jay wilson in taiwan

    Jay in good spirits

    FMulder sends word that Jay Wilson has now traveled down to Taiwan and, still looking fresh-faced for a globe-trotter, he attended a press conference.

    As you’ve seen with previous translations they move from amusing to infuriating to read so instead of simply pasting the translation, I’ve picked out the portions I could decipher and hopefully made them more coherent.

    It’s mostly a recap but it’s worth repeating the bullet points below.  Three articles from that event are translated in full and the links to those are at the end of the news item.

    • The DiabloWikiPvP system is still in a period of change and there is no definite schedule for its launch but the PvP system will be a completely open game mode. However, skills in their nature will remain the same, such as damage output, stun period, for example, may be reduced in PvP.
    • Nothing specific has been decided regarding public testing of the PvP mode but do not rule out a similar system to World of Warcraft’s Patch Test Realm (PTR).
    • It is hoped PvP mode will be in the game by the end of 2012.
    • In PvE mode there will be no means to kill other players as that ruins the fun of the game.
    • If demand is high they will consider having a Chinese interface with English audio.
    • The expansion pack will provide new places, equipment and increase the difficulty but there will and there *might* not be an increase to the level cap. (Updated with better translation info.)
    • There will be no ladder in Diablo 3.
    • Skills should be similar as they are in the beta, possibly minor fine tuning will only be required.
    • Character customization was a little more elaborate to begin with. Initially 8 or 9 hair and beard colours were designed for the Barbarian but once in game it made such a tiny difference and when wearing a helmet the differences could not be seen at all so they decided against this level of customisation.
    • DiabloWikiDyes will allow you to customise your equipment. An invisible dye on body armour will make your character look as if they do not have body armor on.
    • The third artisan (DiabloWikiMystic) will return (possibly in an xpack) but her role will be useful.
    • The interface will not change but possibly minor tweaks.
    • Jay has not beaten DiabloWikiinferno difficulty, as a solo player or in a 4-player multiplayer game
    • If a player was to read the lore, interact with the environment, access 80% of the game content then you are looking at 15-20 to complete normal difficult.

    If anyone managed to pick more out of any of the three articles please feel free to drop them in the comments below.  Having picked the bones out of those three I wish I had a wind tunnel handy to clear my head. Spaghetti brain!

    Translated articles in full:

    Update: Better translation reveals that Jay said “might not” be a clvl increase in expansion. Also, RoShin added translation clarification in comments:

    Jay Wilson: “When we’re testing the highest difficulty level, we don’t force testers to level-up from scratch each time. Their chars receive randomized equipment of 0.5~1 lvl under the boss’s level. After 20 attempts the boss was still undefeated. We hope the most difficult bosses will be really, really hard to beat, as we know from experience never, NEVER underestimate our players. We set the difficulty based on how our most skilled staff felt to be adequate. Then we MULTIPLY THIS BY 2 upon release”

    (P.S. He further explains that “times by 2? not only refers to mob damage output & HP, but also to the extent that players will need to “apply combat skills depth”.)

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