Jay Wilson R&R in Vegas

Now that he’s freed from the crushing weight of the expectations of millions of Diablo 3 fans, Jay Wilson had time to head off to Vegas for some R&R, much of which he shared via his newly-uninhibited Twitter account. Jay hasn’t actually said, “Vegas bitches” but he’s clearly liberated, like like Atlas in search of the golden apples. Some tweets from his journey, plus photographic evidence of the debauchery, which apparently included vodka with cute girls in furry Russian hats.

Our cabbie is trying to convince us to move to Vegas. He’s making a good case of it! –Jay Wilson

jay-wilson-vodka1$55 up! Woo!! –Jay Wilson
What’s your game? –tardbunny
Blackjack. I play to play and get free drinks, so even if I lose I win! πŸ™‚ –Jay Wilson
Any tips for gambling in Vegas? Besides “make sure you win” lol –DavinciVII
Play to play, not to win. Keeps you conservative. Play a game with good odds (bj, pgp). Put yourself on a budget. –Jay Wilson
$500 up. –Jay Wilson
Probably time to call it quits! Thats pretty good. — FranckCarriere
my thinking exactly! πŸ™‚ –Jay Wilson

Julia dared me to say shake that ass. — Ghostcrawler
it’s pronounced ‘dat ass’… –Jay Wilson

Just saw a news article that had pics of you both with and without beard. Never shave again bro. The beard’s a better look. –ElvaanTHF
I like the beard as well, I just can’t take the itching. πŸ™‚ –Jay Wilson

Please stop ddosing path of exile servers πŸ™ –Senad_Djekic
seriously? -Jay Wilson

Kudos to @Rob_Pardo for taking heat, but only @Angryrobotics can answer to unprofessionalism towards @RunicGames –Hanzo55
if you mean the Brevik comment, be apologized long ago. I think everyone has made rash comments before –Rob Pardo
I don’t believe I’ve ever said an unkind thing about Runic, and I very much enjoy their games. –Jay Wilson

This must be the Starcraft 2: Heart of the Storm wrap party that is being held in Las Vegas over this weekend.

No word yet on a new Game Director for Diablo 3 (the position remains open) and knowing Blizzard we won’t find out about the new project Jay’s heading up until about 2016, but v1.07 remains active on the PTR, D3 development continues, and life goes on.

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27 thoughts on “Jay Wilson R&R in Vegas

  1. “but v1.07 remains active on the PTR”

    any bets whether 1.07 releases before March 12th ?

    I originally thought yes, but now not so sure
    if it’s not out by Feb 12th then I don’t think we’ll see it before April

    I don’t understand what the hold up is

    • Haha yeah, that game is SO good! The Diablo 3 devs must “suddenly feel like they were just thrown under a bus”. πŸ˜‰

          • There will always be whiners, but now, much less whiners complaining about “How they want to play a real diablo game” because they will be on PoE having fun instead of doing what half of d3 players (including myself, and still do even though i never play it anymore) do, spend all day on forums or fansites, waiting for good news or things that mean the game are going to improve, or generally discussing how things aren’t perfect and they need to do X to improve it, and blizzard won’t do X for atleast 8 months. I can actually say since PoE has come out, all iv done is have fun play with friends and completely ignore their fansites or forums, and I was on diablo forums the second I bought the game, because i couldn’t play at the time, the game servers were down for 2 days.

  2. I’m used to Yahoo getting me with non-stories, but come on incgamers, I don’t expect this crap from you. Jay is gone, the villagers rejoice, now lets all stop talking about him like an ex-girlfriend that just won’t go away.

  3. This inspired me to write a bit of a fan fiction/Jay Wilson joke. Yes I really am that bored because I still can’t get PoE to install.

    So Jay Wilson and Dave Brevik walk into a bar.

    “Have Dave good to see you again what’ll you have?”

    “Oh I’ll have the usual… stick with what works right.”

    “You know it Dave. Jack Daniels on the rocks coming up. Who’s your friend ove here?”

    “Hi ! I’m Jay Wilson nice to meet you! Uhhhhh… never really been in a bar like this before. Do you have frozen strawberry daquiris?”

    “No sorry just beer and liquor man.”

    “Ahhhh ok well I’ll just have what he got only double it I guess.”

    “Sure double whiskey coming up.”

    Dave looks at Jay with a concerned look on his face “Jay… you know you’re not a big drinker. You should probably take it easy and…”

    “I know what I’m doing Dave watch…”

    “Okayyyy sure Jay.”

