So where is Jay? He’s been in hiding since launch but has made an appearance on the Jace Hall show with PvP action discussed and a shot to boot showing some of the interface nicely splashed with “Exclusive” just for fun.

    You need to head to 11:20 and then again at 12:50 in the video for the Diablo 3 stuff. Thanks Fmulder for sending that over.

    Key points on DiabloWikiPvP and future updates:

    • Form a team of four players through matchmaking or form a team.
    • 10 minute long matches, deathmatch style.
    • Fast action with a big announcer that calls out kills.
    • Loot fixes first in patch, PvP coming a little later in a patch.

    Since they joked about Error 37 in the segment, a problem that’s been fixed for weeks, we know this was filmed shortly after D3’s release, back before Jay Wilson vanished from public view. Jay’s disappearance also prompted the community to ask “where’s Jay?”.

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