Jay Wilson Taiwan Press Conference

jay wilson in taiwan
Jay in good spirits

FMulder sends word that Jay Wilson has now traveled down to Taiwan and, still looking fresh-faced for a globe-trotter, he attended a press conference.

As you’ve seen with previous translations they move from amusing to infuriating to read so instead of simply pasting the translation, I’ve picked out the portions I could decipher and hopefully made them more coherent.

It’s mostly a recap but it’s worth repeating the bullet points below.  Three articles from that event are translated in full and the links to those are at the end of the news item.

  • The DiabloWikiPvP system is still in a period of change and there is no definite schedule for its launch but the PvP system will be a completely open game mode. However, skills in their nature will remain the same, such as damage output, stun period, for example, may be reduced in PvP.
  • Nothing specific has been decided regarding public testing of the PvP mode but do not rule out a similar system to World of Warcraft’s Patch Test Realm (PTR).
  • It is hoped PvP mode will be in the game by the end of 2012.
  • In PvE mode there will be no means to kill other players as that ruins the fun of the game.
  • If demand is high they will consider having a Chinese interface with English audio.
  • The expansion pack will provide new places, equipment and increase the difficulty but there will and there *might* not be an increase to the level cap. (Updated with better translation info.)
  • There will be no ladder in Diablo 3.
  • Skills should be similar as they are in the beta, possibly minor fine tuning will only be required.
  • Character customization was a little more elaborate to begin with. Initially 8 or 9 hair and beard colours were designed for the Barbarian but once in game it made such a tiny difference and when wearing a helmet the differences could not be seen at all so they decided against this level of customisation.
  • DiabloWikiDyes will allow you to customise your equipment. An invisible dye on body armour will make your character look as if they do not have body armor on.
  • The third artisan (DiabloWikiMystic) will return (possibly in an xpack) but her role will be useful.
  • The interface will not change but possibly minor tweaks.
  • Jay has not beaten DiabloWikiinferno difficulty, as a solo player or in a 4-player multiplayer game
  • If a player was to read the lore, interact with the environment, access 80% of the game content then you are looking at 15-20 to complete normal difficult.

If anyone managed to pick more out of any of the three articles please feel free to drop them in the comments below.  Having picked the bones out of those three I wish I had a wind tunnel handy to clear my head. Spaghetti brain!

Translated articles in full:

Update: Better translation reveals that Jay said “might not” be a clvl increase in expansion. Also, RoShin added translation clarification in comments:

Jay Wilson: “When we’re testing the highest difficulty level, we don’t force testers to level-up from scratch each time. Their chars receive randomized equipment of 0.5~1 lvl under the boss’s level. After 20 attempts the boss was still undefeated. We hope the most difficult bosses will be really, really hard to beat, as we know from experience never, NEVER underestimate our players. We set the difficulty based on how our most skilled staff felt to be adequate. Then we MULTIPLY THIS BY 2 upon release”

(P.S. He further explains that “times by 2? not only refers to mob damage output & HP, but also to the extent that players will need to “apply combat skills depth”.)

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    160 thoughts on “Jay Wilson Taiwan Press Conference

    1. The skill tree system is built for pvp, their is no mistake about it… And it’s bad.

    2. “The expansion pack will provide new places, equipment and increase the difficulty but there will be no increase the level cap.”

      Yes!!! I’m so glad they aren’t going with the idiotic “expansion must = 10 more levels” route.

      • Indeed! Neat change! And it does also keep some worth with items, even if the new ones will be even more powerful.

      • By the time the expansion comes, I am sure things have changed. Remember, expansion is at least 18+ months away… 

        • I think you left out about five exclamation marks.

          Good thing you don’t have to pvp and it has no impact on you whatsoever, but that would require you not being a selfish ass, so that’s probably not going to happen. 

        • i dont understand the hate for an arena based pvp system? it wont effect you in any way shape or form if you choose not to use it. i have said many times how i do not enjoy pvp in diablo style games but i am still 100% behind the arena

          • I agree I am not a pvp’er but the team based arena has me intrigued and I would probably dabble to get humbled a few times.

        • The arenas will give this game a whole new longevity, because it will let people fight other people with all the challenges inherent in that. PvP to me has always been just as, if not more, interesting than PvE as humans are not predictable and can have varying abilities and tactics unlike the set and scripted bosses and such in PvE. How can you not want that? Unless you really suck at it, that is… 😐

        • Jay’s comment ruins my plans for a  poll on “when will the pvp system be added?”  I’d been thinking 6+ months personally, but I figured the ever-optimistic fans would swamp the “next month!” vote option. 

          Then again, I’ll just wait a couple of months and do that vote anyway; 90% of our readers will have forgotten this by then, or be newcomers who weren’t following the game pre-release. 😉


      • Wow, guess I’m the only one disappointed by this.  No increase in cap means (likely) no further character progression, no new skills, and you can cut the RPG out of ARPG (as RPGs have always been about getting to that next level, and all it entails), at that point. Guess I just buy the initial game then, as character progression is key to my gaming enjoyment.

