Jay Wilson on D3’s Secret Cow Level?

Mtv’s MP Blog has put up another snippet from their recent interview session with D3’s Project Lead Jay Wilson, this one referencing D2’s secret cow level. Will we see such a level in Diablo III?

Wilson: [laughs] We don’t really know at this point. I really like the idea of secret stuff that “Diablo II” put forward, but it’s not the kind of thing we would decide this early. But if we have something, I can assure people will be happy with it.

I will say the thing I liked about the cow level was that it wasn’t just fluff; there was stuff that you could do there that actually had purpose within the game. The thing I didn’t like about it was that it almost replaced part of the game. And so, if we looked to add something like that, we’d be a little smarter about it. We would want it to have a function within the game, but we wouldn’t want it to replace any core content, which is something that I think the cow level really did.[/BLUE]

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