Jay Wilson Q&A and Cosplay from Korea

Fmulder found a great question and answer video starring Jay Wilson from Korean PlayersCut.com. It’s a short video in which Jay answers a couple of dozen yes/no questions, such as, “I can clear Normal without dying?” (Yes.) “I can clear Inferno dying less than 10 times?” (No.) “I’ve played over 1000 hours while developing Diablo III?” (YES!)

They even had very good cosplay costumes of a Witch Doctor, female Monk, and female Demon Hunter, whose spooky contact lenses are sparking numerous scary/sexy comments from fans. Best of all, Jay looks rested and fresh, and in news that will please Elly, he’s even got a decent haircut and shave.

Click through for a short video of Jay with the cosplayers.

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    55 thoughts on “Jay Wilson Q&A and Cosplay from Korea

      • Normally I never say this because it sounds so sad when us gamers just point out how hot chicks are, but yeah, those two are gorgeous.

          • actually, it does, the northern part of south america.
            c.f. secret service scandal.

        • What I am curius is, will those two girls play the game at all when it is released, or were they just hired to attract male gamers (which they did, and quite successfully)?

          Captcha says “marry me”, rather fitting for this picture. 

    1. “-The real adventure starts in Nightmare difficulty?

      Cool, hopefully they’ll let us skip normal then.

    2. “I can clear Inferno dying less than 10 times?” (No.)
      I feel sorry for the HC players 😈
      It doesn’t mean I won’t try though.  😀

      • HC is going to be interesting, its always been one of those things I leave till the end. Maybe they’ll be concessions for HC.

      • HC players that get to Inferno will die less then new SC players, mostly couse they’re more skilled since they got through Hell without dying, they’ll be more cautious, and they’ll obviously have better gear from farming Hell.

      • “I can clear Inferno dying less than 10 times?” (No.)
        Note that Wilson probably couldn’t have said anything else, after how much they have hyped the Inferno difficulty.

    3. That DH is “OK”, but monk? She looks like alien. Thats why monks sux, WD for da win!

      • ON: yeah I liked the DH too, monk’s face is a little too round. WD is the hawtest omg.

        OFF: from what I’ve seen in the beta, monk and barb are best classes with big damage and survivability, wd is a lot of flash for almost nothing, wizard has decent crowd control and combos and dh is pretty weak for a glass cannon. 

        See how I did not use the words “sux”  and “ke” ? 

        • True, that WD in that cosplay looks like kaka, but it ain’t change fact that as class he is best. You barb/monk fanboy 😛

    4. Korea chick dressed as hot demon hunter, hmmm I know what I’m going to make my girlfriend dress up as xD

    5. Oh-oh, spoilers?

      “Zoltun Kulle has made only one Black Soulstone”

      How do these guys know that Zoltun Kulle made a BS? Or did I miss some major reveal?

    6. Diablofans translation from some Jay Wilson Korean Q&A:
      Any surprising elements that would blow people’s minds?”
      “Don’t assume there should be a tragic / surprising element in the story.”


      • Yeah, I was surprised at that answer considering we know from the game files that a certain main character dies…

        • I keep saying this, the NPC doesn’t really die 
          its a Star Wars kind of thing 
          the NPC does die, but then the NPC “comes back” as a spirit/ghost/etheral presence or whatever and guides you and helps you along the journey

    7. I was surprised that Jay answered the question with “No” when asked if he dreams about Diablo 3 and if any ideas come from his dreams. (Usually we tend to dream about our daily life and the events that happen around us in some form.)

      What does that tell us about his emotional involvement (Heart and Soul) in the design and development phase of the game?

      food for thought

      I am not saying he “sucks” as a game director, you can be a “good” game director and not be involved emotionally in what you’re doing but perform good from an economic perspective.

      Jay is on the team for some years now (6 or 7) so he “should” be dreaming about it assuming he has emotional involvement.

      However, some individuals do not dream or do not remember dreams at all due to their psychological and or physical state.

      • I rarely dream about my daily life… I usually dream about experiences from many years ago or random crap that has nothing to do with my life…
        Nice try at using roundabout rhetoric to say he sucks as the game director for D3 though… 🙄

        • I dream about being chased by zombies and then my dream ends with a random tornado picking me up and throwing me way up in the air. On my way down, right before I hit, I wake up.

      • You got the statement wrong to begin with.

        It’s not “I dream about Diablo III,” It’s “I’ve had good ideas for Diablo III from my dream.

        He never implied that he doesn’t dream about the game, only that good ideas for D3’s development haven’t come from his dreams.

    8. What’s up with some bonkers in here that attack others and are rude for no reason.

      I mean, I am ware that there are bad apples everywhere but come on…

      It’s also true that it is unrealistic to attempt to segregate the educated from the uneducated in a forum and thus allowing all individuals to comment.

    9. i just dont get their culture – cosplay seem extremely pathetic to me …
      and @”hot chicks” – i wouldnt be so sure about them being chicks asians are top in cosplaying genders…

    10. wow jay looks a lot better/healthier now. i was kinda worried that he would die or quit from exhaustion before the game was finished

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