Jay Wilson Suggests “Erm… upgrade the wiring in your house?”

The fact that Diablo 3 is online only with no offline mode caused quite a debate when it was announced on 1 August and Jay was probed again by PCGamer on the issue. When asked what a player should do if their wiring is faulty in the house (we think they mean a bad connection) Jay responded with:

“Erm… upgrade the wiring in his house?” suggests Wilson. “I mean, in this day and age the notion that there’s this a whole vast majority of players out there that don’t have online connectivity – this doesn’t really fly any more.”

I don’t think the connectivity issue at home was what upset gamers, but the fact the game was no longer portable when travelling or moving around without some sort of wi-fi connectivity, which we all know is flakey at best when it comes to public wi-fi. Jay goes on to give a reason for no offline mode:

“There’s two basic problems with us doing that,” said Wilson. “One is players default immediately to that. So, they basically unintentionally opt out of all the cooperative experience, all the trading experience, and the core of Diablo is a circle-trading game. So for us we’ve always viewed it as an online game – the game’s not really being played right if it’s not online, so when we have that specific question of why are we allowing it? Because that’s the best experience, why would you want it any other way?”

“You’ve got to make choices about what you want to do, and sometimes those choices are going to make some people unhappy, but if you feel like it’s what is the right thing to do to making a better product then you have to do it,”

Jay discusses the lack of an offline mode further in the news post.


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  1. the game’s not really being played right if it’s not online

    You just…don’t get to tell me that. I play the game how I see fit. It’s like this with every gamer in every game. If they can’t play the game the way they want to, it’s a perceived flaw, and they may just end up not playing it. I’m not talking about “offline”, I’m talking about this S&M aspect of thorough control over what we do and do not want to do in games. Games like GTA are popular because you can play them however the hell you want.

    • Just who the fuck does Wilson think he is saying that bullshit?
      Well Jay… fuck you too -_-

    • Just because some games have are more ‘open ended’ than others, allowing for emergent gameplay options, does not, however, preclude the notion that there is a way the game was intended to be played. And he is say that, in the case of Diablo, they intend for it to be played online.

      And, looking back on the series, it totally shows. Diablo pioneered the whole Battle.NET system to begin with. Diablo II had little to no offline support, with the offline mode lacking a lot of the newer gear and events like Pandemonium. Diablo II’s multiplayer continues to be updated while Blizzard acts like the offline mode doesn’t actually exist.

      So, really, I’m not surprised or upset that they just straight up did online-only for Diablo III. I spent all of Diablo I & II playing password-protected online games so that I could experience the full range of what Blizzard was offering. And not just for the updated content, but also for the fact that the landscape continuously changed, enemies actually re-spawned, etc. Online was simply a superior experience on all fronts.

      As for the portableness of the game, I’ve lived in several different states and even spent a healthy amount of time out of the country a few years back, and I never had a problem playing online in some form or another. Did I have to do corpse runs every once in a while? Yeah. Was the fun enough to negate any frustration from those corpse runs? Totally. The quality of the game made any hassle I went through worth it.

      So, I can totally understand why people are frustrated by this decision, but overall I think it’s for the best. It allows for tighter security and control, and provides a better infrastructure for updates and additional content. It helps a fun game stay fun and expand.

      • thats a pretty cheesy argumentation – I would have played it online even if it came with offline sp . but there are apperantly a bunch of people who cant. so saying that it is all made in good intention and the “player experience”, is just bullshit. not being able to play the game at all (becasue of online only) is better than playing it in singleplayer ?

        it would have been no problem to implement  a singleplayer button. and the neccesary server – client relation ship on a small scale. you could even build in a big “ATTENTION / disclaimer” -Window : which explicitly says that the offline experience is different from the online one – and that you can’t play offline character online.

        but thats not their reason. they dont want the game to get pirated , and they dont want hackers to get an insight of their server client relation-ship.
        and what does JW do ? he sugar coats all the real reason in a bunch of bullsh*t.

        personally i can understand and comprehend the real reasons. with RMT in the game for virtual items Blizzard generates i would also do everything in my power to protect the integrity of this system. i dont support it , but i understand it.

        what i dont understand is his “we live in the 21th century everyone has internet” and “playing alone offline is worse than playing it at all !” – bullshit. seriously how dumb and naive he thinks we are ?

        • Nowhere did anyone ever say that playing offline was worse than playing at all. That’s just you putting words in their mouth. What they have said is that, in Diablo II, people who played offline missed out on all of the additional perks, content, and community that online provided. Since they’ve made it clear that they want people to experience the full range of online play, they are making it online only. Rather logical, no?
          As for how simple it would be to implement, it wouldn’t be. Because of the way they have stated the game is set up, ie: client/server, it actually means that they would have to do a rather extensive rewrite in order to give an off-line mode. Due to the nature of client/server games, not all of the necessary data is stored on your computer when you play. This makes it easier for you to actually play the game, as it takes up less space on your rig and allows them to handle multiplayer so much easier than it would be otherwise. Client/Server also makes it a hell of a lot easier for them to patch, update, and expand the game, as I noted above.
          And they are indeed making the game with good intentions towards player experience. If they weren’t, there’d be no point. A crappy game might sell well at first, but then people are going to stop buying it after they find out. An awesome game will continue selling well past its shelf life. Just look at Diablo II.

          • “Nowhere did anyone ever say that playing offline was worse than playing at all.”

            but thats the premisse, how can you miss out on online play if you dont have internet available for what ever reason.  JW gives no reason why there is no single player. the only thing he does is giving excuses as to why online play is superior. and so are you.
            and tell me what ever you want but i dont think it can be so much harder to run the “server”-part on your machine. its just some basic operations. i mean i dont claim to know how it works . but i know that you can run wow server from a normal PC – and if you cant tell me explicitly why it is so much harder for them to rewrite parts as opposed to other games , keep it for yourself.
            “And they are indeed making the game with good intentions towards player experience. If they weren’t, there’d be no point. A crappy game might sell well at first, but then people are going to stop buying it after they find out. An awesome game will continue selling well past its shelf life. Just look at Diablo II.”

            you are going in circles. how could a singleplayer feature decrease the quality of the game ?
            and no, in this case its no “good intention” – the only intention they are pursueing is keeping a shit-storm out of there door if it turns out they cannot guarantee security if they implement singleplayer – and the required components. thats like locking a kid in his room forever out of fear it could break a bone.

          • Again, it hasn’t been said that single player would decrease the quality of the game. In fact, they have stated the opposite, saying that they are balancing the game so that it can be soloed, and have stated that one of the play options will be single player, others being open game and by invite only game. I think what you’re actually trying to argue about is offline play, which I’ve already gone over, not single player modes.
            Speaking of which, yes, you could run the server-side code from your end, essentially facilitating an off-line mode, which is how private WoW servers work, but it takes a bit more work than that. Running a server and playing off of the same computer is exhaustive on the machine. Even something as inexpensive (me-wise) to run as Minecraft recommends that you run your server on a separate machine, since playing on the same machine as the server often causes either your game or the server to lag, leading to a cascade of fail as they each try to catch up with the other one. And that’s Minecraft. Imagine how intensive Diablo III would be. As I said before, adding a feasible offline mode would require extensive re-writes to the code.

            And if portability is your cause for concern over the lack of offline, there are a multitude of ways to have internet on the go. Lots of places have wifi hotspots spread throughout these days. Phone tethering is a fairly simple affair. Hotels, coffee shops, parks, buses, even airlines all have internet options in this day and age. If you really want it, you’ll find a way.

          • if you use words like extensive – give me a scope as far as i can tell you are just producing alot of steam . i mean diablo 2 could be run by our machines. and the data combatdata / positions / drop events arent all that different, so dont be so f*cking pretenious  if you have no data to support your claims.
            i mean i bet blizzard has “offline” versions of d3 for whatever they want to test.

            and no. stable reliable internet is not everywhere, no matter how many “possibilities” you are able to come up with. and no matter how content you are with this solution. it wont change the internet situation of other people.
            besides my main point is that jay wilson is talking alot of shit concerning that matter he doesnt say that they fear hacker – he comes up with that online experience nonsense you could completely ignore even if you actually played online.

            and he still gave no real awnser as to why singleplayer fans are ignored – he just ignores it and goes on with his all happy fun fun fun online experience. as do you. completely sidestepping the issue hiding behind your extensive code rewriting, how extensive , what code ? more like PR nonsense.

          • Well here’s the thing, Diablo II was written from the outset to have an offline mode. Diablo III was not. By ‘extensive’, I mean that they’d have to write Enemy AI algorithms, Area generation Algorithms, drop rates, pretty much anything that is being handled on the Server side of the equation, over again. That may sound easy enough, just duplicate all the code, right? Except it’s not that simple. They’d have to rewrite the code within the Client-side architecture, instead of within the Server Side architecture. The Server-side code is ridiculously more complex because it has to know how to keep track of however many players while sending and receiving data and syncing across all of said players and more. The client side version of this wouldn’t need to be as complex. It could be infinitely simpler. But there’s a catch. With this separate code architecture in place for offline and online, they’d have to write each patch, each update, each expansion, twice. And at that point, there’s diminishing returns on investment and manpower and hours spent maintaining both version and whatnot to the point where they are invariably going to make the decision whether or not to keep updating both or just focus on one of them. Sound familiar? It should, because it’s the exact situation that Diablo II is in, where online has continued to be updated while the offline languishes somewhere several patches/years ago.
            As for your theorized “offline test version”. It doesn’t exist. Ever heard of a virtual machine? Among several other uses it’s what’s used in the industry to simulate an internet connection between two computers on just one. That’s just one way to test online only games with limited resources, though you run into the problems I mentioned before of running a server and client on the same machine. For a company like Blizzard, I highly suspect they’ve already got actual servers up and running and are using them in-house to test. There’s simply no reason to write a different version of the game for testing purposes. In fact, there are several reasons not to, like the fact that if they were testing on an in-house offline version of the game, they’re not actually testing the online game they are going to release. It would be a waste of time and company resources.
            And I apologize for not ‘backing up’ my ‘claims’. Firstly, they’re not claims, they are reasoned out suppositions and facts based on interviews given by Blizzard and the fact that I’ve been working as a programmer in this industry for going on five years now. Admittedly, most of the networking explanations I’ve given have come from my wife, but since she’s a networking programmer in the game industry, I’m willing to bet she knows what she’s talking about.
            I’m sorry if I sounded pretentious at any time during my explanations, it was not my intent.

    • Eh, not totally true Risingred.  I agree with the sentiment but developers make a game how they see fit.  It is you as a consumer that chooses whether or not to support it.

