Jay Wilson Refuses To Elaborate on “Very Soon”

Today’s Twitter queries to Jay Wilson about the upcoming PvP info blog yielded nothing new.

Any weekly ETA on the pvp blog? –Xinek
I don’t estimate dates. My guesses get interpreted as promises. It’s not completely up to me when these things happen. –JayWilson

Ok, do you think PvP blog will be ready this week? Or it’s still a lot to work on? Jay, there weren’t any info for months… –Piggilol
answering that would be providing the estimate that I said I could not provide. 🙂 –JayWilson

It’s been a week since Jay boldly (foolishly?) said the PvP info would be coming “very soon.” Of course we know the dubious nature of the word DiabloWikisoon when spoken by any Blizzard representative, so really we have ourselves to blame for any heightened anticipation.

Personally, I’m not expecting PvP until next year. Not when we’re this close to the end of the year without any more concrete details, and especially after their recent mention of v1.07 as a big, content-rich patch due in “weeks.” We might get that rushed out before Blizzard’s annual two week Xmas/New Year’s holiday, but unless they do something very odd with the numbering system, there’s no way their long-promised PvP in v1.1 can come before v1.07. Alas.

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44 thoughts on “Jay Wilson Refuses To Elaborate on “Very Soon”

  1. “I don’t estimate dates. My guesses get interpreted as promises.”

    So it’s our mistake, as fans, to think the Diablo 3 Game Director know what he’s talking about when he says “very soon.” ?

  2. Quote: “I don’t estimate dates. My guesses get interpreted as promises. It’s not completely up to me when these things happen. –JayWilson”

    Wow, Jay sounds REALLY bitter.

      • i guess they should have thought of this before they turned the diablo franchise into an abomination.

        besides the pace at which the team is progressing is glacial , even if it is progressing vaguely in the right direction. – “that is how Blizzard operates” and “our philosophy […]” doesn’t cut it anymore for me they either got used to an astounding degree of procrastination or they are incompetent or they stopped giving a fuck, maybe all of these.

        either way i can’t attest Jay wilson a any credibility or respect as “Game Director” if he shoves blame towards “anonymous seniority” – either grow a pair or shut up about “announcements of announcements of news about features we might or might not put into the game”

        • So that if you are being blamed for misgivings of others, you should march into the board room, shout around like some lunatic about I MUST HAVE 100% CONTROL OVER THIS GAME or whatnot and get fired, or just shut about it.

          I’m not exactly defending Wilson, but you clearly have no idea how companies in general operate and how people behave in them.

  3. “I don’t estimate dates. My guesses get interpreted as promises. It’s not completely up to me when these things happen. –JayWilson”

    A director that has no control over his team? What does he do all day?

  4. yeah, as much as I love their games, Blizzard really pisses me off with their stupid “no estimates, no idea, monkey doesn’t make a plan and can’t give approximate milestone dates”. They can easily say whether it’s a month away or 6 months away – don’t tell me they can’t.

    I would rather have them say a date and fail to deliver on it than this constant bulls… of “we can’t say”.

    • As a matter of fact, they cannot. Remember Q1 of 2012, when they announced PvP to be patched in right after release? I’d even presume they were naive enough to actually believe that at the time.

      Personally, I imagine that Blizzard’s veteran ‘core competencies’ team was pulled from D3’s production and assigned to working on Titan, once the foundations were laid. The team that worked on Diablo 3’s production since then, obviously has a very hard time coping with the challenges of a project of that magnitude. It’s no wonder that they’re deviating sharply from any internal production schedules, if such things ever existed in the first place.

  5. C’mon, are people really this overly critical?
    It’s coming and if you can’t handle waiting it’s your issue.
    Stop forcing your angst on people interested in D3 news.
    PvP isn’t even a core game mechanic. It’s an optional feature.

    Where’s the perspective?

    • Haha, that is exactly the purpose of this blog. To rile up people about an issue, when it’s really not.
      It’s not like readers and writers of this blog cannot sleep well at night because their “favorite” game Diablo 3 doesn’t have PvP. But they still need to make a blog post criticizing what a Blizzard employee said.

