Jay Wilson’s off in Asia doing some Diablo III promotion, and during his interviews he commented on the new Diablo III console hires.  There’s nothing new in the short item, but it’s the first comment on the console news from someone on the dev team. Thanks to Fmulder for the tip. Here’s the quote:

    We?re exploring the idea of what it would take to make a possible conversion,? Jay Wilson, Diablo 3?s game director, said today in Busan, South Korea. Activision Blizzard plans to hire three more console-game developers, said Bob Colayco, a spokesman for the Santa Monica, California-based company.

    ?Diablo 3,? a multiplayer online battle involving wizards and demon hunters, has been developed only for personal computers. The company, controlled by Paris-based Vivendi SA, hasn?t decided when it will start selling the latest installment in the series, Wilson said.

    I included that second paragraph in the quote for the awesomeness of that Diablo III description. I wasn’t sure about the game before, but now that I know it’s, “a multiplayer online battle involving wizards and demon hunters,” I’m so there!  I must also point out that Vivendi sold Blizzard to Activision like 4 years ago. That’s why we have Bobby Kotick in our lives, after all.

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