        • I don’t think this means no new skills. After all, they’ve nothing stopping them such as skill point balance and tree requisites.

          • Likewise. I don’t think it mean no new skills. There might be more runes that would be a step forward IMO. there shouldn’t have as expansion without more character progression. Since expansion is at least another year away, I wouldn’t doubt things will change. They changed things in the last 6 months since beta opened up. Wouldn’t put it past them if they go back on their word and change what they have in store for the expansion.

          • They may add new runes and intersperse them so that they fill out the sparser levels, but I doubt they would want to add completely new skills (except where they feel they really need them because the current skills aren’t right like how they replaced Lethal Decoy with Cyclone Strike) with the same cap, because that would mean a need to reorder some things and do a lot more new art and programming.
            Honestly I think continually adding new pieces of gear that get more and more powerful without going up in level is nonsensical. Even an increase of a few levels to the cap is better than just having the vanilla level cap be the end of the road forever.

            • I have to agree.  Adding another say 10 levels with another act in all difficulties would work and then allow for the breathing room for additional skill expansions/runes as well as our beloved equipment.  If they simply bring in more equipment then it dilutes the pool right?  

              This is preliminary talk.  The game launch will bring things to light for the development team for where the game might need to go to keep it vital and playable long-term.  This is hardly written in stone if you ask me.  

            • I don’t understand the approach of adding new and more powerful gear at the level cap.  Sure it can act as a substitute for progression but the end result is simply making the original level 60 gear obsolete since you can get much better pieces at the same level.  It is understandable within patches but for an expansion it makes sense to increase the level cap to separate the new, powerful gear into a separate tier so the level 60 gear still retains some economic value.

            • Remember D2XP: No lvl cap increase, new zones and new classes. He just didn’t say that you’d have new classes:p that would be much of a spoiler.

        • Uhm… Isn’t it way too early to assume such things? There are many things in a progression, gears is one of them, or they could also adds a 6th rune effect for all skills…

        • I’m also really upset about this.  I can’t see them adding much to the character or even story progression if the characters can’t grow stronger.  It sounds like the expansion will be a bit of a disappointment.  I don’t see the expansion doing any more than grabbing me back for a few weeks to try the new content and calling it quits once I’ve seen it.

          • Why would they make an expansion without adding more character progression? (skills, runes etc) That would be silly on their part. As it is I don’t recall them adding more skills for the original 5 classes in D2’s expansion. All I know is you could level up more levels with a whole new act and 2 classes. aLL i know is they added quite a few things that did sort of help in charcter progression. Like runes and items that added + to certain skills

            Two new character classes: the Assassin and the Druid.
            A fifth act taking place in and around Mount Arreat in the northern Barbarian Highlands, with an additional act boss, Baal.
            Many new weapons and new pieces of armor:

            Runes can be placed into sockets and provide different bonuses from gems.
            Using Horadric Cube, needed quest item for Act 2 and runes as recipes, one can empower the items.
            “Crafted items” are very similar to rare items but they cannot be found in chests or dropped by monsters. They can be created with the Horadric Cube and the right ingredients. They have 3-4 fixed properties that will enhance the items.
            “Runewords” are very powerful bonuses that are granted to an item when specific runes are socketed in a specific order.
            “Jewels” gain the same random bonuses that items can. These can be placed into sockets. They have the same effect no matter what the base item is. Unique jewels are “Rainbow Facets” which have different bonuses to a certain element.
            Ethereal items that are normally more powerful than their standard counterparts, but they have lowered durability and cannot be repaired.
            Charms that can be kept in the inventory and provide passive bonuses.
            Class-specific items that can only be used by a certain character, e.g. Claws for an Assassin.
            Additional unique and set items, including class-specific sets.

            An expanded stash for storing items—two times the size of the original stash.
            An alternate weapon/shield/spell setup that can be switched to via a hotkey in gameplay.
            Hirelings can now follow the player through all the Acts. They can also be equipped with armor and a weapon, can gain their own experience (originally they leveled up with the player), can be healed by potions, and can be resurrected when killed.

            I hope they add 3 classes but I highly doubt they will. I think we have most of the archetypes covered. All we need is a true pet class (Bring back the necromancer and maybe a completely new class type. I would think that there would be at least 2.

        • As far as I know Age of Conan didn’t increase the cap with the expansion and yet they did add a system that allowed you to get new skills by progressing/doing random stuff, so there are ways to add new skills without adding more levels.

