It’s Gamespot’s turn to probe DiabloWikiJay Wilson on the end-game and RMAH in their interview at Gamescom. Jay’s responses are more rehearsed than some site readers thought because the answers are pretty much identical to yesterday’s interview with PCGames.de.

    Jay once again states that the one third who are opposed to the RMAH simply don’t understand it yet. I’m not sure where he’s got the figures from (unless I missed a survey other than our own). From the comments that have been in our forums and in news items discussing it, I haven’t seen any confusion from people. All I have seen is the mixed reception, some opposed and some fully welcoming it. Certainly, those opposed could well change their minds once they get into the game and realise they can gain access to equipment instantly if they are willing to pay for it.

    It is a gamble for Blizzard to add the system, but if they police it well it could work effectively, but it still all sounds rather experimental right now.

    Thanks ElexorienGR for the news tip.

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