    • Jay is a T-Total idiot. Seriously. He doesn’t have a clue why hardcore players play the game (he continually claims it is for bragging rights, he thinks playing online is the “best experience”—yeah, playing with hackers, dupers, griefers, and idiots who are more likely to get you killed than benefit the party is really quite the good experience, eh? Not to mention lag.
      As a single player you have to actually know how to play the game and develop a character and you can’t leech off others. Of course they dumbed down Diablo because they don’t want to cater to people who actually know how to play without the best gear, perfect torches, perfect anni=s and duped charms.

    • I need to stop reading his interviews; I’m really starting to hate that man.

    • Considering he is the one making the game, it’s HIS game and he IS the one that gets to say how it get’s played.  If you were making it, then it would be your call whether the best way to play it was online or offline, but it’s not.  They’re obviously designing it for online play.  Whether or not you think that’s the best choice is completely apart from the fact that it isn’t YOUR choice at all.

      • Fine enough that he’s making the game and he gets to say what kind of game it should be. NOT fine that he’s telling us we’re all too stupidto play it any other way, or we’re flat out wrong if we want to play the game any other way, or we’re all living in the dark age, or we need to do some frigging home improvements just to be able to play his game.

      • Well obviously D3 is the end product of the labors of hundreds of people, and no one person can claim credit for any single feature, much less the whole project. That said, do you really think Jay Wilson was the point man on denying offline play in D3? Rather than say, the anti-hacking guys, the bean counters, Bobby Kotick’s valet, etc?

        If Blizzard had decided that making D3 online-only would cost them too many sales and profits, it would still contain a non-B.net play option/ What do you think Jay Wilson would be doing in these interviews in that case? Complaining about the lack of an online-only requirement? Of course not. He’d be talking up their commitment to satisfying their customers, to allowing D3 to be played in as many ways as possible, in denying that hacking would be any worse because of it, etc.

        As the lead media interaction person for D3, positively talking up features in D3 is as important a part of his job as game design itself. Perhaps more so.

        • fair point.

          However I feel As the lead media interaction person for D3 he should choose he words more carefully.

          In his statement

          they basically unintentionally opt out of all the cooperative experience, all the trading experience, and the core of Diablo is a circle-trading game. So for us we’ve always viewed it as an online game – the game’s not really being played right if it’s not online

          he states Diablo, referring to the whole genre including Diablo II, and not just Diable III or D3.
          This implies that those playing single player in Diablo II were playing it wrong, which is a very antagonistic statement to make to say the least!

          To make such remarks as

          Erm… upgrade the wiring in his house


          sometimes those choices are going to make some people unhappy

          are in my opinion excessively flippant, especially when a cursory glance at the forms pages in incgames itself show the following stats

          Name            Viewing      Treads      Posts
          Statistics        36            9,532        87,316
          PvP               8              4,870        87,303
          Amazon         40            8,855        90,059
          Assassin        26            7,543        73,261
          Barbarian       40           10,670      109,823
          Druid             21            9,326       136,784
          Necromancer   34          10,140       128,322
          Paladin          55           15,555       161,902
          Sorceress       79           11,933       113,628
          Hardcore        12           10,513       190,668
          Single Player  146          31,021       764,726

          And under the trading forums only 2 forms have more posts than single player
          Europe Standard – Ladder     63    126,858    1,154,067
          US East Standard – Ladder    38    120,332    844,186

          Which in my opinion point a a significant active fan-base effected.
          Granted there will be a migration of fans from WOW over to Diablo III when it comes out.

          But as stated I feel he did not handle the issue using the most appropriate language.

      • Of COURSE it’s MY Choice!  It’s my choice not to play “HIS” game!  Why would I want to play a game produced by a bullying kid?  There is only one “correct” way of playing the game, so why bother allowing anything else?  You’re right, he thinks it’s “HIS” game.  The joke of it is, though, he PAID to make this game.  It only exists, HE only exists, if I PAY to play it.  But I don’t want to play “HIS” game.  I want to play MY game, MY way, and if I can’t get that here, why would I support it financially?  You vote with your wallet.  Do you really want to vote for the concept of the all mighty developers know so much more than the GD players that we just suck it up and accept whatever they give us?  That’s it’s THEIR game and if you don’t like it, too damn bad, it’s not about you anyway?  That we need to be coddled and led like eFFing sheep because we obviously don’t know what’s best for us, and can’t play the game right without them limiting our options?  If you do, I pity you the future you’re trying to build should it come to pass….
        By the way… did no one else notice the message at the heart of his statement?  That “The core of Diablo is a circle trading game”?  That because players DEFAULT (meaning, PREFER) to “unintentionally” opting out of the trading experience, “why are we allowing that”?  He’s saying RMAH is the core of the game, and they have no intention of letting you opt out (except apparently in HC… total contradiction to the rest of their stance…).  Essentially, we’re not just sheep to be led, we’re cash cows to be milked for all we’re worth.  Because, they figure that enough people will suck it up, and they’ll be able to milk so much money out of them, that it will more than make up for the people who choose not to play the game because of this.  That not allowing you to opt out will work, because we’re too stupid or powerless to do anything other than accept what they give us.  Damn.  Guess it’s time to boycott Blizzard products…

        • Being online whining about not being able to play online. /facepalm -_-‘
          This feature has 0.00% affect on how I play the game, and all the people I know think likewise.

          Edit: It’s not even an e-sports game like Starcraft2 where Lan suppoort would benefit the lagless e-sport tournament games.

          • If my complaint were my inability to maintain an internet connection, or if typing in a forum was as lag sensitive as playing an online game, you’d have a valid facepalm.  As is, you only have a reading comprehension failure, making you seem obtuse.  Just because someone CAN get online any time they want doesn’t mean they have to support a requirement to be online and connected to external servers to play a game that does not benefit from that set up.  By the way, I can’t complain about playing a computer game, either, because I have a computer, right?  All computers are made the same, and any complaint about the game must be about the requirement of owning a computer, which I’ve obviously already met.  Try, instead of just reading, to actually comprehend what someone is saying.  It might benefit you in life.

    • Bill Roper used to be the one to get it in the neck from fans. It’s an unenviable job being the main spokesperson for a game and you need to have a thick skin.

      A lot of what he’s had to tell us over the last few weeks has been terribly divisive but their decisions won’t change (not until Diablo 3 is out at least and even then not fundamentally) and I don’t see this stopping any of the community buying the game.  I reckon any anger will wash away at that point.


      • Oh… It’ll stop me for one… Hanging on a lousy UMTS-connection with an average ping of 700ms, because nothing else is available in the flat I live in (unless paying 16k for installations – good luck with 270 bucks a month). There’s just no point in spending the money for a game, you won’t be able to play.

        Edit: Not to mention that Diablo WAS a game of choice. Now what their doing is taking the choice of how to play the game from me. (Selffound HC on D2 makes most fun, imho)

        • “There’s just no point in spending the money for a game, you won’t be able to play.”
          I agree 100%. This statement can also be made, based on that logic.
          There is no point spending time bitching on a fan sight for a game that you can’t play.

          • Beeing a fan of the series forces me to “bitch” (your word) against the changes to it’s predecessor because my heart is in it, too. And one cannot simply stand by if something one loves is torn apart.

    • Well, if Blizzard wants to force players to be social, why aren’t they making Diablo III a Facebook game? That would let them enforce the “cooperative experience” they seem to believe is an essential part of the game.  What about those of us who INTENTIONALLY avoid that side of things?

      That has to be one of the most pig-headed, elitist, anti-gamer comments I have ever seen.  Gamers will gravitate to a modality that they enjoy.  Denying a particular mode will only serve to alienate a particular section of their potential market-base.  Oh well, I suppose they have more money than they can legitimately figure out what to do with, given the success of WoW, so now they feel it’s their place to try to change the landscape to what THEY like, as opposed to what others might like.
      Good luck with that.  You’ll likely do quite well.  I, for one, hope you end up losing a lot of your users as a result.

    • why don’t they get to tell you how to play their game? I’m sorry I believe blizzard is making a video game.  A action role playing game.  All games pretty much have you play it the way they want you to.

  2. When it comes to questions about the reasons behind the online-only decision they should really stick to security. At least that’s a defensible position.

    • I agree HardRock.  Now I’m not one of the small segment of the population that has crappy/no access to a net connection.  My home connection is pretty good and hence have no real issue with needing to be online to play, but I can see the problem for others who play when travelling, have no connection, etc..  However I’d say for those of you who are in that segment or just don’t like the idea of being online to play, then talk how talking will hurt them.  Don’t buy the game.  If more people choose not to buy it and the game doesn’t do so hot then maybe they’ll listen.  The same thing has happened with WoW.  They made the game easy and got more players.  They listen to the cheque books, not forum complaints that only seem to get a little of the population. 

    • Yep. In order to protect the full online experience from the worst of the worst hacks and cheats, you need to restrict how much of the game somebody can get their fingers in on their own hard drive. Stop telling us how we like to play, and at least pay lip service to the fact that you’re protecting people from the evil hackers/dupers/cheaters. I think you’ll get a lot more of the press on board if you show them how easy it is to hack an offline only game.

      • They would if that were remotely true.  But in fact, they don’t give a rat’s ass about that stuff.  Didn’t you hear them?  What’s the worst a hack will do?  Make you more powerful than you should be.  But, it’s not a competitive environment.  It’s cooperative.  You should be happy if your team mate is more powerful than he should be, you get more done faster, and it’s actually better for everyone, per Blizzard.
        What’s the worst a duper can do?  Make items available to people that shouldn’t be available without endless blood sweat and tears?  Well, we have RMAH to solve that problem for us.
        What’s the worst a cheater can do?  In the words of Blizzard, since this is a coop game, who is he going to cheat, diablo?  According to Blizzard, you modifying your power level through mechanics exterior to the gameplay itself is not an issue, as it “doesn’t really hurt anyone”.  They don’t talk about those things, because they don’t care about those things.  The only reason security becomes important is that, if people can hack, dupe, or cheat, they don’t need RMAH.  The only reason to worry about security at all, is not to improve the gameplay experience (which is no more impacted by those things than it is RMAH), but to protect their revenue streams.  Trouble with pitching that angle to the press, then, is that they might notice the hypocrisy, and that might attract more negative attention to RMAH, which Blizzard wants to avoid at all costs.

        • Except you completely ignore the fact that as soon as hacks and dupes are possible, the economy becomes flooded with high end items that are intended to be very rare.  That sort of hack doesn’t just hurt that one player’s experience, it destroys the entire game economy which ruins the game for everyone on the realm. The RMAH is still reliant on items entering the economy and as long as items remain rare, there is a balance of power against the RNG and number of players which itself can’t ruin the economy the way duped items would.

