Jay Wilson Sighted – On Jace Hall With PvP Discussed

So where is Jay? He’s been in hiding since launch but has made an appearance on the Jace Hall show with PvP action discussed and a shot to boot showing some of the interface nicely splashed with “Exclusive” just for fun.

You need to head to 11:20 and then again at 12:50 in the video for the Diablo 3 stuff. Thanks Fmulder for sending that over.

Key points on DiabloWikiPvP and future updates:

  • Form a team of four players through matchmaking or form a team.
  • 10 minute long matches, deathmatch style.
  • Fast action with a big announcer that calls out kills.
  • Loot fixes first in patch, PvP coming a little later in a patch.

Since they joked about Error 37 in the segment, a problem that’s been fixed for weeks, we know this was filmed shortly after D3’s release, back before Jay Wilson vanished from public view. Jay’s disappearance also prompted the community to ask “where’s Jay?”.

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    46 thoughts on “Jay Wilson Sighted – On Jace Hall With PvP Discussed

      • What? Fired? For making the fastest selling PC game EVER?

        Yeah, you sure don’t understand how business works.

        • Rofl Blizzard North sold Diablo 3 not Jay wilson. jay Wilson only leeched on there legacy like a parasite.

        • how can anyone possibly give Jay credit for creating the fastest selling PC game in history ?

          if there had been no D1 and no D2, and this were a brand new IP, do you actually believe this would be the fastest selling PC game of all time ?

          the real test will be how the expansion sells

          if the expansion is in the top 3 of all time sells, then we can say its because of Jay

          but that’s a wait and see

          • Forget about Expansion! They have to finish his BETA first. Enjoy being sheeps used to develope their game.And pay for that privilege.If you really understand how buissness work… you now have to ask for renfund. So JAY WILSON GTFO !



        • Dude you really need to understand what business is…. Diablo and more specifically Diablo 2 sold Diablo 3. Jay Wilson is indeed the Diablo Killer so don’t go on and attribute the “Fastest selling” achievement to him.

          You want to know what a real success is?
          Look up journey for the PSN. Fastest selling game on PSN and is a complete new and unique idea created by indie devs.

        • You don’t know how business works, that’s for sure.

          Unless it isn’t obvious to you yet, any designer could have sold Diablo 3 and got it to sell well based on the name. Because many of those sales came in before anyone even could access the game properly.

          Yeah I know, it’s tough thinking but maybe you understand now. 🙄

    1. I’m worried that they are (again) taking too much time with PvP (I mean, it’s not THAT complicated!) and this will seriously delay their expansions. Anybody agree?

      • I’m not quite sure what is taking their time, shouldn’t they just make a couple different maps and be done with it? What’s the holdup? 😐

        Edit: Maybe they’re doing cut scenes and execution moves?

        • That’s what they said about the game and look at all the flak they got for releasing the game before it was ready! Blizzard needs to stick with their motto, “It’s ready when it’s ready.” It doesn’t mean I’ll grind for items and play diablo anymore but I rather not get disappointed when they release the PvP then get frustrated for hours playing it.

      • They are in panic.They don’t really know what to do to make it playable.Can’t you realize that? I bet that the PvP will be epic fail too.The main problem is that Talanted developers (Blizzard North) ARE GONE! So there is no future for Diablo 3.
        I actually can kick this glasss fagget ass really bad in real life if i have oportiniy to met him.No doubt.

    2. Pretty sure the \exclusive\ was planned, but was the league of legends shortcut on the desktop?

      P.S I like both games.

    3. We have known about the loot first then pvp patch for a long while now so that was no surprise or should be to anyone around here.

    4. I wait arround 6 years for that game.And when its finaly lauched … i buy WoW.
      I was never big fan of WoW but… there is nothing else to do untill GW2.Shame of you lazy/crap developers… except Graphic / Sound designers… you guys did fantastic job.

      • Music is nice, but I don’t like that they’ve decided not to make specific music for each act – I mean, in Diablo 2 music from Act I only played in Act 1, etc. They could have made like 2-3 + city melody for each act. It’s not like they didn’t have the time.

