Jay Wilson Talks PvP, Security, VOIP and Online Only

In another Aussie-based interview, this time with Gameon.Net, Jay discusses the DiabloWikiRMAH and reiterates that it’s up to the players to play by the rules when it comes to currency and declaring taxes. He also touches on the latency issue Aussie gamers are usually concerned with when having to connect to US servers.

DiabloWikiPvP will not ship with the game as you know and here Jay reiterates they don’t consider PvP to be at the core of Diablo 3 and therefore did not wish to delay the release in order to complete it but assures us PvP will be ready in a few months.

Voice chat, which as we know is not in the game,  could be added later but it has to be high quality so it’s another feature they want more time to get right and not delay the game release for. It’s not a promise though but luckily there are competent utilities available for free on the net.

The oft-visited online-only topic is also raised and here Blizzard felt “players didn’t realise there was an online component” in Diablo 2 and that when discovering there was were not able to take their characters onto Battle.Net because offline characters can be hacked so transfer wasn’t enabled. The second reason is that if you could play offline the game would need to ship with server structure included making it easier for the game to be hacked. The first reason is wafer-thin but the second is understandable and I would say their only real concern. The other, I’d hazard a guess, is the Auction House which you couldn’t offer to offline players for that very reason.

 Thanks fmulder for the tip.

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    57 thoughts on “Jay Wilson Talks PvP, Security, VOIP and Online Only

      • working fine for me right now in FF. anyone else have tobit’s problem?

        You might want to delete your incgamers.com cookies, as we had to shut down and cleanse the forums over the weekend, and that screwed up logging in for a while. Effects might be lingering for some.



    1. I really hate those ppl in ANZ forum who keeps saying their game plays smoothly at 250 ms latency…… how is 250 fine?? How is jumping into 500-700 ms every few minutes fine? How is 500-700 ms on every weekend in the beta fine?? how is 1-2k ms every few hours fine? How is all that going to be fine if inferno is as hard as the blue posts kept claiming it to be? 

      My internet is the typical internet any australian, at least in perth will have. I made fault lodges and tried to make the isp improve my internet, to no avail. Im not blaming blizz to have the game online only for the security issues, but when the blue post asked in the ANZ forum bout how our experience was, most ppl just kept saying it is fine, apart a few who is far sighted enough to think about inferno…… that in my point is just trying to kill the opportunity of blizz ever going to supply us anything better. 

      • I live in Perth and i was very happy with the way the game was working! Average latency is 250 ms and on that latency there is 0 problems. Even if it goes as high as 400 ms its still ok…no major problems! I had a letncy of 1000-2000ms one evening but there was probably a problem with the Beta of some sort! Overall, I think it will all work really well once the severs stabilize…but than again, i will almost always play “single player”!

      • I’m from Israel, so my latency was also at around 240-250ms during the open beta. However, it only spiked once during the whole time I played (I managed to get Overachiever during the weekend, so quite a bit) and that was only for like 5 seconds. From what I saw, the connection was extremely stable. Perhaps the problem was more with your isp than the infrastructure?
        Also, like IgorAl said, I found that with 250ms combat flowed just fine, even in 4 player games. Blizzard really did a great job on the anti-lag systems. I will admit that lag in picking up items/gold is pretty annoying, though. 

      • Yeah during the open beta i had a latency of just under 400ms. The combat is said to be latency free but I had some strange things happen (monsters attacking me from out of nowhere yet when I attempted to attack them they weren’t where the client showed them to be, rubber banding, etc.). Overall it was playable but yet I couldn’t shake that sluggish feeling everything seemed to have.
        Maybe one day they’ll find a way to release an offline component without having to give us the actual server/client architecture (guess I shouldn’t hold my breath though).

        • I thank you for the understanding. the definition of smooth in a beta of normal difficulty is going to be so much different for a smooth in inferno. a 1-2 second lagging spike spells doom when you r surrounded by monsters ( which is most of the time when spike actually occurs for me) And to igor, i will be playing single player as well, since the 2 times i tried multiplayers, the average ping was 750 ms, and in the SK chamber i was just rubberbanding from the one spot until the gang killed it. That was 3000 ms. But, seeing as theres a big chance inferno will need group fight, i dont see how it will work out for us. IF you dont plan to play till inferno? good on you, u r fine in perth.

          • I plan on playing Inferno for sure! I think that the latency will stabilize at 250 after the first few days and that is good enough for me. Latency is much more noticable in SC2 and i can still play it fine…it becomes a rule of the game that you incorporate in your play. I think it will all be fine!