           Frankly i hope that this mean we’ll see some mid level new skills that allow for new playstyles for each class, instead of what more levels imply, which is simply more powerful skills (or runes or whatnot)…
           Also: “as RPGs have always been about getting to that next level, and all it entails” is why cRPG’s never lived up to the promise of adapting the pnpRPG’s experience beyond the min-maxing aspect…

      • I’m also not happy with that. It doesn’t make any sense… If the current pacing is for 1-30 in normal, 30-50 in nightmare, and 50-60 in hell with the current content then what’s going to happen if they add a whole ‘nother act’s worth of content? The pacing will all be off and you will probably end up being 60 at the beginning of hell.
        Plus this means that there will probably not be any more skills or runes added for the existing classes, so no new gameplay for them. That just seems really lame and lazy for an expansion pack… Even if they add a new class, the people that love the vanilla classes will be cheated without new things for those. Why do you think a higher level cap is “idiotic?” Do you not want more character progression that doesn’t involve more gear farming? Do you not want more skill and rune options for the existing classes? Seems to me like you are the idiotic one…

        • C’mon let’s not complain about expansion that hasn’t been announced yet. Heck the main game is not even here yet :S

          • It’s NEVER too early to let a company know your feelings on a major decision such as this.  It will, after all, alienate a sizable chunk of their market if it appears they are releasing a half-assed expansion.  A different question would be: will it matter?  To which, I suspect the answer is: no.

      • It’s a good decision. It honestly doesn’t make sense to increase the level cap at all. They’d be adding content at the end of Normal, Nightmare, Hell, and Inferno, but all this does it make you play a little more before going to Nightmare/Hell/Inferno. If they want to adjust for this, they’d have to adjust the level of monsters in nightmare and hell so that the progression to being level capped at end of Hell/start of Inferno is still natural. This would also mean increasing the difficulty of inferno, or else the point of inferno is lost and you end up with D2-style end-difficulty where there are “sweet spots” for farming.

        An expansion will probably be most significant for how it changes the game, such as by adding classes, artisans, or item types, rather than for the content it adds. Max level players would probably want to go to Hell mode and try the new content, then work on clearing inferno w/ the new content. That’s not likely to be a lengthy experience outside of the already-intense (hopefully) Inferno difficulty.

        • My first reaction to no increased level cap was dismay, but on second thought I largely agree with this post.  The levels are largely irrelevant in D3 anyway, since it’s not like D2 where grinding for high levels is a factor. As we saw in the blue post recently, he’s at 32 by normal and 55 by nightmare. At that rate he’ll max out by what, act 2/hell? Even if the level limit was 70, you’d still reach it by the end of hell, or very early into Inferno; all long before the real end game content of high level inferno.

          So what’s the point in raising the level cap if it’s still designed to be reached by early/mid Hell? It’s almost irrelevant, except as a method to space out when the rune effects and passive skills become available.

          That and I think this is their revenge on us for 6 months of, “level 60 max is BS. They just put this in to WoW us with+10 lvls per xpack!”

        • 60 is such an arbitrary number in an ARPG. Am i the only one being annoyed by that number? :d

    3. How hard can inferno be if they plan on increasing the difficulty but not the level cap? If inferno is as insanely hard as they purport it to be, making it even harder without leveling would be next to impossible.

        • With the change to Inferno where each act gets harder, this is even simpler to implement.  Add an Act, make it with monsters even higher level than previous act.   Items are key to being able to even approach it.   They could do this over and over again. 

          • so Inferno gets a new Act, but the other difficulties don’t ? 

            or do all the difficulties get the new Act ?
            the current leveling progression is something like 
            Normal 1-30
            Nightmare 30-50
            Hell 50-60
            Inferno 60

            and if all difficulties get the new Act then wouldn’t it take more levels to complete each difficulty? So what would the level progression be ?
            Normal 1-35
            Nightmare 35-55
            Hell 55-60 (with much grinding for gear)
            Inferno 60

            • i have thought about this and talked at length with others. i am starting to believe the new area will be max level only (inferno dif) with some added areas to current acts as a possibility, though those would be minimal. i fully believe though we will get an inferno only area to fight in

            • Except that blue just said he was at 32 when going into nightmare and 55 when going into hell, so it seems more likely that we end up at cap at the beginning of hell with a new act.

            • Well, D2 expansion added Act V to all difficulties just fine.  It didn’t really matter that it changed the leveling curve. 
              What you got to keep in mind is that there will be lots of people who play only thru normal.   Come time for expansion, they are only interested in new content.  So they’d have to enable it per difficulty. 

          • But by that logic, that isn’t adding a new difficulty at all, that is just adding new areas that also have inferno difficulty. If they add a new difficulty, that includes all the beginning acts as well.

            • It’s doubtful that they will include a whole new difficulty. As the game ages they’ll still want to keep an eye to newer players, and a whole level of difficulty after Inferno would be completely inaccessible to them for years. They will likely follow the pattern established with D2:LOD by adding another act to the end of the main game. That way, everything is bumped up a bit in difficulty, but otherwise the boat isn’t rocked too too much.

        • I’d like to know how many people have completed all mission on Brutal actually – some of them took me 10+ attempts!