      • It’s a fan site. This is news related to d3. Not all news is going to be feverishly praised by the holy voices of the fan boy choir.

        What’s more… This fan site offers a great spectrum of opinions rather than the circle jerk “blizzard is right in everything they do and d3 is better than d2 in every way.” Like it or hate it it’s provoking articles that stimulate opinion, thought and all kinds of good and bad. If I wanted to read a bland blizz-favorable only hunk of text I wouldn’t be here. So keep em coming.

        BTW, Jay, you are a douche for saying “very soon” if you never intended to elaborate with even a general timeframe of week, weeks, month. Throw us a bone here… Your “Pvp Disaster” is hitting us pretty hard.

        • Actually, a ‘disaster’ is an unplanned event by definition. Do you think the evolution, devolution and revolution of D3’s PvP content addition over time is a natural developement? I don’t think so.

          I think PvP’s launch will occur as the last stepstone towards the first expansion. It will be a ‘bare bones’ implementation that has only very few and basic features, enough to get the system going, get it tested on the live servers and bridge the content gap until D3X’s production is rushed to finish. Part of the expansion product’s marketing will then be to highlight more refined PvP content and mechanics that were originally required to actually make the whole concept worthwhile.

          Nothing of all this has anything to do with being ‘unplanned’.

    • An optional feature that was advertised with the game as coming “soon” after release I bet less people would have bought the game if they said “there wont be any PvP ever”. Jay already knows (or he is really REALLY stupid ) that he or anyone from the blizzard team that tweets about any new info causes a lot of excitement in people, so if he says PvP blog coming soon WTF does he expect???

    • Well let me tell you something.They take their time (around 10 years) to “polish” the game and still release a total crap beta sh*t.PvP will be the same case.No matter how long they “polish” it.Just release the fvcking feature.And let us tell you what to do to make it “playable”.We already know that you CAN`T handle it alone. Pathetic company.

      • Get a grip.

        There is only ONE PC game maker in the world that has a yealry revenue of > one billion dollars per years and this since 2007 …

        You are pathetic by not even knowing this.

        • So you actually can’t get my point right?
          Activision/Blizzard is nothing more than a GREEDY COMPANY who only think how to “milk” fanboys like you.Their standars are droped very LOW ! like we see with the d3 case. The game is empty,boring,with good sound and good graphics.They release beta and few days after that say to the whole world
          “we are greatest,we make 21408657234809672134896 sells for a few days” bla bla. Who care? Your game is CRAP!Enjoy our money! They make these financal results because of the name “Diablo” and few guys who they call Looser/s.
          So get this moneymilking based itemization, get that RMAH and STFU.Go play that Pay 2 Win shit.Im pretty sure that they are nowhere in PvP progress.That’s what that fat looser can’t tell you guys anyhitng.They actually hope that the world end this mount and only thing that they have to do is to spend our money as fast as possible.

          Last one was a joke ofc.
          And yeah i know my English is terrible… whatever son.

    • I’d say take your time, but then i think about the item system and the way stats work and how long it took them to develop that. I don’t have much hope in pvp being less shallow than current d3 itemization, BUT I can always hope. So for the sake of hope… take your time Jay. At least I know that it will be a blast if even for only a few days when it finally comes out. Here’s to hoping they do things right this time around.

  6. All of this time for a glorified arena. Blizz was better before they had enough time and money to polish the shine off of their games.

  7. You can’t polish a terd. At this point Blizzard is probably just accepting the fact that Diablo 3 panned out the way it did. They’ll continue to support it, release “major” glorified features (depending on who you ask, of course) and pump out a couple expansions to get box sales.

    I’d actually like to think the D3 team will continue to improve the game as time goes on, rather than let it languish. I think some people have the notion Blizzard will kind of let the game get stale after a while; and while I guess it’s possible, it’s also doubtful because it would reflect poorly on their franchise… plus various other reasons.

    It’s hard to not compare it to their other games, WoW and Starcraft, but those have had staying power. Diablo has staying power but I’d guess it’s the gimp one of the bunch.