    5. Jay says that it is not just “loot boost”, it is “loot technology boost” and they go crazy with items. So this clarifies that they just not gonna add dps and some same stats, but bring something completely new to game. Wondering would they change the whole itemization and stats system at same time, not just legendaries?

      • some “fake” 1.04 patch notes floating around


        -Pay to add sockets to an item at Shen, 250,000 gp per socket added, maximum 3 per chest armor, 2 per leg piece, and 1 per weapon or helmet.

        -Pay to reroll an items stats randomly at blacksmith (ilvl will remain the same) for 200,000gp per roll, or 2 matching items of the same rarity plus 100,000gp, one item will be destroyed and the newly created item will take on the highest ilvl of the two items combined.

    6. I wish they would be faster with patching/adding stuff. Doesn’t need to be one big patch every 3 months, do many small patches that each fix 1-2 annoying things to keep us happy. This slow ass patching isn’t helpful in slowing down/reversing the game’s demise. It just feels like nothing is happening and I’m just doomed to watch this game die a slow death. :-/ I actually want the game to be successful in the future so this is all a bit depressing to watch.

      Heh. “Oh yeah you got shot in the stomach, we’ll fix that later with all the other things!”

      • Hate to point out the obvious, but yeah the games been out for just over 2 months and we’ve had several small patches. So maybe your time scale is off there. Why it was recommended is beyond me.

        I thought I had remembered that pvp interface a while back being posted on this site.

        Things will get better, be realistic on patch time, even though yeah the real beta could have told them some of these issues had they figured out a way to maybe let us do inferno Skeleton Kings or something in Beta.

    7. Admins, please bring back the downvote button, or make it so that you have to pass a short IQ test every time you want to comment on a news item, or something. With all the personal attacks here lately, this place is becoming more and more like the battle.net forums.

      • I agree, I dont wanna go through the trouble of explaining why so many of your posts are retarded nor I think you would learn from it, just a -1 should be enough.

    8. I really think PvP can’t save this Beta. I mean come on, these guys were in development for 7 years, what were they doing besides implementing the RMAH in all that time.
      I was so Pissed of like many others when they said that PvP was not coming with the initial launch. I mean even after all that “It’s coming when it’s done” BS from bashiok and jay….. Good old Blizz north days I miss them. Bet runic is loving all the Shiit Diablo 3 is in right now.

      • As someone who is also disappointed in D3’s current state you sound like a child.

    9. I have held off from D3. As a HC player, running against the brick wall that is Inferno (even A1) was just no fun. Endlessly grinding away as a boring barb tank build and relying on those dumb 2 min cooldown abilities is terrible.

      The total lack of build diversity and terribad itemization really hurts this game. I started making these complaints earlier on the forums (both these and bnet) and what did I get? A bunch of fanboys talking about how D2 was too easy and that D3 was better because it was more hardcore, blah blah blah. Bah, if we as a community would have gotten behind those posting constructive feedback earlier, maybe more would be done by now.

    10. God that Jace Hall video was dumb and annoying for like MAYBE one minute of Jay Wilson. I actually felt my IQ dropping every second I watched of that crap.

    11. “Fast action with a big announcer that calls out kills.”

      Is it only me, or there are others who might enjoy an UT like announcer?
      I would laugh my ass off if after a nice kill I hear “Mo-mo-mo-monster kill!”. 😀

    12. Diablo 3 PvP aside, all I can say is this: why do people watch the Jace Hall show?

      That was appalling.

    13. PvP will be frustrating because they’ll pit random team vs arranged teams, just as they do in SC2.

    14. Pay to add sockets won’t happen unless you can add to what is already on the item – I.e. 2 socket helm and weapons. Otherwise all items with sockets effectively lose one property.

    15. 500 million dollars total revenue in 2 months …

      Diablo 3 beats every film produced in the last 1.5 years.

      And even after all the hater trolls efforts the game is still selling as tne number one top of PC games after 2 months.


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