          • What is the difference, if you would, between the play experience being “ruined” for the one person out of 50,000 who ponies up the appropriate cash for the equivalent of an Enigma, or it being “ruined” for 25,000 people who get such an item, from an INDIVIDUAL level?  Essentially, what are you actually saying?  That obtaining the highest end gear in the game destroys the game experience for the individual who obtains it?  It had better not.  Or that doing so for a low cost ruins it?  This is the sort of logical fallacy I’m talking about.  If getting high end items ruins the game, and the only barrier is the rarity (which directly translates to cost), that’s a terrible system.  If they do not, it DOESN’T MATTER if 1 person out of 1,000 or 1 out of 2 have those items, from a GAME EXPERIENCE standpoint.  The only people who benefit from the forced rarity are those who obtain those items and wish to SELL them.  The people who benefit from this are item sellers and Blizzard, and this economy you talk about, NOT the players of the game.

          • The ones who benefit are the ones who cheat.  If I find an awesome item that many players want it loses a lot of value if everyone cheater and his dog has duped it 100 times over and now I don’t get anything for it.  Think about the SoJ.  Imagine if you legitimately found one.  Wouldn’t you feel upset that it is worth 1/20 of another good unique when you realize that it would be worth 100 times as much had it not been duped to oblivion?  Now you have something that should be worth a lot due to the item quality and rarity that turns out to be almost worthless.  That doesn’t make for a fun experience.

  3. “I don’t think the connectivity issue at home was what upset gamers, but the fact the game was no longer portable when travelling or moving around without some sort of wi-fi connectivity, which we all know is flakey at best when it comes to public wi-fi.”
    Is there a poll somewhere which tries to figure out how many people play games on the run? I for one couldn’t stand doing simple word processing on a laptop in the subway. But maybe there are pro players out there who prefer to fire railguns with pinpoint precision using a trackpad on a moving bus, hack and slash LE enchanted champions on a 7″ touchscreen at midnight on a campsite, etc. In other words, how many people play games like D3 on portable devices with unreliable connections? How frequently do they do it compared to playing on a desktop with a reliable connection? Do they prefer the laptop or the desktop for gaming?

  4. People being this upset that they can’t play Diablo III on the go is simply absurd. How about you consider your trips to the outdoor world as a vacation from what will likely be non-stop Diablo III marathons? I worry more for people’s addiction to computers/internet more than I worry about this great “injustice” Blizzard and Jay Wilson have apparently inflicted upon us.

    • Yea the whole connectivity thing really hurt them for World of Warcraft…. Sure its a MMO, but Diablo 3 is turning more and more into one. And frankly I prefer the added security of an online only game.
      Basically they understand why some people are upset, but in reality most gamers have internet connections. Not only that, but many have connections while on the run. 3g and 4g cards are widely available and you can tether to your phone (android users just root and tether for free). The people I feel bad for are our troops over seas who have poor to no connection. I feel something should be done for them. Other than that, I don’t feel that anything he has said is really out of line. internet connection in your hose is bad? Take this time before the game comes out to fix it. Can’t afford an internet connection? Maybe you should be working instead of playing then lol.

      • Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety

        Ben Franklin.  I don’t think people realize WHY people are upset.  For me, it’s not about availability of an internet connection.  It’s a much more basic concept than that.  I personally would NEVER give up freedom in exchange for some “added security”.  And by the way, added security from WHAT?  Who is the big bad man you are scared of, and what could he do to you if it wasn’t online only?  In fact, have you thought of how much more can be done to you now that you are forced to share a network connection and rely on external servers for your data protection?  You have an open port the entire time the game is being played.  And you somehow think this is more secure?  Stop being a sheep, and think for a minute.  What do YOU, Personally, actually gain from this?  A secure shopping forum for D2 items?  What else?

        • Sorry, but how does D3 in any way actually relate to liberty or safety?  Owning and playing D3 offline is not a human right.  Blizzard is in no way required to make D3 available offline.  They did not even have to make a sequel to D2 at all.  I can understand being upset but this argument of yours is really trying to stretch it…

          • “And frankly I prefer the added security of an online only game”.  Did you miss that statement?  It directly relates.  And how does the concept of accepting a tradeoff of freedom (to play where, when, and how you want) for “security” (the PERSONAL benefits of which no one seems able to describe) NOT apply to this situation?  And how can you take his quote to describe only human rights?  Of COURSE they are not required to make anything they don’t want.  What I don’t get is how happy people are about the loss of their freedom of gameplay experience, in exchange for protection from botters, hackers, and dupers, though no one seems to be able to describe how they negatively impact them in a way the RMAH won’t do itself.

          • Whether you prefer freedom or not doesn’t lend any to an argument for Blizzard’s choice to make the game online only.

            The loss of freedom to play game anywhere is a cost necessary for a secure online experience.  It isn’t possible to make a secure game while retaining the freedom of offline play; whereas essential liberty is possible with long term safety making this a very different situation from the one in which the quote originated which is why I thought it be quite silly and not a significant point to make in an argument.

        • Yes. Ben Franklin must be spinning in his grave over this.

    • You are short-sighted, TheDestructor.  Sometimes people just want to unwind after a day of vacationing.  How people spend their time is none of your concern, you apologist.

  5. the core of Diablo is a circle-trading game. So for us we’ve always viewed it as an online game – the game’s not really being played right if it’s not online
    I completely agree with the above commentors. Is he just completely ignoring the SP community? The SP experience is BETTER offline, no two ways about it. No lag, no hassle with the internet, no need for a high bandwidth plan, easy to show friends my character, /players 8, item muling, no-one trying to pvp or stupid people joining the game, the entirety of my item database I know is completely legit. I do like the auction trading house enough to make the change (poor students need money) but for Jay to say that suggests he doesn’t really understand diablo. How ignorant.

    • are you saying diablo 2 was a “high bandwith plan” game online? have you heard of password protected games?

      • I’ve jumped back into some online D2 play the last few days. Gah! I totally realize (again) why people want to play offline. I can’t go more than an hour without everything coming to a halt, with my character running around hitting things that just sit there, until the server FINALLY catches up and I find myself dead on the floor. This is on a 50 mbps connection. I can’t imagine trying to play hardcore like this.

        • True, but they’ve probably got about 3 sick hamsters running the D2 B.net servers at this point. One hopes they’ll be devoting more resources to keeping D3 properly playable.

          • One hopes.  And they probably will for the first year.  But since D2 takes much less effort to keep at a playable level, and is in its current condition even as they approach release for a sequel (meaning they should ideally be having it running great, so people think how much they want the new product), what kind of guarantee, whatsoever, is there that support will exist in any form in 5-10 years, much less the support needed to keep it playable?  And since you won’t have any options to play offline, what sort of fees will be attached to this ‘support’?

        • Connection Speed/bandwidth (data transfer rate) has nothing to do with delays, that due to your ping (time taken for the info to be sent)

        • This was always my experience. Almost all my online hardcore characters were killed by network issues. The monsters would stop moving, then the client would disconnect. I knew that when I got back online my char would be dead.

          When your character dies from poor play, that’s part of the game and part of the fun. When packet loss becomes character loss, it’s really upsetting. 

          Here in Australia I’m 200ms and 14+ hops from US West. Timeouts are a standard part of online play in D2. I had to stop playing online HC for that reason, and might not be able to play HC D3 at all.

          That’s a damn shame, because I personally love HC and much prefer to play online. The only solution may be “home-brew hardcore”, where you simply enforce the hardcore rule on yourself. I used to play Diablo 1 like that, way back in the day.

  6. He must forget that America is still living in the stone ages as far as internet connectivity goes.  This is not Japan nor Korea.  A lot of people still have issues with connectivity, even though they are paying for it.

    • I’ve lived in NY, LA, and Vermont.  All three of those places had perfectly fine internet connections.

      Don’t know where you live but there has to be a decent DSL or Cable internet provider around.

      • There “has to”?  Is it a law?  If you’re in an apartment complex (more and more US citizens all the time) who only have agreements with a single cable provider, and who don’t allow external mountings (no satellite), and are therefore sharing your connection to node with 400+ apartments (and probably therefore 1000+ devices) with no other options whatsoever for high speed internet, do you think your internet connectivity will rate as “perfectly fine”?  Or even “Decent”?  Way to think outside your own life situation.

    • I’ve lived in North and South Carolina, Upper and Lower California, Virginia, Florida, Iowa, Illinois, and Washington State. Never had internet problems, even when living in the middle of bumf*ck nowhere, Iowa. Heck, the internet connection was crappier when I lived in Japan. Other than the pain of sometimes having to connect via dialup depending on where I lived, the only time I’ve had internet connection problems in the last 20 years aside from power outages or the computer dying.

  7. There are a number of highly controversial statements in this quote. 

    1.  “in this day and age the notion that there’s this a whole vast majority of players out there that don’t have online connectivity – this doesn’t really fly any more.”

    Ok, it may be true that more people have access to the internet than ever before, but I thought the real issues were not having access to the internet at all times, having access to a poor internet connection or not being able to avoid lag etc from even a good connection (esp when playing HC) like the type players currently experience from time to time playing SC2.  Also worth noting that if it’s like SC2, then playing co-op with someone that has a slow connection can also slow down your game.

    2.  “Players default immediately to [offline single player]. So, they basically unintentionally opt out of all the cooperative experience, all the trading experience”. 

    I remember reading the high percentage of players that never played online D2, but I think it’s a leap to read “intent” into that.  To say that players were making an “unintentional” act by choosing offline single player is kind of insulting.  Players didn’t understand the difference?  I just don’t buy that.  Also, if that’s the reason, then you can easily remedy the situation by explaining the difference to the player.  WoW has 3 different types of servers that you have to choose from that each come with a brief description of the experience.  Explain it to us better then if you’re worried, but leave us the choice (if this really was a big concern).

    Final thought on this… if Diablo is a co-op game and they don’t want us to “unintentionally” opt out of that experience, then why balance D3 to be soloable?

    3.   “The core of Diablo is a circle-trading game.”

    I did a double take on this one.  I thought we were told all along by Wilson and others that the core of Diablo was awesomeness, epicness and items.  Not that we need to be told this.  If you were going to explain Diablo to somone unfamiliar with the game, would the word “trading” ever enter the discussion?  Killing lots of things fast to bust pinatas filled with phat lootz.  Period.  Trading and the item market in D2 was a byproduct of this, but to say it’s the “core”? 

    4.  “The game’s not really being played right if it’s not online.”

    Risingred already summed up my thoughts on this one.  It’s dangerous as a designer to get into “right” and “wrong” ways to play a game. 


    “You’ve got to make choices about what you want to do, and sometimes those choices are going to make some people unhappy, but if you feel like it’s what is the right thing to do to making a better product then you have to do it”

    That’s a fair statement, why he didn’t just say this instead of these other comments, I don’t know.  Maybe he was tired.

    • I know I haven’t been making games professionally for very long, but the notion that the designer doesn’t know the ‘right’ way to play his own game still pisses me off. If we didn’t assume there was a ‘right’ way to play, the game would never get made, because its concept would be too nebulous to ever start implementing. There has to be a ‘right’ way, an intended way, in order for the game to have a solid enough design to proceed and be made from. What the players do with it after it gets into their hands is up to them.