      • What is wrong with you? A quarter of a second delay is perfect for an action game!

    2. Bit OT: Can someone give me the link to the sound file which is playing at roughly 1:30. I love that creepy music…it was there for a bit at the Arreat Summit…but they’ve really brought that tune to life in this game.

    3. “The second, and the real reason, is security.”
      The second, and the real reason, is MONEY from the RMAH and it’s forced use.

      • You’re saying it like it’s a bad thing. Blizzard producing an amazing game which wil cost them millions of dollars to develop and support should be just box price a-la d2? This isn’t garbage like ME3 we’re talking about here, btw.

        • Let’s wait until we see all 3 of D3’s endings before we make that assertion?

            • They would get at least two. Colorblindness doesn’t mean you see in black and white. There are various forms of colorblindness, each affecting a different type of receptor cell in your eye. The most common type is red/green colorblindness, which means that an individual can’t distinguish between red or green, but can tell other colors apart just fine. So in ME3 they’d get a blue ending, and then two similar murky-colored endings.

      • I’m not sure how excluding single player forces people to use the RMAH.
        Assume that there was a single player mode. You wouldn’t expect the game (and specifically, Inferno) to be any easier in single player mode, would you? Assuming you wouldn’t, then playing solo online and playing offline are identical in terms of incentive to use the RMAH. The only difference is possibly the temptation to use the RMAH, where in single player you could prevent yourself from doing so and in mulitplayer the option is always there, but really that’s just an issue of self control. You can always simply ignore the existence of other players and the player economy, and then solo online is pretty much single player.

        I actually slightly oppose the RMAH, because in the end I think it’s detrimental to the player run economy and the fun of the game, but that’s because I actually WANT to participate in the economy. If I just wanted to play single player, I don’t see where the difference is.

        And like it or not, security is a 100% valid reason. If they estimate that the majority of the players will play online anyway (and they will), then sacrificing SP in favor of security for MP is a no-brainer in my book. 

        • wonderful feedback from Aussies my ass. fatass Wilson obviously hasn’t seen the extreme latency vids that Aussies have posted on youtube during open beta. don’t ever quit your dayjob, fatty, because you’d suck as a politician.

          now, excluding single player doesn’t force people to use RMAH, it’s just more potential RMAH users. it’s an accessibility thing. regular offline SP users (like myself) feel less need to use bullshit features like auction houses, which require you to be connected. seasoned SP users just fire up the game and burn shit to the ground.
          they’ve made no habit out of waiting for the game to connect to the server, to connect to their online profile etc etc. so many just wouldn’t bother. it’s not part of their gaming routine.

          THAT’S why they’ve killed proper single player in D3. the campaign mode is nowhere near being called actual single player, because real single player doesn’t require you to connect anywhere. and people with latency issues that cannot be avoided will suffer greatly. like us Skips. but greedy bitches like Blizzard couldn’t care less about that.

          I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Korea banning D3.

          PS: since I don’t have access to the Bnet forums because I don’t play their other crappy titles, anyone who happens to agree with this post of mine, feel free to copy and paste it in a relevant thread, and see if they can come up with a proper reply instead of using those auto-generated bullshit excuses Wilson and stupidass Bashiok use to excuse the inexcusable.

          • You say accessibility, I say self-control. In the end, we agree on the issue, but not on the reason it exists. It may be that Blizzard is out for our money and wants people to be constantly exposed to the RMAH. It may also be that Jay is telling the truth, and it’s about security for those who do want to play multiplayer. Like I said, even if you believe that the first reason is the “real” one, you’ve got to admit that the second still holds a lot of water.

            People with connection problems will suffer, yes, and although I thought the open beta ran fine (I also had 240-250ms), I will absolutely not defend Blizzard’s choice to not open an Oceania server. That’s kind of crappy on their part.  

            • no it doesn’t hold any water in my book, because if you’re not connected to anything, you have a much higher chance of not being hacked or screwed with or trolled or whatever. that’s why Single Player is pure bliss for me. I only tried online D2 twice years ago, and both times I encountered game-breaking hackers. I never played online again.

              with every game I bought after D2, I’ve stuck with single player and I’ve had 0 negative experiences. you go to forums to get some technical assistance and you see the bitchfest, people whining about ragequitters and hackers and wanting to quit the game permanently and whatnot, and the concept is foreign to me because I’ve never experienced it after D2.

