Wired has posted a nice feature on the mysterious fifth class, with some teasing quotes from D3 Lead Designer Jay Wilson. Here’s an excerpt, though you would be well-advised to read the whole thing.

    Wilson said at Blizzcon that his team doesn?t yet have a final concept for the fifth class, and that they recently changed their minds about it.

    But he?s quick to add that doesn?t mean that they?ve changed the character completely.

    ?We changed gears,? he said.

    ?We changed our high-level idea of the class because it was actually one of the first classes that we picked, years and years ago.?

    The fact that the class was chosen first, he said, was part of the reason why it needs to be re-tooled.

    ?We?ve had this class for four years, and it?s not as exciting to us as it used to be,? he said. ?It had actually become a chain around our necks.?

    The new class isn?t a ?complete departure? from the first concept, Wilson said. ?Most of the skills can transfer over, but (the changes) definitely freed up our art staff to be a lot more imaginative.?

    This issue has completely consumed our D3 Characters and Skills forum since the Monk was announced, and while there’s near universal agreement that the 5th character will be an Archer/Rogue/Bard/Ranger/ShapeShifter, exact predictions vary. Join the fun, if you are so inclined.

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