    The drinks are served to the two men.

    Jay Wilson smiles and says “Could I also get a pitcher of ice water just half full please…. oh and could you put some straws in there too?” The bartender gets a strange look on his face.

    “Ummmm yeah sure.” He looks at Dave who just smiles and nods his head.

    When Jay is served his pitcher he dumps his double whiskey into the pitcher and starts to sip it from the straws.

    “GROSS!” Says Jay Wilson. “How on Earth can you drink this stuff it’s terrible!”

    “Well Jay that’s not really how you’re suppose to drink whiskey. It sure is creative I’ll give you that but I think you’re kinda missing the point when you water it down like th…”

    “PFFFF FUCK YOU LOSER! HAHA what would you know about drinking you are all old and washed up! You have old balls and no one likes you because you are a JOKE!”

    Dave Brevik just sighs shakes his head and goes back to his Jack Daniels.

    The bartender looks at Jay who is getting loud and obnoxious now. “Hey keep it down buddy there’s other people in the bar trying to enjoy themselves. Dave is trying to help you and is a respected guy around here so if you keep talking like that someone in here is going to kick your ass.”

    “LOL FUCK HIM AND EVERYONE IN HERE! My friends all think this guy is washed up too so I know I’m right you can ask them they’ll tell you! I’m not going to let this LOSER or anyone else tell me how to drink!”

    The bartender looks at Jay and says “Yeah ok I remember my first time in a bar too. One more outburst like that and I’m throwing you out of here. Got it?”

    Jay scoffs at the bartender then looks at Dave angrily. “Let’s go right now Dave you and me! PVP DUEL right here in the bar! I dare you to hit me!”

    “HAHA I’m not going to fight you in here Jay. If you want to throw down how about we go outside and settle this?”

    “NO we have to PVP in here it can only be in here!”

    “Ummm why’s that Jay why can’t we just have this “duel” anywhere?” responds Brevik.

    “HAHAAHA See Dave that’s what makes you so DUMB at life! You can’t just have people dueling anywhere they want! There needs to be rules and controls! If we could just fight anywhere people might challenge me to duels constantly in order to troll me! I would have to be turning down duels all the time instead of living my life out there.”

    “Well that’s one of the most retarded things I’ve ever heard Jay. No one is going to be doing that to you and even if they did I’m sure there is some easy way you could prevent such a thing from happening. I just called Bashiok he’s on the way in his Titan SUV to pick you up outside and take you home to sleep this thing off. I don’t think you should try to drink whiskey anymore either it just doesn’t suit you.”


    “Well I’ve had enough!” the bartender says. Just then he picks Jay Wilson up by the collar and drags him out of the bar. Everyone in the bar starts clapping loudly “FINALLY” they shout “GET HIM OUTTA HERE!” … except for one lonely man in the corner also drinking out of a watered down whiskey pitcher who trys in vane to stop other people from clapping.

    The bartender tosses a now sobbing and emotionally distraught Jay Wilson on the sidewalk and locks the doors. “Well that was lame.” The bartender exclaims returning to his favorite customer.

    “Sorry about my friend. He’s a little insecure and has trouble holding his alcohol.””So what’s going on tonight?” Asks Brevik.

    “You should stick around buddy we got some hot promo girls coming in serving FREE shots of P.o.E. all night long! You’ll love it!” Says the bartender.

    “P.o.E. is that that new honey flavored whiskey that I’ve been hearing about? Path of Exile or something like that.”

    “Yessir it is. It’s pretty good stuff if you like straight Jack you’ll probably also like this.”

    “Sounds like a good time think I’ll stay then.”

    And they all lived happily ever after.

  4. If only I knew that paying for diablo 3 would have been a horrible decision, when I could have just got PoE for free and never needed diablo 3 in the first place.

  5. for some reason I like Jay a lot more now that he’s not on the diablo team. Maybe he could make a really good game if it was a new franchise, especially with all the hard lessons he’s learned from D3

    • it was in closed beta for longer than 2 months and during that time it did just fine, in fact the number of players in closed beta held steady

      so your comment has no basis in fact

    • Thanks for pointing me to the funfact that PoE has currently excelled D3 by players and hours per day according to Xfire.

      But i guess that is because of Xfire users being more stupid and having a worse taste than average. Also, PoE is just a mayfly.

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