              Single Player is pure bliss. but of course if you (generally speaking) have had nasty online experience just like me and would rather stick with offline SP, then you’re potential lost RMAH customers and Blizzard can’t have that. so they take out offline SP completely, forcing you to always be connected to their shitty servers with their crappy popups and buttons littering the screen
              (for example the crappy chat box I could never get rid of during the few minutes of open beta I bothered with despite the ghastly latency).

              yeah, it really is the second reason. security is their top priority. how is being forced to connect to servers keeping me safe as a babe in its mother’s arms, you ugly fat pig?? (Wilson, not you)

            • Can’t reply directly to your post, Solomon. Comments must have a maximum nesting value.

              Anyway, I already answered your question but I suppose I may not have been clear enough. I never said security would be better for you if you play online over single player. I said that security will be better for people who play online anyway (the majority of players), if they don’t give you the option to play offline at all. This is because, as Jay said in the interview (and from my limited knowledge, he’s correct), if you let people play offline, that means you have to include server-side code on the client side, allowing people to easily peek inside and see how stuff gets done. This lets them find exploits and bugs much more easily, and thus compromise b.net security.

              I’m not trying to say that you, as a person who prefers single player, will be better off with the game being online-only. You won’t be. But the rest of us will be, and I think that it was a fair decision on Blizzard’s part. 

            • Hey, of players like you getting screwed means more profit for my favorite company which supports players like Me, I’m glad! Nothing against you, and I honestly wish that everyone was happy, but if someone has to be happy, and someone unhappy, I’d rather it’d be happy me, unhappy you.

              Seeya on May 15th. 

            • Alexander, it’s a matter of quantity. If Blizzard intends for the game to be mostly co-op (whether due to vision or because they want more RMAH customers), and if the majority of their players also want this, then some sacrifices have to be made. 

              Also, yes. When it comes down to it, I obviously prefer not getting screwed. That doesn’t mean I’ll blindly support them as long as I get my way. Your post and attack on me is just.. lame. 

          • If they were greedy they would not make a GAH or crafting or ban player trading under some reason for security.

            Singleplayer = playing single. It is nowhere mentioned or has to be enforced that is must be offline.  
            And if people just wanted SP in the first place they have no reason to use the RMAH at all anyway. 

            • does Blizzard pay you to kiss their ass like that? evidently so, since I already explained what REAL single player is. latency lag is non-existent because it doesn’t require you to connect anywhere. what I and many other fellow Aussies suffered through during the open beta is NOT single player. learn to read, I ain’t gonna bother repeating myself for the slow people.

            • I am with Solomon on this one..SP does not mean just single player, it also means a choice of playing the game without internet connection.

            • And making SP available without net connection would mean ~40% box sale loss for Blizz. Why the flying —- would they ever want that?

              Dude, this has been argued a billion times a year ago. How are you still trying to argue here?   

            • @soloman, Bohemian
              I’m sorry that you want singleplayer but I’m not sorry that Blizzard chose to design the game for myself and the many others who prefer online play and want a secure, hack-free environment.  You can be upset that they didn’t choose to cater to you, but you can’t deny they had a valid reason for making the decision that they did.

            • @AlexanderBarin
              So, offline SP equals 40% box sale for some reason… Um… Hate to break it to you, but this must be the most baseless assumption ever. Not sure where did you get that from, but please, if you aleready argued this billion times year ago, go ahead and explain. Because i doubt that 40% of people planning to buy D3 are willing to boycott this game because of Offline SP. Pure nonsense.
              Another thing i’m also sure of, is that those who argue about “safe online enviroment” will be playing with their IRL/online friends, which aleready puts you in a safe enviroment, since you won’t be exposed to hackers at all.
              Online only is only for DRM and protecting credibility of RMAH. Everything else could be acomplished with normal offline SP/online MP/LAN scenario.

          • dunno about you but me and some friends did play open from EU – beta servers were US only- and had lag. On the other hand about 1 month ealier when i jumped beta for few days it was laggy. So they did improve things.
            @online requirement – its time to get used to it or give up on gaming. Eventally everygame will require you to have broadband connection as its only working way to battle piracy. And this is the primary reason why they made it online only.
            all that RMAH crap is just your imagination – SC2 doesnt have rmah and it does require to be online – care to comment on that?
            Singleplayer is there after all playing alone means its singleplayer and fact that you can jump with your toon from single play to multiplay is just pure awesome. 
            Finally they decided to make the game multiplayer one as its one main reason that gave D2 its longlivelity. Those that like it for SP will suffer but in long run its such minority that it doesnt matter.