          • I salute those that have.  I never even attempted anything past hard due to rage factor. 

          • Not to brag, but brutal on SC2 was pretty easy for me. But I am also obsessed with the game. I also did the “beat the game in under 8 hours” achievement.

      • Pong, that’s where itens will come in. the way they did Diablo3, only skills come with levels, everything else is coming from itens (the set atribute increases each level can easily be done through itens). 

        So in short, harder content=new itens and not more levels 

        • how do new items make the content more difficult unless the new items are worse than the current items ?

          if the new items are just as good or better than the current items, then wouldn’t the difficulty remain the same or be easier ? 

          • You’re misinterpreting pong’s original post. The question is about how hard you can make Inferno in the first place (and when you release new content in an expansion); not about how that difficulty will change over time as players gain better gear.

            • no, I’m not misinterprteing pong.

              pong is saying Inferno cannot be that difficult now if they can increase it later without adding more char levels

              emiliorf replied that new levels don’t make you stronger, since there are no stat points or skill points.

              He said they can make Inferno more difficult, and instead of giving you more char levels (which do nothing in D3), they will give you better items which will make your skills stronger.

              But I’m saying if they keep Inferno the same difficulty it is now AND give us new gear that is equal to our current gear, then no difference has been made. 
              And if they keep Inferno the same difficulty it is now AND they give us new gear that is better than our current gear, then Inferno becomes easier.

              Well, you may say, they AREN’T going to keep Inferno the same difficulty. They’re going to make it more difficult and give us better weapons to increase our skill damage.

              So …
              if Inferno is currently so difficult, that even after completing Hell and reaching lvl 60, you still have to grind and farm Hell before even STARTING Inferno, then can you imagine how much you’ll have to grind Hell before starting Inferno if they make it more difficult ?

              It will be like going from Normal to Hell with no Nightmare in between. You’ll be grinding Hell for weeks and weeks. I just don’t think that will be fun at all.

              What I was trying to say, is that “new items” just aren’t enough. 
              You need new levels. You need to earn new skills, new runes, something. 

              People complained about a “dead zone” before, but they’re really going to get one after the difficulty increase. You’ll be lvl 60, grinding Hell forever before you’re able to set foot in Inferno.

              Maybe I’m misinterpreting you or Jay or someone else, but it just doesn’t sound good to me.

            • They probably just mean that only the end of Inferno would be more difficult as the monsters in the new areas would be even higher level than the monsters at the end of Inferno in classic D3 and you need the new gear to be able to beat the new higher-level monsters in the new act (or whatever). I seriously doubt he means they will be increasing Inferno’s difficulty across the board.
              You are right about the deadzone though. You will be hitting the end of gear-less character progression much earlier than before, and will, thus, have a lot longer to go with only gear to give you more power. Which, I agree, would suck… Sadly, I don’t think Blizzard sees having to farm gear to progress as a deadzone.

            • The discussion has become confused between absolute difficulty and relative difficulty. I’m talking about absolute difficulty – monsters can keep getting more and more hitpoints and damage output if players keep getting more and more gear to deal with it. In relative terms, yes, it goes through a cycle of the content being really hard, then it gets gradually easier as you get more gear, then it plateaus once you’re at the max gear level. If they release content that’s more “difficult” in absolute terms, the relative challenge will be very similar to that original cycle. No real way around that, though, so I’m not sure what the problem is.

          • speaking of crappy ‘gear,’ what’s with that jacket that JDub is wearing in that photo ❓

        • To elaborate on this:

          In Diablo 3, gaining levels gives you a marginal increase to your attributes (Strength, Dexterity, etc.) and unlocks new skills. Unlocking new skills doesn’t directly make you more powerful. Skills scaling with weapon damage means that your level 1 skill might be viable in end-game. Unlocking new skills opens up different ways to play and different strategies.

          Increasingly powerful equipment can replicate everything about gaining levels except for gaining new skills. Since new skills don’t necessarily make you more powerful, the development team can increase the power of available items and correspondingly increase the difficulty of freshly-added end-game content.

          It’s the same principle behind WoW’s raids: The new content is tough at first, then by defeating it you get more powerful equipment. The more powerful equipment makes the content easier. Then, increasingly difficult content is released, with increasingly more powerful equipment as a reward. 

          • Unlocking new skills does make you more powerful, because for a while you don’t get the full amount of skill slots. Not only that, but the higher unlocking skills are usually more powerful than the earlier unlocking ones. And, of course, you are unlocking runes as well which definitely make you more powerful.

            • I’m talking about level 60 characters in the context of a new expansion, since that’s what this conversation is about. Getting a couple more skills or runes after level 60 is unlikely to make you more “powerful” but it does give you more options for how to play. Getting new abilities doesn’t make the ones you already have do more damage, but getting more gear will, since abilities scale with stats and you get more stats with better gear.