      • That’s the trouble.  We all can agree there is an intended way of playing, an idea the developers have of how people will play.  The issue is in your last sentence.  The statements being made recently indicate their intent is that it will NOT be up to the players what to do with it once it’s in their hands.  That they will be prevented from playing it in the “wrong” way, because it’s all about the experience the developers want to give them, not the experience they want to have.  That’s the issue, right there.  We’re not begrudging him his “intended gameplay”, just the exclusion of the possibility of anything else.

      • Why does it piss you off?

        1. The genre has already been established, “ARPG”. if Jay or any designer made a new genre of game, then he would obviously design it the way he wanted it to be played. If you want a game to be played MMO style, then don’t make a non-MMO game.

        2. The Diablo franchise has already been established. You don’t make a part 3 and say, well you play this game differently than other games. Kickback has it right… the point of all GAMES is to have fun. How each of us has that fun is up to the player: some want pvp, some want item hunting etc.

        so yes, there IS a right way to play the game – it’s how every Diablo player has been playing Diablo since it was made. You level up, kill monsters, watch the story unfold.

        Being the director of anything that has already been established comes with responsibilities. See example: Avatar, the last airbender movie. Yuck.

  8. Jay is battle fatigued!  Pull him out! Pull him out!  Poor thing, he just can’t cut a break.

    This is the trouble when you apply a thin veneer over your true motivations for doing something.  It tends to crumble very easily and you risk losing a little respect.  They should have just been up front and said they wanted everyone to play in their environment (b.net), buy into (figuratively speaking) their social network and be able to take advantage of their virtual shopping features (in and out of game).  I believe more people would have appreciated the honesty. They should have known trotting out ‘security’ as a reasoning wouldn’t cut it. They were ill-advised.

    NadZul – I have played on my lap top but I have a wee mouse I take with me.  I can only just hold it together using a trackpad when surfing, I’d probably go into a seizure if I tried to game with one.



    • “Jay is battle fatigued! Pull him out! Pull him out!”

      I laughed at this… probably true.

    • But security is a very valid reason to cut out offline mode. Security is a better excuse than “some idiot didn’t know what he was clicking when he made his first character.”

      • But my offline characters can’t get onto b.net so never the twain shall meet.

        And I totally agree on people mistakenly creating offline chars when they thought they could take them onto b.net. We must be talking single digits when it comes to people who did that.

        • Your offline characters have access to all of the algorithms for loot generation, map generation, monster AI, and other critical game components. That right there is a huge, monster security risk for the online component. If you don’t have that stuff (b/c there is no offline component whatsoever), then it becomes much, much more difficult to get working hacks running on B.net.

    • Fair enough on the laptop setup you mention, Elly. How frequently do you game on that compared to better equipped desktops?

      “… take advantage of their virtual shopping features…”
      Agreed, that’s a much more honest reason. Every company likes to see sustained profit, and this is a handy way to do it in D3. In fact, I figure it’s also part of the rationale for allowing HC deaths -> SC transfer. You’ll get a player who now has a SC toon that can engage with the RMAH. Either they really discount SC as a “worthy” mode and sells off all their gear immediately, or they find the pain of death more bearable and continue to play the game in SC instead of giving up. They also get to keep their gear should they want to sell it later on. Furthermore, it nullifies the “ugh, I found this highly valuable item on HC, but there’s no RMAH” argument in 2 steps: 1) transfer to lvl 1 HC suicide mule 2) profit.

      • @ NadZul “Fair enough on the laptop setup you mention, Elly. How frequently do you game on that compared to better equipped desktops?”

        Few times a month. I won’t be playing D3 on that though. I’ll play on my desktop which is wired.

    • Finally someone figured it out.  There’s only so many times one person can get badgered with the same questions over and over again.  Not to mention the fact that there’s a bit of hostility in the questioning they have been receiving.

      Another month of this and I think Jay will just start saying “f..k off, it’s our game we’ll make it work however we want.”

      I’m going to miss the LAN play of D2, but come on.  It is what it is, give them a break.  If you REALLY don’t like it then don’t buy the game and stop obsessing on fan sites.

      • But one fewer person buying their game barely matters.  If that one person can convince 10 or 100 others that maybe this isn’t something they want to support, it becomes much more likely Blizzard will actually take notice, and that perhaps positive change can take place.  We’re not bitching to bitch, we’re bitching because we want things to change, and the only way that will happen is if people actually care.  Meaning, victory must be obtained in the court of public opinion, which can most easily happen where?  The fan sites.  Who is the bigger fan?  The one who, upon realizing things have gone south, tries to do something about it?  Or the fan who only wants to hear viewpoints that agree with him, and accepts any turn, no matter how negative, as “it is what it is” (therefore implying a lack of regard for the quality of the game or the integrity of the company behind it)?

  9. Exactly, I feel this is a great opportunity for me to actually take a break when i’m on the go and not being able to play, people that complain about not being online much? A very very minute percentage of those people will actually be bothered about this issue after release and that minute percentage of sales loss if they even do lose many sales from it won’t even phase blizzard.

    Plus it makes sense, security, patches, better play experience it has all been say a thousand times before. Plus in this day and age most people have internet at home and can therefore play at least a few hours a day even if they are busy with family and work like myself. Sometimes i will have to travel and not be able to play, such is life.

    • It makes sense?  Explain EXACTLY how the better security improves YOUR play experience.  If you like, I can explain how the better security offered by not having an active network connection and playing a game solely on my own machine improves mine.  Patches?  One of the most fun things in D2 was running 1.07 characters, or other “time travellers”.  The patches changed a TON, and often times in ways that many though was for the worse.  How is being FORCED to play with the latest patch an improvement?  Better play experience?  In what way, with DETAILS, please?  It has all been said 1000 times, like doing so makes it true.  But they’re just words.  They’re fabricated excuses for a system that offers much less personal security (even as it offers Blizzard more security), and delivers an inferior play experience for anyone who wasn’t already playing online, for whom this has no positive impact anyway.  The only one who wins from this is Blizzard.  No one else.  People keep trying to justify it, but without any actual facts or reasons, just more meaningless unsupported statements treated like facts.

      • You make some silly claims here but I just wanted to address this one in particular: ” Explain EXACTLY how the better security improves YOUR play experience.”
        This one is quite obvious, better security reduces hacks, bots, and dupes which stabilizes the economy which provides me a better environment to trade in.  Dupes drastically devalue the items I find making it more difficult to get the items I want from my lucky finds.  To me, this alone makes online only worth it since playing offline was so terribly boring.

        • It provides a better environment to trade in?  That’s your benefit?  So it’s not about the game, it’s about the trading?  Blimey, you really have bought into Blizzard’s concept of Diablo as a forum to support the RMAH.  You do realize, you don’t get any benefit from this improved trading experience unless you’re an item seller, right?  Dupes drive down the cost of high end items, making them more accessible to the general populace.  It makes it easier to get the items you want, just harder to sell the items you want to sell.  Blizzard and item sellers win out, sure, but as I am neither one of those, it doesn’t benefit me.  But as you’re approaching this from an item seller standpoint, it makes sense to limit the choices and freedoms of everyone else, to make them more likely to buy your items.  Is that really what D3 is going to be?  A community of item sellers?  Maybe I should be glad I’m not going to be taking part.

          • Half of the game is about trading and I’m not talking about the RMAH.  That is a sad attempt at diverting the point.

            Anyone who did any trading is an item seller at some point.  Again I am not talking about RMT either.  If I find a SoJ and want a GF I can’t get one in D2 since the SoJ was so massively duped an UnIDed GF went for 30-40 SoJ.

            This is just the beginning, I don’t think you fully grasp the economic impact of cheaters.  If you did you would understand that duping is essentially counterfeiting and you would understand why counterfeiting is illegal.

  10. Hes really got to stop arguing the point around who wants to do what and when , just stick to the concept of server to client security being the reason why there is no server architecture on the disk and therefore no offline play.

  11. I don’t agree with the idea that you need to be connected to play SP.  

    However, I do agree that the true Diablo experience is online.

    I played single player in the original Diablo for one play through.  After that I switched on to multiplayer and never looked back.

    With Diablo 2 I don’t think I ever bothered to click on SP.

    When people talk about Diablo multiplayer is always one of the first things brought up.  Running around a dungeon with some friends killing demons together trying to get the next big loot drop or reach that next level.  It has become a staple of what the Diablo series is.

    Again I don’t agree that you should be connected to play single player…but Diablo’s biggest draw has always been the multiplayer component.

    • Just because one person (i.e. you) played a certain way, does that mean it has to be the same for someone else (i.e. any other of the millions of people who play Diablo)? Extrapolation is risky business.

      • No, it doesn’t.  If someone wants to play SP more power to them.  I stated up there, twice, that I don’t agree with the idea of needing a constant connection to play SP.

        However anyone that thinks SP has been treated equally with MP in the Diablo series is willfully ignoring the obvious.  Since the first Diablo MP was one of its biggest selling points.  It was always the major focus of the title.  Even before the first title was out Blizzard was touting the MP aspect of the game far more than the SP.

        It becomes even more apparent with D2.  There is content (such as high-level items) that can ONLY be found in MP.  While D2 MP has constantly be updated over time SP has pretty much been ignored.

        I’m not saying people should play MP.  But Blizzard has always put MP before SP in the Diablo series.  It has always been their focus.

        • I don’t agree with the always online “feature” that Blizzard has incorporated, but I kind of agree with the idea that if it makes the MP more secure, so be it. I personally played almost exclusively online, however there were instances in which I would play offline (server downs, no internet, etc.) and had a lot of fun doing so. It’s important to be able to experiment offline, I believe. I don’t think it’s a good idea to eliminate SP altogether TBH, but I don’t think it’s worth arguing over anymore, as Blizzard won’t change it.
          Which items can ONLY be attained in MP? Honestly curious.

          • IIRC, torch, anni, ladder only runewords…
            Although I believe there are some mods that bring those offline aswell.
            Edit: I think that when DeadjesterX said “content” he also meant the DC and the Pandemonium Event.

  12. as of right now, I am currently in a hotel room, on my laptop in Las Vegas. I have been here for a couple of days, and this is the first time I turned the damn thing on to check my mail, and of course, troll diablo.incgamers 😀
    I have internet in my room… it is free, and if I was on vacation while D3 was out, I would of barely even had time to sit down and play it.

