned with when having to connect to US servers.

    DiabloWikiPvP will not ship with the game as you know and here Jay reiterates they don’t consider PvP to be at the core of Diablo 3 and therefore did not wish to delay the release in order to complete it but assures us PvP will be ready in a few months.

    Voice chat, which as we know is not in the game,  could be added later but it has to be high quality so it’s another feature they want more time to get right and not delay the game release for. It’s not a promise though but luckily there are competent utilities available for free on the net.

    The oft-visited online-only topic is also raised and here Blizzard felt “players didn’t realise there was an online component” in Diablo 2 and that when discovering there was were not able to take their characters onto Battle.Net because offline characters can be hacked so transfer wasn’t enabled. The second reason is that if you could play offline the game would need to ship with server structure included making it easier for the game to be hacked. The first reason is wafer-thin but the second is understandable and I would say their only real concern. The other, I’d hazard a guess, is the Auction House which you couldn’t offer to offline players for that very reason.

     Thanks fmulder for the tip.

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