      • After all the bs about D3 being too easy?

        I can’t wait for the QQ to make the game easier. 

      • ….you never know…mybe they put a new -act- in between hell and iferno (the 5 act remeber? )
        and just put inferno back to the  end…BUT WAIT !!!  u’psss, cant be done  😛

    4. “It is hoped PvP mode will be in the game by the end of 2012.”
      Am I the only one worried about this? I hoped it will come max in 3 months after release in first major patch, now it looks like they hope to make it done in 7 months, and we all know how good D3 team is at time management and keeping the deadline…

      • Yeah, I feel ya, bro… Somehow I think that PvP won’t make it by the end of 2012…

      • Even though the delay sucks, and by the end of 2012 is ridiculous, just look at it as a new game aspect to refresh things after months of PvE play.

      • Seriously! Do you really have to do that? I really don’t care for PVP but I don’t have to be a dork about it. I probably will still clear of it. It looks fun but I won’t have the time to try and find friends that will put me on a team.
        I really hope they don’t change the mechanics of the game because PVPers will be in outrage if a certain class is OP. They said that they won’t balance the game around PVP because of the insane amount of builds that will be available. Like many games someone will find a class build that will surpass what is supposedly OP there are billions of builds there is no way it will be balanced.

      • poliosi, pvp is a completely separate part of the game that you are not required to play so stfu already…

      • Yeah, I really don’t understand this. Jay said in one of his Korea interviews that it won’t be that different from the Blizzcon 2011 demo so how in the hell can that take that long to implement?

    5. ” you are looking at 15-20 to complete normal difficult.”

      15-20 levels ? 15-20 hours ?

      “the PvP system will be a completely open game mode”

      does that mean open world PvP ?  no more arenas ?  

      • I think they mean hours. 🙂 Since they’ve stated before you’ll be at least lvl 30 when you complete normal

          • That’s if you check out 4/5 of all of the available content you can in one game. That sounds about right as I’ve completely cleared the beta many times and it always takes me about 4 hours the first time for that character. So if you figure the last act is shorter than the others like in Diablo 2 (as they’ve said it will be) and if half-ish of Act 1 takes 4 hours if you talk to all of the npcs when they having something new to say, listen to all the lore entries, explore the whole map, kill every monster, click every interactable thing, and break every destructible, then it stands to reason that the first three acts may take around 24 hours and the last act another 4. so 28-ish hours for a full clear of the entire game on normal.

            • 4 hours… i assume that by “cleared the beta” you mean broke every pot and killed everything, because finishing the content with a new barb took me 1.5 hours at most, and i wasn’t hurrying or anything.

      • i’m guessing hours.   considering you will prolly be lvl 15ish out of Act 1.  (if you could get to 13 just with beta content….)
        I was wondering that too about PvP.   It could be the translation is just bad.  Probably bad to jump the gun on assuming what that means.  But lets do it anyway.    It’s possible they have gone in a new direction.  They could take PvP in so many different directions.  The game pretty much lends itself to many options.  DOTA style would be easy.  (or a variation of)   CTF would be possible.   An Alterac Valley type battleground could be another.   Maybe they listened to players who said one of the fun things in D2 was just being out in the game world with the ability to do either PvE or PvP.   I think an Alterac Valley would be neat where Demons and Angels are battling it out and we just jump in the fray for either side.  (I’m just spitballing here) 
        I guess we’ll see. 

        • It could be that they decided to add more modes and maps. Jay said in one of his Korea interviews that it wouldn’t be changing much from the latest Blizzcon demo, so I don’t know… maybe he meant the regular team deathmatch part wouldn’t be changing much…

      • That is hours. Though I think that is probably for the “average” player. People like us will blaze through it much faster than that. Not to mention devs just always overestimate the time it takes to beat their games.

    6. “the PvP system will be a completely open game mode”
      Open game mode? What does that mean?

    7. A nice tidbit about Inferno difficulty that was missed in the translation, thought you guys might be interested:

      Jay Wilson: “When we’re testing the highest difficulty level, we don’t force testers to level-up from scratch each time. Their chars receive randomized equipment of 0.5~1 lvl under the boss’s level. After 20 attempts the boss was still undefeated. We hope the most difficult bosses will be really, really hard to beat, as we know from experience never, NEVER underestimate our players (well said..).
      We set the difficulty based on how our most skilled staff felt to be adequate.
      Then we MULTIPLY THIS BY 2 upon release”

      Sounds promising!

      (P.S. He further explains that “times by 2” not only refers to mob damage output & HP, but also to the extent that players will need to “apply combat skills depth”.)


        • I will laugh if it is anything like M’uru pre-nerf and there will be only a handful of players beating it, while the rest of the world qq’s how impossible it is.

          Blizzard can absolutely make a difficult fight.

