Diablo 3 Game Director Jay Wilson has kept up yesterday’s Twitter activity with a bunch more tweets today talking about interesting game details. Here are the tweets, with a couple repeated from last night since they started the conversation.

    Just finished an epic 4 player co-op Inferno difficulty play session. Died a lot. Very fun! 🙂 –JayWilson

    from start to finish? –StanGe205
    oh hell no. Act 1 only, and not even all of it. –JayWilson

    What classes did you play/play with? –xAndrewGilesx
    Wizard, Wizard, Witch Doctor, Monk. I was one of the Wizards. –JayWilson

    any reason for the wizard choice? Favorite class per chance? –HCXAnth
    Melee classes tend to be my favorites, but I wanted good CC options for this session. –JayWilson
    I tend to play the classes with the gender we announced them with, so female. –JayWilson

    Hi Jay, can you name one extremely deadly monster attribute combination on an Inferno rare mob or champion pack? Thanks! –diabloiii_de
    fought a vortex/Waller/illusionist/molten combo today that kicked a lot of ass. –JayWilson

    Did any awesome lootz drop? 😀 –ericbachour
    Wyatt got a pretty ridiculous hammer. 🙂 –JayWilson

    More! I’m so damn intrigued by that monster affix combo you posted…is 4 a standard for inferno? –@BHarrisII
    yes. The number of affixes on rares and champs steadily increases at higher levels. –JayWilson

    Sounds like they were deep into that “deep and engrossing” combat that we’ve been promised we’ll see after the Beta content. Bonus points to our writers Xanth and Azzure for spurring Jay on with some of the tweets quoted in this series.

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