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36 thoughts on “Jay Wilson on Surviving Inferno

  1. always nice to hear from jay :))))))) not much left guys. its gon’ be one hell of a ride!

    Capcha: egg on. Indeed! 

    • All I could hear was “um um um um um um”. They should’ve kept runes if he likes his resistances so much.

  2. I like how they are showing the inferno monk who has one defensivy ability -heal which he never uses and completely shit spender for inferno and he gets -surprise- wiped out. Certainly not making me trust about inferno difficulty.

  3. so you need single target ability, AOE ability and defensive ability 
    got it  🙄

    and why isn’t my login working ?

  4. Haha was thinking the same. We will need 1) Single target damage, 2) AOE damage and 3) Defensive spells.
    Thanks Jay, your advice has been extremely useful 😛

  5. jay said that “waller” is an inferno only ability but in the open beta i entered a den that had waller type monsters.
    could it be they missed it somhow or mybe they did it just for the beta?

    • Waller was in the beta for about a week then they removed it.  Maybe they just wanted some data on the skill at the time.

  6. Inferno: Each act has its own tier of items, which you need to progress.

    Thing gets me wondering: Diablo is supost to be trading/farming gear game. Why would I bother buying gear that is not from A4/A3 inferno? This is like wow progress system, farm this dungeon for this tier items and that dungeon for other tier…

    Where does Windforce drop then? is that normal uniq that drops in Hell or is A4 Inferno gear?

    Didn’t they also say they don’t want you to force to play in one region?
    What is this now, they say only A4 inferno gives bets gear, why bother A1 then, if I know I can’t get best item in the game from it…
    In D2 you could get best items ingame from NM, and throu Hell, all you needed was luck…

    They keep saying one this and do the opposite…

    It’s like they are lost with this game… we will see 8 days left…

    • have fun getting to inferno without buying these lower level items.  so you’re just planning on running naked til then?
      news for ya.  yer gonna turn out to be what my captia says: “roast beef”

      • If you think the key to beating inferno is buying items, then you’re going to have a problem.

    •  “In D2 you could get best items ingame from NM, and throu Hell, all you needed was luck…”

      Not true.

      There were many of the best items that would not drop unless you were in the very highest ALVL areas.   

      • That was not the case when game was first release and during 1st 2 years of LOD.

        You farmed NM Meph and could get everything.

    • I’d say the best items will be rares of ilvl 61-62-63 which can only be found in Inferno. But Rare of lvl 60 will be close enough and good enough to let you progress slowly. When using the planner, you can see that ranges overlap in most attributes so the last 10-20% of juice from values can only be had in Inferno to have the best of the best but Hell gear will be sufficient for at least Act 1 Inferno

  7. Nice video, but one thing gets me slightly upset
    Sadly there is not a real single new piece of information in the whole video 😡

    • didn’t you hear the parts where he said  

      “you need single damage skills, AOE damage skills and defensive skills 

      and playing in a party is easier (unless someone screw up) ” 🙄  

  8. “you will get all new items as you move from act to act”  — Jay Wilson

    This hints that the loot tables will be drastically different than how they were built in D2.  In D2 the VAST majority of loot dropped in the most difficult areas of the game was normal quality blue or white.  Jay appears to be saying that When i kill an Inferno Champion, that I WILL receive a drop from the Inferno tier. 

    I believe this is new.  

    Maybe its old news?  Can anyone confirm that this is or isn’t new info? 

    • You’re reading too much into it. I haven’t watched the video, but it is likely an off-the-cuff sort of remark, not a long and carefully considered reply to a forum post or fansite interview.

      All it means is that as the game difficulty increases, the gear gets better too. Or, more specifically, there is inferno-level equipment that drops; you’re not expected to make do with only Hell-quality gear (which would be an entirely plausible way of implementing a higher difficulty level).

      • “I haven’t watched the video, but” 

        This is where i stopped paying attention to your post.  

        • The funny thing is, he’s right and he didn’t even have to watch the video to know what you couldn’t see with it.

  9. It was not removed even after they removed access to the new areas. In the Den of the Fallen level 2 they spawned all the time.

  10. Sounds like WoW really. Groupd dependency? Why? AOE doesn’t work? Seriously? 😐

    • Just like WoW… yes, that’s it… that didn’t get played out at all back in 2008.

      You did watch the video, right?   AoE is recommended on top of single targeting.  Not tough if you rub the two braincells together.

  11. all of the strategy stuff seems so…. generic and kinda obvious i would think.  but what i did like to hear – new champion mobs in inferno that arent found in any other difficulty.

  12. Judging by the armor the monk is wearing in that video she is in Nightmare, maybe hell, not inferno.

  13. The holy trinity of Inferno by Jay Wilson….

    1. Need single target abilities
    2. AOE spells
    3. a defensive ability 

    • Which probably got anyone who played Diablo 3 beta… great tip… Blizzard really believe that average gamer is dumb.

  14. yeah I got a tip of my own, move out of Australia because if the open beta is anything to go by, the full game will be unplayable, period. a latency mess. or avoid buying the game altogether

    • Not true at all. I’m in NSW and it was very playable and latency was not an issue at all.
      The only time latency was bad was during the open weekend, and that was intentional. They had every single beta player hosted on just 2 server PCs as a serious stress test. It was never meant to run well. That latency was expected and is not representative of how the actual game (which is hosted on a LOT of servers) will be.
      This game is amazing, and plays very well. I can’t wait for release!

    • It won’t be that hard because they can’t make money if people do not find the best items. Not saying your character won’t die but it will be doable no doubt.

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