  13. “the game’s not really being played right if it’s not online”

    so a substantial number of players played D2 wrong ?


    quote Bashiok :
    I don’t mean any offense, but you don’t represent the majority of people that will play the game. For better or worse. People here, logging in with their Diablo II keys to talk about an unreleased product – – on an essentially hidden forum – – do not represent the vast majority of people that will play the game. Which doesn’t mean we don’t want the game to appeal to you or be a lasting game you’ll want to play as long as you played Diablo II, it very much is our intent to be, but we have a broad range of Diablo fans to appeal to.
    Looking at Diablo II the amount of people that bought the game, never logged on to Battle.net, and never went beyond Normal are not insignificant. In fact, they’re a substantial portion of the people that bought copies throughout the life of the game.
    end quote

    • Your argument would make sense if Diablo 3 were Diablo 2.  But it’s not.  Remember, they’re MAKING a NEW game.  And it’s THEY’RE game, not yours.  And regardless of how people played Diablo 2, that has no bearing on how Diablo 3 is meant to be played.

      • Oh, 5zigen, you mean THEIR game, not yours. If all companies started disregarding their client’s requests, or more importantly OPINIONS, then they wouldn’t go very far would they? The game industry is not a monopoly, WE are the buyers and so WE should be content with the product, whatever that may be. If Blizzard made THEIR game for THEM, then they wouldn’t very well be in BUSINESS would they? Just my two cents..Not saying I’m for or opposed to any particular “feature” Blizzard has introduced to DIII.

    • Well, considering 95% (made up) of players who played d2 SP used atma/gomule or rwm or any other of the various fan mods…. yes they did play it wrong. They played it a way that the developers did not want single player to work. They played single player like it was online…

    • If anything I think that quote emphasizes the need for online only.  Would any of those players who stopped after normal have done so if they were online?  Would the community atmosphere and teammates to help challenge the higher difficulties keep them in the game longer?

      To me, and probably many others, single player was boring.  It wasn’t a terrible game, but it wasn’t what made Diablo the game that we remember today.  Blizzard is going to get those people to see the side of Diablo they might have really liked had they ever gone online before.

  14. I have two opinions about this:

    1. Can we please stop discussing this now?  It isn’t going to change and Blizzard doesn’t care what is said about this.  This has been beat into the ground at this point.  Plenty of people would love to see an offline mode, but it’s not coming, period.
    2. My blood still starts to boil every time they give those ridiculous answers related to how people play.  As Elly and others have already said in this thread, just be honest about the reasons Blizzard, it will be received so much easier than the nonsense.

    • I’m one of those people who played briefly off line in D2 before trying online almost a year later.  While I somewhat agree with the sentiment of people who want the game to be designed specifically exactly the way they would do it, I think online makes the game so much better that it’s better to not have the offline game.  It doesn’t seem to be the most popular opinion based on the replies I see above, but that’s how I feel.  D2 was a few week offline game for me, but online hooked me and I loved it for years!

    • 1. This is the internet.  We beat discussions into the ground, dig them back up, beat them some more, put cement shoes on them and toss them into the ocean, drag them back out of the ocean, give it a few more beatings, send it to NASA who then uses the Star Wars programs to hurl it back into the ground…you get the idea. 🙂

      2. Totally agree.  While I, as a player, personally believe that Diablo is a multiplayer experience someone who loves SP is obviously going to disagree with me.  Blizzard should probably not, at least publicly, take sides on that equation.

    • 1) You can stop discussing it at any point.  I will stop discussing this when it ceases to be an issue or when I, myself, am tired of doing so.  As I said, you are free to make your choice regarding this.  Don’t make mine for me.  That’s the mistake Blizzard’s making, let’s not emulate it.
      2) If your blood is boiling, why not do something about it?

  15. We all know the real reason this debate exists. You can’t pirate the game if it is online only. Each player must buy (and maintain) an account. Blizzard knows this, and so do the whiners.

    • All of the private WoW servers would like to disagree with you.
      Seriously though, it certainly makes pirating the game harder if nothing else.

    • That *could* be true on Blizzard’s end…. if they believed Box Sales would be their primary income source for this game.  Which they don’t.  See RMAH.  On their end, it’s simply, you can’t avoid RMAH if it’s online only.  Read his quotes, he as much as says it right above.
      That also *could* be true about the whiners, if they didn’t continually bring up valid points that no one is refuting, simply trying to steamroll over.  I have no desire at this point to give them money, that is true.  But this is not about piracy or anything like that.  This is about freedom and the switch from games being bought products to rented services, provided (or not) at the corporation’s leisure.  This is about them choosing for me my desired gameplay experience.  This is about people’s right to NOT constantly be linked up and linked in, to NOT patch if they don’t want to, to play or not play in the manner they desire.  This is about an era of gaming, one defined by community support, mod development, and mutual respect during the creative process, coming to an end, and us moving to one where we just take what scraps they give us and express our gratitude for it, where any alteration or enhancement to the gameplay must be provided from them, and for a cost.  Where you the player are treated not as a respected client, but as a rabid dog to be watched and managed, protected from yourself and others by the benevolence of the corporations.  This is about the future of gaming, and what you want to see out of it.  Kid yourself into thinking this is about piracy all you want, I just hope you wake up in time to realize what you’ve wrought.

      • They’ve already said they predict that the RMAH might just bring in enough to money to cover the enormous expensive of running everything required to provide the service.  Honestly, I would imagine the income from box sales will be orders of magnitude greater than RMAH income.

  16. A Dumbass askedwhat a player should do if their wiring is faulty in the house”
    Jay Wilson Answered “Erm… upgrade the wiring in his house?”

    #1…He answered the ****in lameass question

    #2…It was funny 😆


  17. Half my experience was offline Single Player and half was over battle.net. I can safely say i enjoyed them both. Due to poor design offline play was always more challenging, so i kind enjoyed it better, hopefully this wont be an issue. What i find annoying is Jay Wilson again coming with BS how he knows better how players played or what they want, that is really the annoying part. Stop giving us PR stances and stop thinking you know better. You don’t, it’s as simple as that.

    And what’s up with people complaining that they are getting voted down. If you say shait of course people are going to vote you down, why does the forum has to bed to you? Please fix the option for voting and don’t give in to retards cries. Thank you.

    • Noxifer – off topic (sorry folks) but on the voting.  I’ve been monitoring the vote + – thing since it went in and there’s been feedback from readers too and I decided I didn’t care for it much. I was seeing way too much blanket down voting – registered accounts just voting every single comment down no matter what the opinion.  Why? To what effect?  Gawd knows but the alternative to this was a vote weighting system which we’d have had to code and that’s where the cba factor kicked in.

      This ‘Recommend’ or nothing is a system used on the guardian.co.uk website which I use so I allowed myself to be ‘inspired’ by that and asked rush to make it so.

      • “This ‘Recommend’ or nothing is a system used on the guardian.co.uk website…”
        its also the same system used by Facebook
        there is no option to “dislike” a status
        I’d rather have no voting allowed than a system that only allows positive votes

  18. I agree with JW. Online is the future. If you don’t have an internet connection you’ve got bigger issues than time for gaming. If you’re travelling, well… you’re travelling, enjoy the view, watch a movie, whatever. I understand why people might disagree, and they are free to play Torchlight 2 for the next 5 years.

    Vote with your wallet, not your forum account. Words are wind.

  19. Elly, iff there are indeed people that vote everyone down just for the hell of it, then i absolutely agree with the reasoning behind the change.
    I just hope it’s not because of few “rebecablacks” that QQ when they get voted down.

    • Elly has been watching it really closely and there are people actually trolling the comments and blanket downvoting for no reason. Not good at all so this is the best way to highlight good posts from the community.

      • Or you could’ve just given people only 2-3 down votes per topic thread per 6-12 hours or something. That would stop that behaviour easily and wouldn’t ruin it for the rest of us.

  20. I don’t think Jay has ever REALLY played Diablo 1 or 2. This doesn’t mean he can’t direct the new Diablo game into something good or better. Every time he says something about how people played or what what fun about the previous games I cringe. I’m not really sure if being a veteran of a game is necessary or helpful in making a sequel so I won’t go so far as to demand that Jay know as much about the games histories as I and many others here do. 8)

    It does worry me when he makes certain comments (this isn’t a particularly bad one for me) but I do my best to let go of my nostalgic attachment to the vision of the previous developers and put my faith in Blizzard as a whole and once in a while raise inferno with others to help them steer the ship in the right direction. I am by no means a fanboy and have great concern for how this game is going to turn out since it is by far one 1 of 3 of my all-time favorite ips. (The others being hl/cs and ff)

    At the end of the day I haven’t played a Blizzard game I disliked so far. This makes it hard to deprive them of the benefit of doubt. I do however think that it is wonderful that so many original Diablo fans are voicing their opinions and making their concerns known to the community/devs. I believe Blizzard will benefit from this as much as we will thanks to our in-depth knowledge and intimate connection to the ip. They made it but we’re the ones who played it to death (literally in the case of HC <much respect) Yes it is a new game with new developers but damn it, it's still Diablo 😈 . If this were Titan I would accept every and all radical changes and new ideas with open arms.

    The way I see it, they are molding the game and we help refine it (sometimes) and I fail to grasp how this is considered whining and complaining by some. If anything it shows how much we care about the game's success. :mrgreen:

    • The difference between being a whiner and not is how one voices their opinion.  Let’s say two people both have a problem with the new skill system and they each post a comment.  The first person posts:

      “I don’t like the new skill system.  I would much prefer an update of the skill tree.  I feel that gave a better sense of power progression.”

      Now this person I would not label a whiner.  He voiced his opinion AS an opinion.  I may disagree with him but his mature approach demands my respects.  The second person however posts:

      “What the hell?!  They are dumbing down the system for the stupid WoW crowd.  This is not what us true Diablo fans want!!”

      Now this person I would label a whiner.  He is so “outraged” that he needs to express it in his comments.  Likewise he does not present his opinion as an opinion but as fact.  He also acts as a spokesperson for “true” fans so that anyone who may disagree with him he can then degrade as some how lesser.  There is also a hint of entitlement in that quote.

      Sadly, on most gaming forums, I see far more of the latter than the former.  I remember when the first screen shots of D3 were revealed.  The forums exploded with whiner comments about how they ruined Diablo’s art design.  And those of us who voiced so much as a hint of praise were labeled as “not true fans” or that “we must have never played the other games”.  

      This is DeadjesterX, your guide to internet @$$hattery. 🙂

      • Nice strawman.  If that were actually close to representing the situation I might agree with you.  In reality, it’s typically more like this:
        “Whiner”:  I disagree with this design decision because of this, this, and/ or this.  These points being raised in its favor are invalid for these reasons, therefore this is not how the game should be designed.
        Someone not impacted by the design decision in question:  Stop whining.  It is what it is.
        Sure, everyone can lose sight of their logical stances in the midst of their passion, but don’t pretend that lack of logic, steamrolling, or entitlement is the sole domain of those who disagree with the design decisions.  It’s not.  If people actually listened to the logical arguments provided them by those opposed (and this includes especially Blizzard, mind you) and gave valid replies instead of brushing them off, I have a feeling many fewer dead horses would be beaten.