      • The only thing this is going to lead me to believe post-release is that Blizzard staff are really bad at videogames.
        I would love it if the game were super hard, but I don’t think most devs can really make difficult, enjoyable encounters anymore. Instead, they resort to less gratifying measures such as difficulty spikes or trial-and-error gameplay.

        • That’s with randomized equipment. YOUR equipment won’t be random; it’ll be carefully selected to support your build. So it SHOULD be a lot harder for them :p

      • If I was rolling randomized equipment for my gear it would probably take many many tries to beat Hell Baal in D2 as well, regardless of that equipment is restricted to high level rolls.

        People won’t be going after those bosses with randomized gear.

        • Technically you always get “randomized” gear since it is random what drops, unless you mean you didn’t get to pick what abilities you thought would suit you. The more important thing to point out is he said ~0.5-1 under boss level, when they said even normal mobs will be well over lvl 60 in inferno, so getting within half a level of a boss is really good.

          • I mean that people will not hit inferno bosses with gear that is randomly dropped. By the time they hit these bosses they will have on the best of the gear they have found or traded for. Randomly rolling high-level gear is a bad way to test because it will nearly always be worse than picking and choosing the best gear available to you. 

            But this is a translation so it might not have been said exactly like what is depicted here…

        •  Oh for… i’m sure they’re telling the truth when it comes to the Blizz people that are playing it, but that says nothing about how the game will be for crazy players that reached 99 in a few days in D2…

    8. wow, no level increase in xpack??? That totally surprised me, I thought they’d go the WoW way and keep increasing by 10 with each xpack and introducing new skills.

      wow, kinda sucks 🙁 I hope they make up with new item types and stuff. 

      EDIT: OTH, looking back at D2 it makes sense. D2 did not introduce new skills for existing chars. And since you don’t level skills up in D3, there’s no need for level cap increase, other than for stats.
      Hm…still would be cool if the existing chars got some new skills.

      • D2 also had a level cap that was much higher than what you would’ve gotten through a regular play-through through each difficulty in order, so you got to continually progress your character further and further without relying solely on grinding for better items… Not introducing new stuff for existing classes is lame and lazy and hurts replayability…

      •  They could always add new skills that you unlock during the existing levels… i hope they do add new skills that change the way a character plays… also, Frozen Orb back in pls.
         While with new levels they’d just add more powerful skills… meh.

    9. “The expansion pack will provide new places, equipment and increase the difficulty but there will be no increase the level cap.”

      This is not correct, probably just google translate failing.
      He said there “might” not be an increase in level cap, huge difference.

      • Other random points:

        1)There will unlikely be future options to customize the way your characters look, as they are tiny ingame and people wouldnt be able to tell the different with their gear on.

        2) Rare monsters will/should drop rate items after about level 14-15, unlike the beta

        3) The way mf works is that if a mob has a 1% chance to drop legendary, 2% chance to drop rare and 10% chance to drop magical items, having 100% magic find will make it 2%/4%/20% respectively.

        • Necromancer fans rejoice!

          Question: Will the Necromaner be back?

          Jay: I believe he will be back after sometime. But when that time comes, it will be tough to say how he will be like from the design standpoint (Looks,feel & skills), he may be very different from the necromancer you know.

          His skills are too similar to the witch doctor,once people are more familiar with diablo 3, we will decide the time to bring necromancer back.

            • update Sorry guys, it was my bad, no nercromancer for you!
              I am browsing through the stuff way too quickly and i am unable to edit my post

              Question: Will the Mystic be back?
              Jay: I believe he will be back after sometime. But when that time comes, it will be tough to say how he will be like from the design standpoint, he may be very different from the Mystic you know.
              Mystic is too similar to the blacksmith,once people are more familiar with diablo 3, we will decide the time to bring Mystic back.

            • How is the mystic too similar to the blacksmith? They originally said they removed her because she “was too similar to the jeweler.” Which is dumb, because the gems are boring…

            • while I liked necro, WD seems too similar. Druid, on the other hand, does not seem to have a close match. Yeah, you could argue that WD and maybe WIZ/MONK have aspects of a Druid but…

              I really liked the druid, he had a nice small group of pets and some nice melee and AOE skills.

              Possibilities are endless, it’ll be interesting to see what they come up with. 

          • Aww, I was about to congratulate you on a successful troll too! However (from linked sources):

            Will the future of “Diablo 3” will launch a new career?

            Jay Wilson: We now have five occupations, Barbarian, Witch Doctor, Monk, Mystic and Gabriel Knight. In fact, these five occupations in addition to the barbarians outside, are a new career, perhaps the next new piece of information may have a new career, in addition to a new career, a new piece of information may also be the first second-generation career brought back this We will listen to the voices and reaction of the players, come back to make a decision.

            We’d need a *real* translation to be sure, but my guess is that Jay is saying: “For the expansion, we’ll have a completely new class, and *maybe* a returning class from LOD (I’m guessing ‘second generation’ refers to dII’s expansion). The classes from LOD were the Assassin and the Druid. The Assassin’s martial arts are covered by the Monk, and the traps by the Demon Hunter.

