DiabloWikiJay Wilson has kept up his steady stream of answers to questions posed via twitter, even after the D3 release date announcement.

    So has there been enough support for a HC RMAH? 🙂 –CorruptPsy
    results are split. As many seem to hate as love the idea. We still plan gold only at ship. Too late to change now. –Jay Wilson

    what are the chances of D3’s date getting pushed back again? –Wiggl_jesus
    0.1% (the .1 is accounting for acts of god). We’ve never given an actual date before, because we don’t do so until we are sure. –Jay Wilson

    Hi Jay, I was wondering if you will be holding a special midnight launch event for D3, like they did for SC2? –Nyzaris
    of course! –Jay Wilson

    If Jay or anyone else from Blizzard has addressed the whole, “We’re not enabling DiabloWikiReal Money Trading for DiabloWikiHardcore to save you from yourselves.” issue, I missed it. I’d be curious to hear why that’s no longer considered the knock down argument it was last summer, when the DiabloWikiRMAH was announced and Jay definitively ruled Hardcore out of it.

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