Interesting tweets from Jay Wilson of late, for the light they shed on the D3 dev process. Jay was on vacation (staycation) last week, and today he’s off for an 8 day press tour of distant lands.

    Vacation ended too quickly. Now off to Korea, Taiwan, and Australia for an eight day press tour. -JayWilson

    That’s cool, as we’ll probably get some media coverage and fresh interviews with Jay during the next week+. It also tells us that the devs think D3 is pretty well finished, at least well enough to launch, or Jay would be in the office, toiling away.

    Though they didn’t reveal their activities via twitter, many other D3 devs were off work the past week as well. Good for them, IMHO. They deserve some time off after the years of crunch, and no doubt needed some time to recharge their batteries before the launch and the patching and fixing and changing that will entail.

    More to the point, they’re clearly not scrambling to fix bugs, to make big last minute changes, to overhaul key game systems, etc. They’re done. D3 is done. Not completely, of course. We’ve seen minor adjustments in the last couple of beta patches, and I’m sure the devs will get together the week before launch to hammer out the last little tweaks and fixes for a release day patch. But all the major game features are set. Done. Finished. Launch-ready.

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