            So, my guess is that they’re actually looking at bringing back the Druid. Which to me, makes a lot more sense than the either the Paladin or Necromancer.

            • Og don’t do that! I’m sure many want the necro back. As for the expansion classes? I want the necro back. As the WD pets seem so lackluster IMO at least in the beta. The only options are Gargantuan and zombie dogs as pets. PErhaps the Spider Queen rune will be a part of that but I have a feeling it’s on a timer much like most of the WD’s summons. The downside to a WD pet build would be that 2 slots are taken up by both the ZD and gargantuan which leaves you with 4 slots for damage and utility skills. Still would be interesting to see how different the necro would be if they indeed bring him back.

            • lol, Gabriel Knight 

              Maybe Blizzard are working on GK4 in secret.

              Also, 2nd generation could just be D2. The Amazon or Paladin could come back as a shield class without bow or holy skills (fallen paladin).

            • I think he is saying in addition to a new class they could bring back a class from a previous Diablo game. “Second-generation” meaning being in a Diablo game a second time (like the barb). So it could mean any class from D2. I’m personally hoping for the Druid, though, as we have no really nature-y or shapeshifting class yet.

      • I interpreted as that as they’ve already said there will unlikely not be a level cap rise in the first xpack.

    10. Last post:

      Jay: There is a “first drop” system in place in diablo 3. This means special monsters/bosses will always have better drops the first time you kill them.

      This system was actually in place in diablo 2 too but only for normal diffculty. But in diablo 3, it will be for all diffculties.

      Expanion plans:

      Expansion in the future may feature additional classes and we do not rule out the possibility of bringing back classes from diablo 1/2. We will be relying a lot on feedbacks before we decide.

      • “This system was actually in place in diablo 2 too but only for normal diffculty.”

        what ?  

    11. “If a player was to read the lore, interact with the environment, access 80% of the game content then you are looking at 15-20 to complete normal difficult.”

      What does that mean exactly? 

      • It means if you go slow killing and knocking down 80% of everything and going into at least 80% of the areas, it may take you 15-20 hours to complete normal.

        • 15-20 hours for normal difficulty is not bad… I hope it`s a correct translation. Because I can`t understand anything with google translation.

          • Yes but how often do you actually do that much of the content in any game? You’d have to intentionally go slow and plodding to complete that much material. Just as an example, in Guild Wars having explored just 60% of the world environment is enough for an achievement. 

            • I make sure I do everything every time and I enjoy it. Diablo 3 is a lot easier to do that in than an MMO. And when I say everything, I mean I even take the time to destroy all the props I can reach (including those little candles you see everywhere in the cathedral) as I’m running through. I even go out of my way to kill all the rats in a room sometimes… It’s not about intentionally going slow, it’s about being a completionist/OCD about attention to details when interacting with everything you can.

            • If he says 15-20 hours, it will take me 15-20 hours. I just play normally doing all the quests and missions and I always hit those developer estimates.
              For the guys who race through focusing just on the main quest, it will probably be under 10 hours.

            • agree with Scorch.  I too am very thorough.  If I see a fog of war area on my mini map, i HAVE to fill it in.  Even if its just a small patch that even looks like its prolly nothing more than a tree.  It’s Diablo OCD.  My wife was even taking the time to kill all the benches and stuff.  I didn’t say anything even tho those don’t drop anything.  She obviously just liked watching the stuff get destroyed.  It’s one of those things where I stop and think to myself, “God I love her!”.

    12. can someone actually translete those interviews (previous and this one) for masses ? 😉 i would really like to read them in some normal language.

      • Seriously I never get the fun if a Ladder… Is it just something that you get upset when it changed??

        • Teh funny thing is that the ladder was introduced to fight dupping slowly overrunning the game…

      • The Mystic’s item enchants were adding very similar bonuses to those on gems, which made her redundant, hence her removal. Probably until they add more item mods in patch/expansion, and find ways to differentiate between item enchant bonuses and gem bonuses.


        • Maybe the mystic will be tied to charms somehow, assuming the talisman will appear in the expansion.

    13. Seriously I never get the fun of a Ladder… Is it just something that you get upset when it changed??

      •  That this time they won’t need to artificially limit the amount of items in circulation with a reset because dupping was so prevalent and gold so useless? 

    14. So…can someone help me understand how the expansion will work regarding the story arch content?

      What I don’t understand, is , by the time the expansion is out..we will obviously have multiple lvl 60 characters by then, but the story arch stuff would have to be accessible to all difficulties as before. So does this mean that with our lvl 60 characters we have to continue the story with inferno difficulty or do you have to send your character back to normal (or any of the earlier difficulty levels)..and…not get any challenge cause we will be 1 hitting everything, just about, to see the rest of the story content?

