Now that he’s freed from the crushing weight of the expectations of millions of Diablo 3 fans, Jay Wilson had time to head off to Vegas for some R&R, much of which he shared via his newly-uninhibited Twitter account. Jay hasn’t actually said, “Vegas bitches” but he’s clearly liberated, like like Atlas in search of the golden apples. Some tweets from his journey, plus photographic evidence of the debauchery, which apparently included vodka with cute girls in furry Russian hats.

    Our cabbie is trying to convince us to move to Vegas. He’s making a good case of it! –Jay Wilson

    jay-wilson-vodka1$55 up! Woo!! –Jay Wilson
    What’s your game? –tardbunny
    Blackjack. I play to play and get free drinks, so even if I lose I win! 🙂 –Jay Wilson
    Any tips for gambling in Vegas? Besides “make sure you win” lol –DavinciVII
    Play to play, not to win. Keeps you conservative. Play a game with good odds (bj, pgp). Put yourself on a budget. –Jay Wilson
    $500 up. –Jay Wilson
    Probably time to call it quits! Thats pretty good. — FranckCarriere
    my thinking exactly! 🙂 –Jay Wilson

    Julia dared me to say shake that ass. — Ghostcrawler
    it’s pronounced ‘dat ass’… –Jay Wilson

    Just saw a news article that had pics of you both with and without beard. Never shave again bro. The beard’s a better look. –ElvaanTHF
    I like the beard as well, I just can’t take the itching. 🙂 –Jay Wilson

    Please stop ddosing path of exile servers 🙁 –Senad_Djekic
    seriously? -Jay Wilson

    Kudos to @Rob_Pardo for taking heat, but only @Angryrobotics can answer to unprofessionalism towards @RunicGames –Hanzo55
    if you mean the Brevik comment, be apologized long ago. I think everyone has made rash comments before –Rob Pardo
    I don’t believe I’ve ever said an unkind thing about Runic, and I very much enjoy their games. –Jay Wilson

    This must be the Starcraft 2: Heart of the Storm wrap party that is being held in Las Vegas over this weekend.

    No word yet on a new Game Director for Diablo 3 (the position remains open) and knowing Blizzard we won’t find out about the new project Jay’s heading up until about 2016, but v1.07 remains active on the PTR, D3 development continues, and life goes on.

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