IGN has posted a nice preview with footage of Jay Wilson discussing some good strategy info and play style tips about all five classes. The Barbarian video is the longest of course, since that’s Jay’s favorite, but all of them are around 3 minutes and chock full of nice character info and some new gameplay footage.

    The embed doesn’t seem to be enabled on them, so you’ll have to watch them on the IGN page for now. You’ll probably want to refer to the class skills pages, since Jay mentions the uses and strengths of good dozen skills per video. Quick reference links — all are up to date with the latest info on rune effects: DiabloWikiBarbarian skills, DiabloWikiMonk skills, DiabloWikiDemon Hunter skills, DiabloWikiWizard skills, DiabloWikiWitch Doctor skills.

    Thanks to Abbey for the news tip. If anyone sees these posted on YT, let us know and we’ll embed them in the post for easier viewing than the IGN player allows.

    The Barbarian

    Click through for the other four class videos.

    The Witch Doctor, Jay’s least played class.

    The Monk.

    The Wizard.

    The Demon Hunter (There is not yet an embedable video of the DH’s video on IGN. View it in the original article.)

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