    • According to diablowiki he has some play experience in D2. But most of the people here have greater experience. So it’s not surprising that Jay doesn’t have in-depth vision on D2.
      However he is working on D3 which will be completely different game. I don’t think that his lack of understanding D2 will have negative effect on D3.

  21. Some of you guys wanted to embrace the new Diablo 3 team and look what they are doing to the franchise. Complete joke!

  22. My concern with the online only requirement is less about connectivity and more about what it will mean for the longevity of the game. What happens when the Diablo III servers go dark? Is Blizzard going to release the server-side components to the community to allow third-party servers to pick up the slack? Are they going to patch in an offline single player mode at that time? Both strike me as unlikely.

    I understand that Blizzard has a pretty good track record of supporting their games for a long time so I’m not terribly concerned that we’re going to be left in the lurch after five years, but it would be naive to assume they will support Diablo III forever. When that time comes, I’m not keen on losing the ability to play the game I paid good money for just because Blizzard doesn’t see business value in maintaining old infrastructure.

    I think there is a broader issue of how we preserve games with substantial online components as part of our cultural heritage for future generations as we do with music, movies, and books.

    • As far as I know the Diablo 2 servers are still running strong.  The game came out 11 years ago.  Considering that this will probably be an even bigger hit (old vets + new gamers/WoW converts) I wouldn’t be too worried.  

      Or, to give it another perspective…I couldn’t even vote when D2 came out.  Now I’m close to 30. 🙂

    • Really, it isn’t a big stretch to imagine that they could patch in the ability to play offline single player.  If they couldn’t support the servers any longer or if fan outcry really demanded it they could do so.

  23. The more this guy talks, the less I think he knows what Diablo is all about from a designer’s standpoint.  That’s to be expected; he was never a part of Blizzard North.

  24. So many chins… each one telling a different lie… I wonder if he likes sushi…

    I am waiting with baited breath for an online-only Super Mario Bros. After all, it’s mainly an online game – the game’s not really being played right if it’s not online. Who cares that you miss a few hundred hard jumps due to a 180ms ping, or can’t play it at all with your >280ms ping. What the game is really all about is trading your Legendary Blue Flame of the Six Eyed Turtle Ifrit fire flower back and forth giving us a cut of the trade fifty times over off the same item.

    Hell yeah!

    (Ps I hope Jay gets herpes.)

    • Have you played both online and offline D2?  Can you honestly tell me that single player offline was a better experience than playing online with friends?

      • Why does it matter if it was a “better experience” for you? Better is a subjective term, and not your place to determine for others.
        Whether it stems from a lack of friends, desire, or lack of connection — online play is not desirable for some folks.  I don’t understand why you and Blizzard can’t come to grips with that.

  25. Here’s what I wonder: when D3 goes to a console (I’m relatively confident it IS going; all the recent changes, e.g. no skill points, infinite respecs, only 6 skills, etc, seem to look perfectly chosen for console play), will that be online only? I really highly doubt it. If not, then all of Jay’s comments here are kind of hollow, and it really comes back to security and anti-piracy (because pirating is a lot less prevalent on consoles than on PC).
    So why can’t he just say that those are the real reasons? I’ve been sympathetic to those who want an offline mode, and glad that I have a good connection so that it won’t affect me (though that doesn’t help when Blizzard’s servers have hiccups). But reading Jay’s words here were a real let down. He should really just level with us, and stop acting like a pretentious douche.

    • I’m not totally sold on the idea that it’s going to consoles.  Sure they are looking at it but besides delays and great games the other thing Blizzard is well known for is canceling projects if they don’t like it.  Warcraft Adventures, Starcraft: Ghost, and the “original” Diablo 3 (if those pics were to be believed).  I’m not saying its possible, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they decided to just scrap it as well.

      There is also a precedent for online-only console games.  DC Universe and MAG are the first two to come to mind.  Sure its not a huge roster of games but the idea of online-only isn’t entirely new ground for consoles.

      *EDIT* One other thing; unlike PCs, consoles have built-in DRM. Yes yes I know this can be circumvented but it is easier to pirate on PCs than consoles. For a console you need either some form of mod chip and/or need to break the firmware. PCs on the other hand…just get a torrent.

      • They don’t give a damn about pirates.
        They care about their RMT, you being able to resell your game for anything, and PC cafes in Korea/China not having to pay extra for each user.

  26. I hope this gets read, I’m not writing this to bash anyone, just to voice my opinion. I have been playing diablo since it came out. I really enjoyed setting up a LAN and play off line with my friends. This was done during my off time on deployment; as a sailor on a ship in the middle of the ocean there is no internet connection we may use for gaming and very little entertainment around the ship. Some of us found enjoyment in linking up and playing together off line. I understand its not the same experience as Uber tristram runs, uber diablo annihilus hunting and getting that perfect HOZ trade from your friends. But unfortunantly to a large majority of people we CANNOT access battlenet but would still enjoy the option to play the game.
    Thanks for listening
    Kaleb Morrison

    • Touching argument. Fortunately for the rest of us, Blizzard is aware that people without internet connection are a huge minority. back to JW’s reasoning of anti-piracy and security, Blizzard is making this online decision to make the game better for the online players (vast majority). If they caved and gave you people offline single player, as stated many times before, the game files would have to be stored on peoples computers. This makes it easy for hackers to break the game codes and RUIN THE GAME FOR EVERYONE ELSE.

      It truly makes me sad that not everyone will be able to enjoy the awesome game the D3 will be. I just think it is selfish and reeking of entitlement that people are outraging over online only. They are doing it to make the game better for the most of us and its not gonna change. period.

      • They are doing it for they money, this money-grubbing lot they are! Don’t be fooled

        • If they were really doing it for the money wouldn’t it make more sense to add offline play?  Hackers and botters won’t really cut sales for players looking to play online but clearly no single player is an issue for a lot of people.

  27. “Here’s what I wonder: when D3 goes to a console (I’m relatively confident it IS going; all the recent changes, e.g. no skill points, infinite respecs, only 6 skills, etc, seem to look perfectly chosen for console play), will that be online only? I really highly doubt it. If not, then all of Jay’s comments here are kind of hollow, and it really comes back to security and anti-piracy (because pirating is a lot less prevalent on consoles than on PC).”

    That was probably the best thought on the matter, it really makes me wonder would would Jay Wilson would say about that, probably that for console it’s acceptable for one not to use internet, but when it comes to PC it’s a different matter or some other lame stance that doesn’t make any sense.
    Anyways, what i said already on several occasions. I will be able to play offline, the same way i was able to play WoW, Assassin’s Creed 2 and SC2, just not my legit copy of the game. They are in no way going to prevent me from doing what i want – playing at my own terms, they only are going to create inconvenience for the legit players which wont apply to the pirates. The moment my hardcore character dies due to latency i am gonna instantly install the pirate version and be done with “the way the game is meant to be played”.
    Just like one guy said on the official forums “the only people that see the FBI warning at the beginning of a film are those that actually bought it, not the pirates”.

  28. I live in australia, there is no “better” internet than what im using atm moment, and it has ~400 ms ping playing online game. Do you want to write to my government to make them upgrade our internet faster?

  29. Thanks Jay, for clearing up two things for me.
    1: I’ve been playing Diablo 2 wrong for 8 years.
    2: I won’t be playing D3, and will instead continue playing D2 wrong for another 8 years.
    Bye bye.

  30. australians have been playing d2 b.net with 250-500ms pings on uswest since 2000.

    the game is still the same.

    • which is why as australian, i had been playing only single player mode on D2, ever. Hence why im asking to hav offline single player. You can choose to play with 500 ms ping if you want to, but please dont jus say it is fine for u hence is fine for everyone else.

  31. Yeah, it is a pretty douchey thing for the douche to say.
    The wiring is probably not “in your house”, but somewhere outside. So you can complain and complain to your ISP. Or you can use the tools required to find the faults, patch the cabling after cutting up the road and digging a whole, and if you dodge the cops you’ll finally be able to play Diablo III. Should only take you a couple months of research and a few hundred dollars in cash.
    So his answer was: “Move somewhere else. Quit your job if you have to. It’s Diablo III and you NEED it.” I would not think he was a douche if he said what he really said instead of pretending to say something different from what he said.

  32. Man, Jay is starting to crack. People want SP offline mode, what’s so hard about that? It wouldn’t hurt the online mode, I don’t see what’s the big problem. And no mods too? Blizzard really is doing a bad turnaround as a company. They ought to learn from Bioware and the screwup job they did with Dragon Age 2. They also thought they were untouchable as a company and look what happened. They oughtta be careful about messing with the customer. Bigger companies have fallen before when they start getting too big for their breeches and start pushing their vision on the customer instead of catering to the customer. A shame.

    • so you are saying that having the game files on everyones computer never hurt the d2 online experience?

      • I dont mind if the online characters being kept on blizzard server, but what we, the ones wanting it at least, wanted was a SP offline mode, where it is only offline and cant play online, and is stored on our computers. So no, the thing we ask for will not damage the online experience.
        Plus, to make one experience better, does it make sense u remove the other one permanently?

        • Except the very thing required for an offline experience, what was included in D2, was the very thing that enabled a number of hacks and dupes.  Do you think that maphacks will be possible in a client/server architecture?

          It is far more secure to keep the key bits of code hidden from the general user for the good of the online experience.  Seeing as you’ve said that you never played online in D2 I could understand how you could fail to understand this.

          • Sorry, D2 was battlenet 1.0, this is 2.0, the same source SC2 uses and there are no problems with SC2’s regarding hacks/dupes. I’m certain it makes it easier to monitor with no offline method but I’m certain if they can handle SC2 they can handle D3.
            Folks, this is not a security issue, this is a company exercising draconian measures over its IP, trying to drive an unfriendly vision towards fans (modsprohibited, can’t play game you paid for without internet, etc. Imagine what that would do to games like Morrowind/FO3) and trying to sell you something that doesn’t have to be accepted. Don’t be fools, this ain’t about security, it’s about whether you payed $60 for a game you can carry anywhere and use irregardless of IP connection or not.
            Bioware thought they knew better with DA2 and they got burned. A company never wins becoming unfriendly towards the same fanbase that supports them. Blizzard would be wise to heed the lessons others have learned the hard way.

  33. This would have gone down MUCH better if they had announced online-only from the beginning. I don’t think there would have been much of a controversy if they declared it as a ‘kind of MMO’ at the initial announcement in 2008 (keep in mind that Blizzard North originally planned for D3 to be an MMO-experience). But I believe Bashiok was still talking about offline singleplayer mode ca. a year ago, and now suddenly reversing that plan shortly before beta naturally causes an uproar…

  34. EDIT. Please keep it civil. No need to resort to name calling. – Thanks, Elly

  35. A fiew thousands romanian Diablo fans salute u Jay! only one word for you: Fail! -_-

  36. here is my take on this issue:
    i don’t mind it being purely online game – there are many games that require you to be online for it to play but if they are going in this way:

    1) i want to be able to put a password on my game (is that possible? haven’t read anything about that but there is just so much info a guy can take) so i can play alone if i wish or with a friend of mine and i don’t want anyone else to spoil our fun (by changing the pace of our game or just by trolling it).

