Jay Wilson: Patch 14 is Shippable Content

DiabloWikiJay Wilson has tweeted something interesting today that is probably a sign of release, if you’re into that sort of thing. We’ve seen a lot of iteration over the past 5 years of development, but it seems that all major changes are at an end. The tweet reads as follows:

what is currently in the beta is what we intend for ship, but we’re still tuning and things can change.”

This can very well mean that we are seeing/playing the last major patch for the DiabloWikiDiablo 3 beta. It’s possible we will see one last tuning patch before or after launch, but this is it everybody. What you see is what you get for the most part.

I think they made some really decent last minute decisions by increasing monster damage, linking boss and elite mobs with magic find buffs, and lowering the requirement for DiabloWikiHardcore. The only thing left is the release announcement, which, if we’re lucky, will happen sometime next week.

As an addendum to this, though, he could very well be referring simply to the beta content, and not the game’s status as a whole. We do not know if RMAH kinks have be resolved or other bugs in the battle.net infrastructure. I don’t mean to rain on anybody’s parade… but you never know with Blizzard. It’s done when it’s done, and all that.

Thanks for posting this in the forums, Sulle.

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  1. The “Sign of Release Patrol” will be all over this.  It is as it should be.

    • I shall contribute, here’s my effort…

      Sinal de Lançamento

      That’s Portuguese according to Google translator.  Okay so I cheated.

      • This is actually correct. As a native portuguese speaker,
        “Sinal do Lançamento” sounds more natural, but your translation (powered by google) is still correct, so there you have it!

        OT: I call bs on Jay Wilson, the new patch is buggy as all hell and is in no way “shippable”  material, I say we can expect the game Soon ou Logo, if we are to keep the portuguese going…


  3. “What you see is what you get for the most part.”
    Ok but if I only see crows will it be my endgame ? 

  4. Just release it already. 

  5. “but we’re still tuning and things can change”…
    when they finally do give a release date i expect it so say something like, “the game will be released June 32 (flux), but this date is subject to change as changes could still occur”
    they are just so damn ambiguous!!!

    • Yeah 😛 that whole “but we’re still tuning and things can change.” makes me feel they’re gonna redo the runesystem again or something.

  6. Trebor:
    @Bashiok hey bash. Just to clear all these rumours: will you guys give us a early heads up when to watch the community site 4 release date?


     ? @Bashiok @Robertrauby No.

    They’re gonna spring it on us, folks!! Be prepared!

  7. I will never understand why the maximum players in a game is limited to 4. In my opinion 5 is the best number, like this you can have each class represented in a single game.
    Anyways what can I do…

  8. Well I hope they fix the lagging as soon as possible, its really annoying. It started with this patch :/

  9. i think he was only refering to what levels skills are unlocked

  10. I hope they don’t intend to ship all the bugs as well….patch13 already had tons of bugs….patch14 is even worse regarding the amount of bugs :/

  11. edit: sorry, i’m grumpy.

  12. i cant see that “shipable content”, still a lot of work to do in the game imo,
    for example, skill rune interface sucks like made by a 3-year-old

  13. <quote>what is currently in the beta is what we intend for ship</quote>

    This is going to be one short-ass game.  😀  😛

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