    • Diablo isn’t the “gimp” naturally – it was by far the most original of all of their IP, and D2 is still on the shelves at many major retailers a dozen years after release. They just lost 99% of the people that knew how to make that style of game. The other teams have had a little turnover, but nothing like the Diablo team, where literally only one person from the team of 60 a years ago remains. That problem is compounded (and was largely created) by a corporate culture now based on politics much more than talent or excellence.

      Of course Jay would be bitter – he’s the fall guy for decisions made by people above him with three times the seniority and one hundred times the net worth.

    • Hey now, while d3 may have terd spattered throughout I don’t think its a lost cause. Even if it was I bet someone out there could polish a terd remarkably well.

      If there was ever a terd polisher it would be modding. Make d3 moddable.

  8. Bobby Kotick is the face of modern gaming. Jay Wilson is the anus of modern gaming. Diablo 3 is what happens in between. D3 PVP is the small turd nugget that just couldn’t be pushed out with the main fecal mass. Forum posters are the the fingers lodged in Jay Wilson’s mouth trying to dislodge that last nugget. Merry Christmas.

    • Think of it all like this. You know that neighbor’s dog that your mom keeps telling you not to fist in the ass? Well PvP is like that dog. It’s in another yard minding it’s own business. You honestly don’t need to head over there and fist it in the anus. No one is making you do that. take responsibility.

  9. I’m kinda 2-sided on this issue. On one side I don’t care for pvp whatsoever and don’t care when its released. On the other side, I’m also a programmer and I can not phantom why it takes them so long to get this feature implemented properly, especially after showing several working builds on blizzcons. Seems like theres more going on behind the scenes than we know 🙂

    • You can’t phantom ?

      I find it difficult to believe you’re a programmer. Did your school have an English class ?

      • I didn’t know english was a requirement to become a programmer. Hard to believe someone who got an education is that ignorant.

        • English Composition is certainly a requirement at every university in the US.

          If someone is claiming to be a programmer with enough experience that they can judge how long it takes to implement features in a game as complicated as D3 then they should certainly have a basic education.

          Otherwise claiming to be a programmer is like me claiming to be an electrician because I’ve changed a few light bulbs.

    • Of course there is more going on behind the scenes. Behind the scenes Blizzard has not even been working on PvP as all the effort has been on getting the game out of beta and playable.

      You think 1.0.3, 1.0.4, and 1.0.5 happened while they were working on PvP? You think they are working on PvP now while trying to get 1.0.7 out the door? If they are at all, it’s a small fraction of the team as everyone else is still trying to fix the game.

  10. I honestly prefer JW to say “no date” than “soon”(TM).
    I do not know the hierarchic structure in Blizzard, but I believe that Jay has a real date he communicates to his boss(es). He is committed to that date because his bonus depends on it (and so does the team’s bonus if any).
    He has no specific commitment towards the customer base, everything that is said a press conference is not binding already, let alone what is said via Tweeter.

    On the other hand, I still have to slowly grind paragon and get a decent equipment. PVP is not high on my priority list.

  11. Xfire is awful and mostly shitties use it. You know what is also shitty?

    Here’s a hit: Your argument.

    d3 players that use Xfire is just a fraction of the player base or, to be frank, a fraction of what the player base USE to be. Your bnet friends list is more accurate to extrapolate a general idea han Xfire usage data.

    I’m not one to judge but I am genuinely perplexed that you had a WOW addiction that d3 cured. D3 is so tedious and shallow in so many ways.. sure fun.. but so simple that I am baffled by your situation. I suppose to each their own.

  12. You are just like the communists… saying the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over again… trying to believe that someone cares or listens…

  13. Thrall, it is really ironic, but if what you say is true, you really are Bliz’s nightmare customer. We all know the part where you help alienate the fanbase by parroting the worst aspects of the dev team’s outright contempt for fans of the series, but the worse part is the fact that you’ve gone from being a €300/year steady wowhead cash cow into a one time €60 sale, with maybe a €40 expansion every two years.

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