Jay Wilson on Special PvP Gear

Jay’s continued with his reanimated Twitter activity, and he even answered a couple of Diablo questions on Friday.

crafting pvp-items? what do you think? –cmlive1
There is no specific PVP gear, only gear good for PVP depending on your build. –JayWilson

Any chance we will get the gauntlet cursor back as an option? And an option to turn off the DiabloWikired target outline? –Avushb
No plans. We feel targeting suffers without the outline. Gameplay first. –JayWilson

I heard some fans annoyed by the second one, with Jay still doing that, “We know best how you should play the game.” attitude that got us a D3 upon release that was hugely panned and whcih necessitated a frantic few months of patching to get the game into an acceptable state. So yeah…

As for the PvP gear question, the forum thread the guy linked to doesn’t have enough detail to sink your teeth into. It just suggests that players craft their PvP gear. Okay, great. What does that mean? You can craft gear now, but no one does since the cost is much too high for the very low potential for a good item to result. So what’s the suggestion to fix it, not for PvM gear, but for PvP gear? New recipes? What would “PvP gear” have for stats that PvM gear doesn’t? Special PvP-only mods? What would those be?

That’s a good issue for discussion, actually, and I’ll put it on my “write an article about this” list.

On Jay’s reply though… as is often the case with Twitter-length replies, it’s kind of unclear. Of course there’s no PvP-only gear in the game, just as there’s no PvM-only gear. You can wear what you like. Obviously some stuff will be better for PvM and some better for PvP, though we can only guess at the PvP type for now, since we don’t know the rules under which D3’s PvP will be conducted. But just because there’s no PvP gear in the game now doesn’t mean there won’t be someday. I’ll be surprised if there’s ever any gear that’s somehow prohibited from use in PvP or in PvM, but I’ll be even more surprised if we don’t see gear that becomes hugely popular/useful for one or the other.

Certainly some skills and rune effects will follow that path; something like DiabloWikiAncient Spear seems almost expressly designed for PvP, or at least it’s failed to become useful for PvM.

Do you guys have any other nominations? Skills that are not very useful in PvM but that you think will be awesome for D3’s hypothetical PvP? Or items or item mods that will be much more popular in the Arena?

I’m just speculating, but I continue to think that defensive skills, healing skills, escape and CC skills, etc, will be much more essential in the Arena than they are in PvP. Currently, it’s a rare softcore characters who uses a shields or spends much time worrying about vitality or block percent or dodge, etc. I bet that’ll change come the Arena, since other players aren’t as dumb and predictable as monsters, and you’ll need a lot more margin for error to succeed when your deaths are counted against you.

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  1. “I heard some fans annoyed by the second one, with Jay still doing that, “We know best how you should play the game.” attitude that got us a D3 upon release that was hugely panned and whcih necessitated a frantic few months of patching to get the game into an acceptable state.”

    Speak for yourself. While I agree the game has improved, in my eyes it is nowhere near acceptable.
    And as long as the item-system stays as sh*tty as it is, it won’t be. I rather play D2 for now.

    • While the game is nowhere near perfect. I do like Jay’s unPC way of saying “yeah we are better than you guys”. In my eyes, they are the developers of diablo. They should and probably do know more about games than any of us.

      You are entitled to your opinions, but if you feel like you know more than the developers, you can go right ahead and make a Diablo-like game and see how many people would play that.

      It is always easier to sit at your desk and criticize others.

      • Except for the part where none of them actually are “the developers of diablo”.

        Maybe that’s why the attitude – and the dreadful user scores their first attempt at an arpg has earned – grates a little more than one might expect.

      • Expecting 1 (random) person to build a better version of Diablo, when D3 itself took at least 4 years to make with a budget somewhere around $20m is of course extremely silly.

        Now if D3 allowed mods, then we would very easily be able to see the community come up with a better game than D3 is. Lots of D2 and D1 mods improved upon the game, particularly the D2 mods by Laz.

