Jay Wilson on End-game and Auction House Again

It’s Gamespot’s turn to probe DiabloWikiJay Wilson on the end-game and RMAH in their interview at Gamescom. Jay’s responses are more rehearsed than some site readers thought because the answers are pretty much identical to yesterday’s interview with PCGames.de.

Jay once again states that the one third who are opposed to the RMAH simply don’t understand it yet. I’m not sure where he’s got the figures from (unless I missed a survey other than our own). From the comments that have been in our forums and in news items discussing it, I haven’t seen any confusion from people. All I have seen is the mixed reception, some opposed and some fully welcoming it. Certainly, those opposed could well change their minds once they get into the game and realise they can gain access to equipment instantly if they are willing to pay for it.

It is a gamble for Blizzard to add the system, but if they police it well it could work effectively, but it still all sounds rather experimental right now.

Thanks ElexorienGR for the news tip.


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  1. While i like Jay Wilson’s reasoning behind many things such as the character customization and the removal of skillpoints, I loled how Jay Wilson pulled some BS out of his budd “2/3 like the ah, the 1/3 that didn’t liked it didn’t quite understand it”.
    They never had an official pool and they don’t know how many people are going to buy the game in order to make such statements as to how many thirds liked the feature an, even more so how the third that didn’t liked the featre simply doesn’t understand it. I am sorry, but that was a load of bollocks.

    • and what you’re failing to realize is Blizzard keeps check on their replies to anything they officially post themselves… So it’s not completely unfounded, their numbers they’re using.

  2. What a bunch of crap. I’m sorry but how did he come up with 1/3 ? Yeah like they did some sort of mass poll on the internet and figured it out. If I had to guess it would be more like 2/3’s dont want the RMAH. This is just nothing more smoke and mirror tricks.

    • The people who say they’re opposed to the RMAH are the people who think the world revolves around themselves and they are the people who don’t realize that D2 was run on, yes, that’s right, REAL money. Having this in Diablo III isn’t going to make it any better or any worse because it’s what people want.

      • Wrong. it has everything to do with game integrity and earning your gear instead of pay to win.

        • Diablo was about getting epic loot and passing through an epic story line.
          Diablo II was about getting epic loot and about passing through an epic story line.
          Diablo III is going to be the same exact thing..
          This isn’t World of Warcraft.Buying loot doesn’t hurt the “integrity” of the game. PVP is not the main aspect, nor will it ever be. It is a side-content feature for those who wants to bash peoples’ skulls in.
          So “paying to win” is rather irrelevant when it’s all about being the most badass regardless how you achieved it.

          • Truthfully, I could care less (outside of PvP of course) if someone buys their gear.  Doesn’t mean I have to.  Besides, if a person brags about all their perfect purchased gear, I can just not play with the braggart in the future.

        • You talk about it like it’s a MMORPG, well fyi it’s a singleplayer coop game. You DON’T understand Diablo at all. Go back to wow, don’t play it, and deactivate your beta profile so i have better chance of getting in !

          • I don’t think you understand what “singleplayer” means if you think there is somehow a “singleplayer coop” game. And I am also not convinced that you know what Diablo III is.

        • I think the majority of the playerbase in D2 simply got lucky with their items or traded for them, so in the strict sense most people didn’t really earn their gear in the previous games either. The RMAH is aimed at these people. Only people who were looking for specific items by doing thousands of boss runs really earned their them and they are the minority. These players probably won’t change their methods, because this is what they enjoy doing. They’ll still have the opportunity to earn their gear by themselves, D3 won’t change that.

    • “I’m sorry but how did he come up with 1/3 ? Yeah like they did some sort of mass poll on the internet and figured it out. If I had to guess it would be more like 2/3?s dont want the RMAH.”
      Why is your guess any more valid, or likely to be accurate, than Blizzard’s number? One of you has millions of dollars at risk in providing a game people want with the features they want. Hint: It isn’t you.
      Now, Blizzard may be wrong. And they may just be pulling numbers out of the air. If I had to guess it would be more like they did research and you didn’t.

  3. Sorry for spamming, but from what i have seen from he unofficial pools there aren’t more than 40% in favor of the real money auction house. Since when 40% equals “two thirds”?