    2) if you are making it a pure online game: why limit to 6-8 people per game? and why not make a big city-like area that you can connect to and where the limit of people online is 100+? (so you can walk amongst them, talk to them, look at their gear, maybe do a pvp sparring and so on); basically: just mingle.

    but there is a one bad thing in the whole concept: what about lan gaming? lan gaming was always with zero lag, now it’s just the same as playing online so we will be better off staying home?

    it’s a shame that there will be no modding, but there will be Grim Dawn for it (and also for offline play). I was affraid that GD might be stomped by Diablo completely but now I see a light for the game (i love diablo and i love titan quest so the spiritual successor to the latter is also close to my heart)

  37. I especially like how J.W. is continually hellbent on insisting that playing online is like the best possible experience EVER for EVERYONE.
    Breaking news:
    Dedicated line connections (like the ones at Blizzard HQ) with 0ms latency and the absolute impossibility of random disconnects are NOT the norm.
    I’m puzzled as to why one could actually refer to a lag-ridden, jerky online SP or Co-Op game with the always imminent chance of losing your HC char to a sudden disconnect as the best possible experience???

    • I played D2 on 56k dialup 10 years ago and I don’t ever recall ‘jerky’ online experiences.  Very little bandwidth is needed for D2 and I would expect the same for D3 especially since there are fewer players than before.

  38. I cant believe that people are complaining when Jay answered the wiring question correctly IMO he just shouldn’t of added the second bit about the connectivity (though one has to wonder if PCgamer altered the conversation in editing stage, wouldn’t be the first time anyone done that).
    The PCGamer questioner asked about “what if the wiring IN the house is faulty” key bit IN HOUSE so the only thing that can fix it is the home owner upgrading his wiring. Personally I would of said faulty wiring? get it fixed as you don’t want an electrical fire.

    • So was this down voted because the poster does not put JW or d3 in a negative view?

      • Nope. Because it’s a purely speculative try to excuse JW for what he said. As if JW needs protection, cause he’s not able to speak for himself…

        • It just seems like there is so much hatred in the comments recently. Unjustified hatred. Diablo 3 is not being made for YOU, it is being made for the majority of gamers for the sole purpose of selling more copies. The controversial development choices are being made for the good of the majority. This may not be the best choice for YOU, but suck it up, it is what it is.
          On another thought, i really do miss the down vote option… Higher up on this page there a comment by hubb- “Holy ****. What a massive douchebag.” this is so far at +9…. If readers were able to down vote it wouldn’t look so much like my favorite web sight endorses garbage comments like that. So some trolls may have down rated random posts for no reason.. at least the regular readers had some minor way of pointing out the trolls to others. Now all the work is shunted to the moderators, i can see the comments quality going downhill very fast. That would make me a saaaad panda   🙁

          • Kryptonic, That’s a flame and is deleted. I want to get an alert feature in the news comments, like we have in the forums so people can simply alert me to a flame and I’ll handle it from there.

            In the mean time anyone feel free to PM me if you see any flames.

          • Please don’t tell me to “suck it up” and keep my opinion, with the points of beeing part of a minority and not beeing able to change anything by expressing it. Where I stand, freedom of speech still counts for something…

  39. Hmm when i bought D2 in premiere day i had no internet at home and no chance in near future to had it and i had fantastic time with game. Later after few years when i got internet my only expierence with battlenet was: LAG LAG LAG… zombie hitting you from 5m was no fun at all.
    Today i have wifi connection type internet because i have no other option (leaving at country) and connection is no stable even without weather disturbing it.
    In SC2 if you would lost conn to sever playing SP you got just notification, nothing disturbing.
    But if in D3 you lost conn not only you will waiting time to be able play game you paid for but you will need start from begin because of monsters respawn and waypoint system? That evil.
    Blizzard-Activition greed became distrubing, i know this only reason for online play is to reduce piracy and game sharing. Ubisoft is trying to do it since i remember and i do not last time bought their game…
    Just look at Settlers 7 and terrible issues people had with ubisoft servers…
    I think Blizzard cocky behaviour sooner or later backfire at them.
    Torchlight 2 will be probably faster out and cheaper probably than D3 and they smartly advertising it as having everything what D3 lack from developers tools for modding community to offline play and lan…
    Honestly this online forcing plus boring classes plus fact that after terrible sc2 campaign both a story and design i have no longer that much trust in Blizzard.
    I am not sure if i will be happy Diablo 3 player, time will tell…

  40. guys guys, this is getting ugly.

    Fact: 1. Diablo III will be online-only

    2. There is no intention to have an offline-only mode no matter what.   Based on the fact, I believe most of us are grown ups, so let’s make an analogy that buying Diablo III is like buying a new sexy Jaguar. It contains a lot of luxury features (online, inferno level, new innovations) but it cost you more (internet is not free u know, and Blizzard obviously not paying my Internet connection). If you are not in the cash to afford one, don’t buy one! There are still other cars with similar functions (e.g: Torchlight 2).

    Accept the fact that Blizzard’s game is no longer cheap, it is luxurious entertainment. If you cannot afford it then forget about it. I know I did, I already reached my deal breaker the day they announced the online-only play. It is not that I am not hyped about the game, but my limited fair usage is not really good for steady online play, it might work for occasional online and some web surfing but obviously not for steady online game and as the matter of fact, I am mature enough to choose other options rather than borrowing or killing my financial stability for a stupid game (and in my case a very expensive one, those internet connection), so sorry Blizz but your game becoming too expensive for me, well I can still afford some Honda (Torchlight 2) or Toyota (Heroes of Might and Magic VI) because they are more pocket-friendly for me (due to a small requirement for online).

    But I think I cannot afford your Jaguar (Diablo III) and get on with it without blaming the manufacturer.   Believe me, do the same, let it go, you will feel better. You will understand that this is not the end of the world obviously, just the end of one of your favorite game while there are still some other choices.

    • You also could wait a fair bit until the Jaguar becomes a bargain and buy it then for maybe the fourth (or even less) of the original price or, in case you want to show the manufacturer the finger, steal the Jaguar.
      Latter option would require some chop shop mechanics to make the Jaguar able to drive and enable all of the luxury features though.

    • Im not against luxury, but this jaguar needs high quality petrol, and the petrol in australia does not meet the requirement. I dont mind buying the petrol, IF WE HAVE IT. I cant force the government to supply us better petrol.

      • Actually that exactly my point as well, I can take credit for the Jaguar but this Jaguar need a high quality Petrol that I cannot afford. I can afford it actually but it cost about 50% of my current salary? no thanks :mrgreen:

  41. i remember the D2 Launch which exceeded Blizzards expectations and server limits by far, at least you could play offline at that time. They better not repeat such a failure as people will be angry if they can not play their new toon.

  42. This game has gone from pre-order to buy on release, and now wait and see the first month’s reviews for me.

    I was excited when they announced a sequel to Diablo II, but now several years later, having learned that it is in fact not a sequel, but a whole new game just in the same universe,  I’m not so sure.  They seem to have taken one aspect of the previous games (item finding/trading) and made it the only meaningful part of the new game.  Then made a lot of decisions to try and prop up the single natured aspect of the new game.  Online play is forced to add value to the items through trading and auctioning and to try and prevent duping (which would ruin the only remaining focus of the game.)
    It sounds like normal-hell are just there to level up your character for endless item runs through inferno.  I’m starting to wonder if there will even be a decent story for the game since lore doesn’t really promote the item find/trade aspect of the game.

    I know, it will probably still be a great game, and well worth playing for a few months, before moving on to something else, possibly yet another play through Diablo 2.  There are a lot of builds I still haven’t tried…

    • I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the story elements in D3. There will be more viable builds in D3, a LOT more, you will figure this out in time and eat ur hat because you didn’t buy it at the same time as everyone else… My guess anyways 🙂

  43. Buy the game if you like it and don’t mind playing online. Don’t buy the game if you only want to play offline and are angry. Is this a difficult concept? ————————————————————————————————————————— To all those trying to make this an issue of \freedom\: shut up. Your posts sound stupid. Really. You have no claim to the makers of this game. Any claim you have on developers is not actual, but only through the developers’ own desire to deliver a good game (ie, they don’t want to make a game no one likes). To those who think they owe something to the customers, you are wrong. You have bought no product or service and the developers owe you nothing. If you had purchased a service and were misled or did not receive what you were supposed to, then begin to complain about being taking advantage of. I do not mean to intend that developers should not hear out fans and nor think of their audience when making a game. However, remember that Blizzard is developing and owns this game. You can not be taken advantage of for changes in something you have no stake in. Jay Wilson’s comments do not make him an asshole. Some of you need to shut up and read some Ayn Rand. ————————————————————————————————————————- To the people who genuinely wish to play D3 and the online model will interfere with their play greatly, I’m sorry for your luck and any complaints are warranted. To those that don’t want to play with other players, I recommend you play private games. And yes, I realize this is Blizzards attempt to cash off on the RMAH, but that is their decision. Their game, their call.

    • Being taken advantage of is not the only way to make one angry. We have actually paid blizzard, just not monetary. Is called faith. We believed in them, for the past 3 years. It might not be their responsibility to please us fans, but i assume we can expect some respect?
      I dont know about the majority, but i am not the “you only want to play offline”. Im the “you cant play it online cause the country has donkey backside internet.” Welcome to the Down Under. Im not angry either, im just disappointed.
      The only consolation i have is when i went to the shop to get some advice (and about to cancel my pre-order) they said not to worry too much, it shudnt affect us too greatly. I decided to hold on the cancellation….. maybe just to get the pretty box and cant play the game.

      • I’m sorry that you feel that they aren’t listening to you but if you look around you’ll realize they are listening.  They want to provide the best experience to as many people as possible.  Their decisions reflect this fact.  The inclusion of the RMAH was entirely to support those who want to buy their items.  In that case they perceived that it would be great for those who want to use it and it wouldn’t have serious negative affects on those who don’t want to spend (as much as they’d like to insist otherwise).

        The requirement of online only play is a choice they had to make between providing the best experience for those who want to play online and those who don’t have a reliable connection.  Their decision was based on the information they had about the player base of D2 and honestly I don’t think it is fair to complain because you happened to be on the losing side.  If they felt it worth excluding the single player only group then there must have been a lot thought involved especially knowing that it could cost them sales compared to having the additional hackers that providing a single player experience would allow.