      • I did not say that I know more than the developers. I did say the current item-system is a huge stinking pile of ****. It’s boring and it does not spark any motivation in me to run around killing monsters. So they failed to deliver the most important facet of the Diablo series.
        Not sure if you tried to troll me but it seems rather likely since you already put words in my mouth and concluded with an incredibly stupid challenge.

  2. So basically unbalanced crappy gear based pvp that we waited over half a year after release for? Jay wilson you are a failure at life.

  3. auto-target is such menace – if it was just about red outline i wouldn’t really care but the auto-targeting impairs your ability to properly aim and que up attacks.

    i mean even d2 had a more accurate way of aiming despite the fact that it was only 2d and used a relatively primitive grid for targeting – atleast the targeting was not obscure or misleading

  4. The cost is not too high for crafting it is too low. However, the cost issue is moot, because regardless of cost crafting yields garbage items. They need to bring in ilvl63 recipes and some other tweaks perhaps more legendary recipes…and then, yes, make the costs skyrocket. Make me want to buy some tomes or lizard eyes or something.

  5. I wonder how long jay can go until his next twitter probation. Bets?

  6. “PvP gear” may be similar to the Guild Wars 1 system, where PvP players could equip their character with the best possible items in the game for free, so that PvP would only be a test of skill.

    I’d be surprised if Blizzard went that way. It’d cut back on their auction house profits, and… the game is basically all about finding and using cool hear. They’re not trying to make a balanced eSport.

    I bet the poster was thinking of PvP gear in the World of Warcraft sense — which (I think) was the only way to get critical hit resistance.

    • I’ve seen people asking for something like this and I wouldn’t be surprised if they eventually did it in some form for an expansion.

      Either total free equipment as you say, or several character templates you can choose from per-class, so everyone is on a more or less even footing.

  7. The game isn’t about finding and using cool gear, the game is about being rich so you can buy an Echoing Fury for €7500, so you can pretend you are skilled in PvP. What fun is PvP if it isn’t competitive?

    If people think that will help the current state of Diablo 3 in any way, they are mistaken.

    • HONESTLY, how many people you know drop 7500 real money for D3? There might be a few, but not enough to ruin the competitiveness.

      • exactly. and even if a huge number of people spent thousands on their gear, who cares? People seem to forget that there will be a matchmaking system. You lose to the overgeared players and drop out of their bracket. Bam, you don’t face them very often anymore.

  8. I hope there are speciell pvp items like One hand sword the DRAGONS EYE with stats like

    1290 DPS
    Ignore targets defense
    520 strentgh
    250 dex
    Crit hit damage 100%
    1 socktes =)))

  9. the thing that keeps me thinking lately is why BLizz was so cruel for modding? i believe in the good hands the diablo pvp could become a proper esport.
    better than DOTA.
    oh.. maybe that’s why.
    seriously have anyone tried pvp games that ‘looks’ like diablo? like bloodline champions or something. i believe diablo could be a blast on that scene

  10. pffffffffffffffff who give a f*ck about pvp sh*t ?
    0,000005% of the community

    so loose those suckers and make more great PVE content !!

  11. I think gear with chance to freeze/stun/blind will be more sought after if pvp ever gets released.

  12. It would be great if pvp had seasons (with gear/character resets), character unlocks, the ability buy chests (with random gear) with pvp tokens, and have the ability to craft.

    • I like the random gear chest part. I don’t think we will ever see seasons and resets though. For the chest idea, you could make it so that when you kill someone in the arena they drop(or have a chance to drop) an ear. Ears could be a second form of currency and could be used to purchase chests with random gear, or something even something that doesn’t effect power, like unique dyes.

  13. I don’t like the red out line on monsters, it makes the game seem less realistic and gives it more of a cheesy arcade look. There are so many bright flashy things going off on the screen at once, monsters strobe like a damn strobe light too and I have a theory that they put this crap in because it keeps the mind engaged. It’d like in music how they add very subtle sounds that you don’t notice consciously.


  15. Gauntlet cursor must be a really difficult feature to implement. 😉

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