          • Hey Solomon, could you toss in more personal insults the next time you make a post criticizing something? It really helps make it clear that you’re just full of it and have no real point to make.


      • Everything Blizzard has ever done is for more RMAH profits! They made Warcraft 3 because it would boost their reputation, and trick people into buying a future game that they knew would contain a real money auction house! They released content patches for D2 because of the RMAH profits! They named their company “Blizzard” because they knew one day they would get a “Blizzard” of RMAH profits!!!!!

      • To me the real reason is to introduce players to online game, and the heart of D3, co-op. Back in the D2 days I NEVER played on battlenet. Jay has a point.

      • Congrats DiabloBaal – you get the prize for being the first person to beat the dead RMAH horse in this comment thread.


    4. Holy shitballs! Only a week left, I’m starting to get really unplesant for the people I live with….. must be strong!

    5. Online only sucks. Any doubts I had of it sucking were shattered during Open Beta when you had to sit there for 1-3 hours spamming your log in info and all you get is ‘Error 37 ‘ BS.

      • That’s because the servers were capped for ages while they looking into some serious problems. I guess you weren’t checking Bashiok’s Twitter at the time? He actually explained everything that was going on far better than the official Blizzard CS account! 

    6. Flux – I’d group being able to use the AH (RM or gold) in with Jay’s first reason – creating a good player experience. They clearly think trade is something they need to improve on from D2, and I think we can all agree on that. It’s a shame he used the slightly dubious ‘people didn’t know there was online play’ reasoning again in this interview though 🙁 

      • This post was by Rush, not me. But I thought Jay’s 2 reasons were perfectly sound, though the “people are idiots” #1 stretches one’s credulity.

        That said, it’s transparent BS that he doesn’t mention the 3rd reason (which is probably the first reason, ranked by importance) of preventing piracy by requiring you to have a valid CDKEY to play D3.  Obviously there were D3 PR strategy meetings at which they decided that piracy would never be mentioned, and so far the devs have stuck admirably to that script.

    7. I can fully understand that some people are less happy about certain aspects of D3 than others, but what’s the point in spreading a poisonous atmosphere in order to get that point through?
      ‘Blizzard are a bunch of greedy fcks who only wants to swim in money and I hate them bstards for actually wanting to force me to pay for that horrible piece of shite they call a game’ and ‘I don’t agree with Blizzard’s reasoning for making the game always online, so I’ll probably end up not buying it, as it doesn’t deliver what I want from a game’ both convey the same message, but I know which one I’d prefer to read… 

    8. Only advice for Solomon is to wait for a lan/offline crack to be made (and it WILL be made eventually, always happens) And then play offline SP D3 to your hearts content while the rest of us play on Bnet.

      • You must be new here. otherwise you would have offered 2 pieces of advice for Solomon:
        A) wait for an offline emulator and
        B) a referral to a mental health physician

      • How fun would D3 be without monter AI and proper drop rate??

        Coz all of that and more are held server-side, not in your client. 

    9. Why so serious?
      1 week to go for the most freaking awesome game of all time, who gives a shit about online only, rmah and w/e “issues” people got … jebus … chillax, its all fun and games. 🙂

    10. He really thinks D3 is better than D2.  I suppose that’s his job.  In terms of memorability for the first chunk of the game, my preference is D2 -> D1 -> D3.  Nothing really reached out and grabbed me in D3.  Leveling was boring because everything is on rails.  The music is obviously lacking without Matt Uelman.  B.Net 2.0 remains inferior to B.Net 1.0 in almost every way.  It was just very average, albeit polished and tuned to the maximum degree.

      IMO D3 will be a great game, but it won’t be a legendary game.  Much like the distinction between SC2 and SC1. 

      • You can’t possibly be fairly ranked them now, coz the game is not even out yet!!

        Play them first for a week or so, THEN you can come up with your ‘unbiased’ rating. 

    11. Jay made me a little pissed off with his comments. He said that feedback from Australian players about the open beta was quite positive in respect to the latency. I’m an Australian player who only played the open beta and I tried to post my experience on the Diablo 3 forums of latency when using some skills, but was not able to because the D3 forums were closed to open beta participants and there was nowhere for me to post my feedback to Blizzard. This wasn’t hit lag, this was me using some attack skills and then having to wait a second before seeing the effect on screen. It wasn’t a frame rate issue because I saw myself running around and getting attacked while I waited for the skill to happen.

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