        • Are you being facetious or do you fall for every lie Diablo III creators are telling you? All the want is money and they are making sure the RMAH is at hand. J Wilson said so, if you play on-line the best thing you can do is to trade, not to play. Where’s the fun in that? I wouldn’t like to spend more money than that already splashed out on purchasing the game. Shame on them!

          • You seriously think that the RMAH will actually generate more revenue than sales of the game had they included single player?  I think you are drastically over estimating the actual revenue that RMAH will generate.  The cost of the servers and security necessary to run the RMAH will probably be barely covered by the tiny income from the flat fees from auction posts especially considering they are providing all players free posts every week.

            If even one sale is lost due to no single player they’ll need possibly hundreds of PAID RMAH transactions to cover that loss AFTER they’ve had enough transactions to cover the cost of the secure servers they use to facilitate the transactions.

          • They know how massive their sales drop will be.

            The core game will have a dramatically higher number of poor sobs buying it because it won’t have a huge HAHAHA YOU CAN’T PLAY THIS GAME warning label pasted on the front of the box in huge letters, than the expansions will.

            They’re clearly hoping for a minimum of ~100 million dollars in revenue over the next ten years from the RMT. Their most pessimistic estimates (where it is a failure) would peg it in the 1-2 million a year range.

            “Hundreds of transactions to make up for 1 lost sale” isn’t realistic. They are not going to charge a quarter for you to sell your shabby mittens of the molesty tiger – it will be in DOLLARS to list and dollars to sell. I would have a heart attack and die if it was under $3 total – it will be closer to 5 bucks, minimum. It would take about 7 or 8 transactions to make up a lost sale at the brand new rip off price of $60, and, more importantly, like 3 transactions to make up a lost sale at the “expansion’s already out..” rip off price of $20.

            I hope they crash, burn, go down into flames and get syphilis, too. But I admit there is a path for their greedy backstabbing ways to turn themselves a net profit with their abominations against god.. as usual, evil always wins because Good is Dumb.

        • i dont give 2 cr*p about RMAH, others can spend all the money they want. But i cant agree on online-only will create the “best experience”. Ive seen enough times blizzard kept using the word “best” for us, most of them time when they do doubious changes to the game, but none of the changes they claimed to be “best” up to the online-only part is gonna make me and alot of ppl UNABLE to play. Not just “need getting used to” or “is worse than what we had before” or “couldve been better” or “this looks like WoW” or “this is dumbed-down”, but unplayable. How does that not give us the right to complain?
          It is very contradictory when they claim “best experience to AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE” and at the same time telling all those who cant have good connection to play online for various reason, possibly involuntarily like me, to screw off.

          • Did you ever consider the “us” they are aiming for isn’t you?  They faced a decision, satisfy a small group of people by providing offline play or provide the best possible experience for the majority who play online.  Your side lost, they chose to focus D3 on the online experience and to make it the best game they could do, something that Blizzard as a company prides themselves on, they had to make a sacrifice and not provide to the group interested in offline play.

            “It is very contradictory when they claim “best experience to AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE” and at the same time telling all those who cant have good connection to play online for various reason” From their analysis, they are doing just that, providing the best experience to as many people as possible: they determined that the focus of D3 is the online experience and to make it the best possible they must exclude offline mode as that would open up the online experience to hackers and dupes that wouldn’t be possible if they hid their code.

      • You won’t be able to play it. If you can’t play Diablo II on their servers, you won’t be able to play III either.

        Cancel your pre-order, that jerk just wants your money. You can download a PDF of the game manual and enjoy that while waiting.

        Five years later, you can pick up the battle chest with multiple expansions in it for less than the current  outrageous $60 price tag. Win-win-win for you. Lose-lose-win for them.


  44. What Jay said in that article about not getting the whole experience by not playing online is a complete and total load of ____! In fact, just about everything that he said I disagree with him about.  It is not Single Player that produced all of the Hacks and Bots that currently plague the Diablo II realms, it is Multi-Player that did that because that is where those came from.  Hackers got into the source code for Diablo II and released their bots and hacks onto Diablo II’s servers.  I frankly don’t know why I am still talking about Diablo III because I have no intention of purchasing that game or playing that game if I have to do it online only.

  45. What is the annoying part is that Jay is making retarded (yes, retarded) statements for a while now.
    I don’t need anyone to explain to me how a game is intended to be played and how i am doing it wrong. I have played the Diablo games long before he ever got to make the development team.

    Also in regards to the always online, many countries simply have shit internet. I got a friend that moved to Austria and is currently having extremely shitty and unstable internet, which is considered “the best”. Don’t even get me started on Australia, the forsaken place by the internet gods.
    There are a lot of places in the world that have extremely shitty internet and the only thing one can do is to move to another country. What Jay Wilson is suggesting is not a solution for many.
    Imo blizzard should wait another decade, before they enforce things suck as always online, the reason they are doing it now is to push the RMAH down our throats, simple as that.

  46. Like I usually say: give Jay 200 ping and see if he really enjoys the game. 

    I just feel that they could have handled this a bit better. They said offline single player was still there in late 2010. They tell dumb reasons why people should prefer to play online, just to fill in with the more true reasons (money, security) a bit later when they realize people aren’t that dumb. 

    The best they could do is to tell the true reasons from the beginning, and apologize to those who now can’t play the game satisfactory at all when it’s released. I don’t want to feel that Blizzard are a bunch of guys who have lost contact with the reality. Like politicians. That just makes me really consider not to buy the game at all. 

  47. I see a lot of people defending the online only, and i agree up to a point. and thinking hard about it, most of my reasons against online-only don’t really affect gameplay at all.

    I feel like the online-only anger doesn’t just come from the issue, but from being fed BS reasons as to why Blizzard chose this. First of all, who is Jay to tell anyone how to play a game? ok he’s the director of the game, and i undersatnd that, but everybody has their own reasons for playing a game, even Jay. How can he walk around saying ‘if you don’t play online you’re playing it wrong’? So you’re saying the first year or so i played D2 SP was wrong? i’m pretty sure i was playing the game just the way the D2 creators intended, which was to HAVE FUN. Am i going to have fun if i want to play D2 when my internet is down? I think not.

    Did Jay even play D2? In the few interviews/panels i’ve seen him in, I’ve never heard him cite any specific area or weapon or monster from D2. ok i just read his wiki and he mentions playing a barb, necro, and sorc, but that’s about it. Well great Jay, what kind of barb/necro/sorc? Anyway, I don’t think he even undersatnds how D2 was played, but more so, his reasoning seems to come from an MMO standpoint. That would be HIS way to play a game, and he’s saying that ALL people should be thinking like that or it’s wrong. if you’re going to take away offline play, at least just tell us the real reason instead of defending it with your opinion.

  48. Oh wow, i hope all the people whining in here stay true to their words and WONT buy the game 😛 I don’t want my online experience ruined.

    • Judging by your post, you are just ***** so you are the one who will ruin others game experience.
      Good and Intelligent human would at least try to understand people that “whine” here.
      Go away and please take your 7 friends with you.

  49. A tired game developer, sprinting to ship a game this year, full of these repeated questions,  fans trolling about “always online? oh noes.. i can’t torrent the game out for free!”, when everybody knew since StarcraftII debut that this would happen.. and you don’t get why he starts to stress out and give bad answers?

    • How could everyone know since SC2 debut that this was going to happen when…you know…Blizz was saying at the end of last year that there would be offline SP?

    • You do know you can play SC2 offline right? That’s what makes this whole thing more ridiculous. SC2 has no problems being played offline and no hacks/dupes issues being played online. You can still create maps and fan created items that improve the game experience.
      Saying D3 is the same model as SC2 is not a good comparison. SC2 is basically how D3 should be run.

  50. My cable connection drops frequently, be it a couple of minutes, a couple of hours, or a couple of days. I don’t have the best internet service provider, but I have the ONLY broadbrand provider available to me.

  51. Jay is full of himself…every room in my house is wired with CAT6 ethernet, which is fast and great for LAN, but offers me no guarantee that my ISP won’t drop the ball.  I swear some of you must have a perfect relationship with your internet providers, which I personally can’t relate to.  It’s more of a LOVE/HATE relationship…I love it when it works.

    I think Jay is too far removed from the players’ community.  He’s making statements that are causing outrage from about half of the people who are interested in this game.  If you don’t believe that, look at the forum numbers…anything that has to do with “always on” has big hits.  Maybe Flux is right, and Jay has to promote the “always on” concept, but the way it’s being jammed down our throats with the “We don’t care if you don’t like it” attitude says alot about them.

    I think there has to be a compromise…either no penalty when it’s caused by a connection drop, or you just enable single player “offline”.  Anything short of that, is a slight on the community as a whole.  It’s not like we’re asking for unicorns that fart rainbows.  Listen to want your fans are REALLY asking for, and stop being an a$$hat.    

  52. Completely agree with the majority of the statements of Jay being a less than polite person and forcing all their supposive changes that the game simply has to have in order for it to be a good game. Very few people even want the RMAH and a whole heck of a lot of people, myself included, don’t give a rats behind about their pretending statements that the game will only be good as a always online game. Both of those things that are being forced upon us are not to make the game better but to make the game better to their parent company Activision so that they can microtransaction us to death with the RMAH. If their was a offline mode, no one would use the RMAH as we could just play the game to our hearts content and not be bothered with Bnet at all.

  53. Oh, portability, like any of you guys leave your homes very often!

  54. Jay Wilson shorter:  \We’re making the game online-always because we know what’s best for you!\   Well, between Blizzard’s endless noodling in publishing a game that’s \perfect\ or \ready\ whatever the Hell that means!  As if they were building the Space Shuttle!) and this outright abusive streak toward the fan base, I’m starting to really not care about D3 anymore. …and that’s to the point of actually being averse to buying the game.  Condescend to and patronize the Blizzard fanboys and their Stockholm Syndrome, Jay! I’ll wait for a year or two and buy it off a private party seller on eBay just to screw Blizzard from selling that extra copy!

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  56. Wow, what a cocksucker.  I am currently deployed to Iraq, and I’m glad they put this out because now I know to NOT purchase Diablo 3 before my next deployment.  I have been living in a tent in the desert for 8 months, with just enough internet signal to check my email. There is no way I will be able to play single player games that require an internet connection, and the “wires in my house” consist of a military signal network dispersed through tents.  
    Glad to see you support our men and women in uniform, Mr. Jay Wilson. 

    Post Script: Captcha reflects my sentiments exactly- “ticked off”

  57. Prior to joining Blizzard entertainment in 2007, Jay worked at Relic Entertainment where he’d served as the lead designer on Dawn of War, an RTS game not completely unlike StarCraft. After joining Blizzard Jay contributed to MMO World of WarCraft, where he has been immortalised as “Ja’y Nosliw” the Skybreaker General.

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