      I’m so confused. In the past, this never crossed my mind cause I never went further than normal in D2 cause for me there was not enough incentive. So I was able to continue the story through normal with no issue. This is no longer the case now that there is EVERY reason to go past normal, and I will certainly do so. I just don’t get how that will fit.

      I apologize if this is a stupid question. I genuinely don’t understand.

      • Vanilla D2’s story content ended in Act 4 Normal. Nightmare and Hell repeated the story from the start.
        D2:LOD added a 5th Act to each expansion that continued the story .
        I expect D3 to be the same.

      • If it’s like D2, the new areas get added to every difficulty level. So you can do them with any level character you want.

      • They will add a couple of new classes and they will expect you to roll a new class to experience whatever content they’ll add to Normal.

      • If they did Inferno right your lvl 60’s will prob be better off trying out the new act on Hell… 
        So no, you likely won’t need to redo anything on Normal, most people will experience it with the new classes instead…

    15. We should support our fellow fans who want to play some PvP and still need to wait months longer for it.
      Us PvE fans got more than we could possibly ask for: release of the game well ahead of a completed PvP system. The least we can do is be supportive now.
      A good PvP system will not have the slightest negative effect on our “let’s beat up a basic AI over and over all day” experience, which amazingly is still much fun.

    16. I’m excited to hear how tough it sounds the final boss on Inferno will be!

      I’m also really excited to hear that the Mystic will be back!  I’d be sad if all that voicework went to waste.   

      • Yeah, the return of the Mystic was the best news in this for me 🙂
        I want my Scrolls of Companion back too!

    17. “In PvE mode there will be no means to kill other players as that ruins the fun of the game.”

      Oh yeah, well what about a consensual dueling system so players can actually challenge each other? There is literally 0 risk of griefing as players spamming unwanted duel challenges can easily be set on /ignore.

      If dying when losing a duel is too much of a boo-boo for the wittle players that dont want to die then you can make the bwuel stop at 1hp. But, wittle playas wont want to dwel bwecawse hitting weach other is mean! So Bwizzard wemoves evil dwel funtionality so pwayers can be happy grinders and not think abwout nasty PvP.

      Just fucking say it, you’re cutting basic functionality because you ran out of time. Conflating a dueling system with open-world griefing just makes you look like you don’t know shit about gaming, Jay Wilson.

    18. If Inferno is REALLY that hard, I hope Blizz won’t back down(from the QQing) to make it easier like they did on the early CATA Heroics.

    19. my bet on expansions content of which there will be 2 minimum
      2 acts (some heavenly realm and something else) with act bosses.
      2 new characters (fallen pally & nature magic user)
      numerous additional areas to existing acts, new tile sets as well , new random events
      new creatures (duh!)
      new loot weps,armor,ete etc (hurr derr captain obvious)
      return of the Talisman and associated plugin charms
      more arenas and modes for peeveepee

      • I don’t think we will see two brand new acts. This would just take too much time as they will try to release the expansion 18 months later (let’s be honest: it will arrive 3 years later the soonest, even with only one new act).

        • D2X added a huge new act, many new monsters, tons of new items and systems, runes, ruenwords, charms, elite items, etc, plus 2 whole new classes, and it came out 12 months after D2C.

          Expecting less than that from the much larger D3 dev team is really lowering the bar.

    20. Why not use an ante-system for PvP like in the early days of Magic: The Gathering ? (Where it didn´t really work) That could satisfy some of the old Diablo II PvP griefing guys and give them their baby-soother or any guy who likes PvP.

      In the first rules of M:TG each player had to give one card as ante and the winner would get the ante. I suggest a PvP-Challenge System which takes place in a little level (not just an arena) where You can punch each other in the faces like theres no tomorrow and where each of the combattants must give an ante.

      The ante must be of the same kind (white, blue, rare etc.) and you can \up\ it. So if Your opponent is a sissy and gives a white glove or something You can go in with a blue and if he does not pull even with a blue the duel is cancelled. All items You put in are part of the ante for good and go to the winner. Duel starts when everyone has given something equal in rarity into the pot. 

      Just leave the PvE guys alone with Your sh it. 😯  :mrgreen: Happy there will be no griefing in D3 !

    21. greatest quote from the google translator
      “”Jay Wilson revealed that up to now have not beaten the highest degree of difficulty, the hardest Wang””

      Usualmente los regalos se hacencon motivo de la celebración de una determinada fecha. Sin embargo, un regalo originales aquel que no tiene una fecha o celebración específica y su intención es sorprender de verdad.Sorprende a tu pareja como nunca. Romántico e inolvidable!

      El matrimonio es un paso importante que una persona da en su vida. Uno de los temas importantes para algunos de estos individuos es la entrega de las alianzas, o como entregar el anillo de compromiso. La entrega de anillo de compromiso es uno de los mejores días de tu vida y se merece un evento único y especial.Conoce las ideas más originales y románticas. 


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