  4. Also, I swear I have seen polls and figures saying that the massive majority of past Diablo players preferred SP.  So, how then is the line, “…because the core of Diablo is a trading game” remotely accurate or honest?  Perhaps, “Trading is one of the core feature sets designed into Diablo” would have been a sliver more honest, but even that fails the smell test, as throwing an item on the ground and praying you won’t get screwed is hardly a well thought out design.
    Jay might have a huge influence on the direction of D3, but I certainly don’t appreciate him trying to rewrite the history of the franchise, based on his own limited experiences (this is the guy, after all, who didn’t even know that /players was a D2 feature).  For most people, Diablo might have only been about trading once they were bored to tears with the actual gameplay (obviously, the people reading this will be, by definition, more likely to have traded than the “average” player).  No, it’s a plain as day that the heavy push toward trade only came after the RMAH reveal, to promote an additional revenue stream.  As I’ve stated before, it’s an excellent business move, for shareholders, but my ass is still getting dried out from all the smoke blown in it.

  5. 1/3 of internal testers didn’t like it perhaps?

    They should accept there will be people opposed to or simply indifferent to it.  It’s probably hard to accept that not everything they do will be loved by everyone.  Can’t please all of the people……

    Suggesting people who are opposed to it don’t understand it is a bit insulting.  Better to simply say they understand it’s not for everyone and we’ll all accept that.

    I never bought any items in Diablo 2 (or used any hacks even though I played mostly offline) but I probably will in Diablo 3 as it’s balanced for it.

  6. Loved everything Jay had to say. D3 going to be perfect.

    • Honestly people who don’t like RMAH should give up, its in the full game, get over it. Honestly just find something else to complain about like how inferno gear sets will perminantly ruin diablo 3 and everyone should boycot blizzard by not buying D3, its ridiculous just buy the game than realize half the shit your talking about is just fail and one year from now you will probably laugh at all the stupid things you said about how a bunch of features would cause the apocalypse.

    • I just looked at this eyes. He never blinks.

  7. Of course his 1/3 thing is dubious, but I am fairly sure that a lot of the nay-sayers are going to change their tune once the game is actually out.

    No doubt Blizzard are going to have some on-account storage of money. So when you want to buy something, you deposit money into your account, then use that money to buy stuff. When you sell stuff, the money will go into your account, and then you have to do a further withdrawal to get it into your real-world bank account.

    Effectively what this means, is that even if you have absolutely 0 interest in RMAH yourself, when you find an item you can sell it for real $. Then when you see an item you like, you can change those real $ back into the new item. No money need enter or leave your real-world bank account at any stage.

    In this perspective, the real money really isn’t any different from Gold.

    • In this perspective, the real money really isn’t any different from Gold.

      I…I…facepalm of doom

      • Actually there is some merit to his logic as gold can be traded for real money, hence being somewhat interchangeable. In that scenario, if you trade on the gold AH, maybe someone buys your item with gold he purchased from the RMAH. In that case you have indirectly sold your item for real money!


      • Care to actually post a reasoned reply and illustrate how the situation I’ve outlined is different from in-game gold?

  8. Realm money AH is already a fail. When Blizzard add remote management it will be an EPIC fail. Just imagine the number of faggots that has no interest in the game and just bought it to buy and resell items using their phones.
    For those who accepted the RMAH but do not pretend to spend any money just remember one thing. How are you supposed to sell your items if Blizzard won’t give us a fair number of free auctions every X days? Your offers will expire in 1-2 days and the competition will be heavy, are you sure you will be able to sell your first item before you use all your free auctions? And supposing you sold your first item, are you sure you will be able to sell your second one before you spend all your e-money?

    Right now the only thing that has any chance to change my mind and make me buy D3 is a promise from Blizzard saying we will have a fair amount of free auctions every X days but I doubt they will do that. They stated in an interview some days ago that they will probably give players an initial amount of free auctions and after that bye bye, you will have to pay fees to sell your stuff.

  9. I don’t understand why everyone is so annoyed at the RMAH.  They have said you have the CHOICE to use RMAH or in-game gold AH.  If you are worried about losing your deposit fee, don’t play with your $$, use in game gold…

  10. Oh, the irony…

    I hope the RMAH will mean less spammers for D3.

  11. Here is a thought ppls wont like. blizzard is making us the players in to what we dont like, gold/item sellers for rlm. yes there will be a gold ah but 6-8 months a year u wont beable to get any thing good off it, every thing will be on the rmah. I wont comment on others comments after i post this, it will be a wast of time to argue about it.

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