Jay Wilson Strategizes the Diablo III Classes

IGN has posted a nice preview with footage of Jay Wilson discussing some good strategy info and play style tips about all five classes. The Barbarian video is the longest of course, since that’s Jay’s favorite, but all of them are around 3 minutes and chock full of nice character info and some new gameplay footage.

The embed doesn’t seem to be enabled on them, so you’ll have to watch them on the IGN page for now. You’ll probably want to refer to the class skills pages, since Jay mentions the uses and strengths of good dozen skills per video. Quick reference links — all are up to date with the latest info on rune effects: DiabloWikiBarbarian skills, DiabloWikiMonk skills, DiabloWikiDemon Hunter skills, DiabloWikiWizard skills, DiabloWikiWitch Doctor skills.

Thanks to Abbey for the news tip. If anyone sees these posted on YT, let us know and we’ll embed them in the post for easier viewing than the IGN player allows.

The Barbarian

Click through for the other four class videos.

The Witch Doctor, Jay’s least played class.

The Monk.

The Wizard.

The Demon Hunter (There is not yet an embedable video of the DH’s video on IGN. View it in the original article.)

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25 thoughts on “Jay Wilson Strategizes the Diablo III Classes

    • I don’t feel it much, either. I love the feel of the class, but if it’s anything like D2 where you’ll want to pick 1-2 classes, I’ll be disappointed. 

    • I’ve seen a few Blizzard people say they will play the wd fist, including Bashiok.

      • Bashiok said he is playing the WD “first” because it’s the least popular class and therefore the most likely to get buffed first.
        That doesn’t sound like excitement for the class to me, Scorch 🙁

        Bashiok – Playing first because it’s the least popular
        Developer Chick – Playing sarcastically because the pets are “useful around the house”
        Jay Wilson – Couldn’t remember the names of his own rune, and is least familiar with the class and has no interest in playing a conventional build.

        If that isn’t extremely underwhelming for a class I/you are really excited about, I don’t know what is?

  1. The videos not playing for anyone else?

    Nevermind, i think my adblock is preventing the videos from loading. Works in IE but not FF

  2. This is exciting, he brought up some ways to play the classes, particularly the witch doctor, which I wouldn’t have considered. However, I think there may be a real despairity in the variety of viable styles from class to class, i.e. I don’t think barbarians will vary as much in their approach as the WD, Wiz or DH. Maybe I just hate melee. 

  3. I’d just like to point out my retailer shipped me my Diablo 3 code a moment ago and the activation on battle.net went smoothly. Ofc I can’t play and the box will arrive later but still its sort of a milestone and sign of release 😆

    • That’s nice of your retailer. I’m guessing that’s not amazon. Mine is still marked as not dispatched 🙁

      • No its not Amazon  🙂 Small shop that specializes in sending keys for many games available in digital form on their native platforms (Steam, Origin etc.). They sometimes just buy boxes in wholesale, take codes from them then discard/store the rest, this way they can undercut everyone on price and since it can be automated (after putting the key in a database) its both cheap and available 24/7.

  4. Its funny how Jay’s WD build is somewhat of the same idea I was going to go for.   It was something I started to play around with in the beta.  No summon dogs just more ways to get them to blow them up.  Will have to see if by summoning them will give me more damage then having another real damage skill.

    • I’m actually planning on playing a WD with dogs innately (not sacrifice) and I’m afraid they will be my weakest skill. They seemed so weak in the beta and they’re so straight forward. Using other abilities to create dogs seems much nicer because the other skills do something else too.

      • Yeah I kind of agree. The zombie dog skill didn’t accomplish much that you couldn’t with a different spell and I’m not sure their runes really gave you much more use of them. I didn’t even find blowing them up did much. I’d much rather use a skill made for damage.

      • What is the skill that Jay mentioned? I see no skill that if enemies die, a Zombie dog rise???

  5. hmm, if they’re anything like the tips from his “surviving Inferno” video: 
    get a single target skill
    get an AOE skill
    get a defensive skill  


    too many commercials on videos

    • With adblock plus you can block all youtube adds.
      You will never have to watch another commercial.

  6. Sweet I was finally able to contribute in a small way I thought the videos were pretty good myself

  7. What they accomplish is acting as meat shields so you can melt everything uninterrupted 🙂

  8. Jeebus, none of the IGN-wankers thought about adding subtitles? Not all of us are hearing well y’know! At least YT gives it a shot…

  9. correct link to article: http://www.ign.com/articles/2012/05/14/diablo-iii-blizzard-on-making-the-most-of-each-class

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