Jay Wilson on Blizzard’s PC Development

PCGamer posted a short article pulling some quotes from a DiabloWikiJay Wilson interview they conducted last month at Gamescom, in which Jay talks about Blizzard’s game development and how they do not see themselves as strictly a computer game developer. Here’s a quote; click to the article for the full piece.

Jay Wilson, game director of Diablo 3 loves the PC. Honest. I interviewed him at Gamescom a few weeks ago and asked why PC still matters in such a changing industry. “The install base of PCs outnumbers all the consoles combined together hands down.” said Jay. “There’s a lot of people out there with PCs and Macs, and they like games too.”

Jay seemed frustrated by a lack of confidence in our games platform of choice, but admitted that Blizzard might have benefited from a less crowded marketplace: “It’s unfortunate that the illusion that the PC is dying has been propagating for so long and that people have bought into it. On the other hand I’d say Blizzard has done quite well off of that – the fact that people have the illusion that PC is not a place where you can make money. It’s made it even easier for us to do really well.”

The game director also implied that the fruitful relationship between Blizzard and PC might be one of superior functionality, not platform loyalty: “I would add – we don’t see ourselves as a PC developer – we see ourselves as a game developer. It’s just that the games that we wanted to make suit the PC platform. And one of the things that we’re not willing to ever do is go to a platform just to cash in on it.

Jay also mentions that RTS games (like Starcraft 2) don’t work very well via console controls. Presumably he thinks RPGs transfer better, given the ongoing DiabloWikiDiablo 3 console project.


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  1. Wait, Blizzard doesn’t do things just to cash in on them? But everything I’ve ever read on the forums contradicts that!

  2. I have never understood why people are so fond of consoles. Keyboard+Mouse is the best method of controlling the majority of games (strategy, shooter, rpg, simulation etc.). Probably a simple (stupid) Beat’em up and some kind of sports games need a control pad but thats it in most cases.

    • Racing games and platformers are the only exceptions, imo.

    • I can’t say I agree with RPGs.  Perhaps action RPGs, but traditional RPGs are best handled with a controller.

      • What do you mean by traditional RPG?

      • traditional RPGs better with a controller?  Really.   I have probably never disagreed more in my life with a statement than I do with this one.

        • If by traditional you mean JRPGs, than yeah, I’d give the edge to console.

          But what does it matter anyway? It’s a matter of preference. If you don’t like the keyboard, plug in a USB pad on your PC. Hell, if you like to play with a keyboard + mouse, a lot of PS3 games now support it.

          • Secretly you said that consoles are overrated, gj 🙂

          • Not really Kaknoos… there’s a distinct price difference between a gaming rig and a console. Some people don’t mind spending it, and some people do. I just don’t think controls should be that much of an issue anymore. That’s the point I’m making. 😛

          • Why would Traditional RPGs mean JRPGs? Video game RPGs became popular with Wizardry and Ultima, both of which produced two sequels before JRPGs even existed.

            First person RPGs started with Dungeon Master, at the same time Final Fantasy came out, and were much better suited to keyboard and mouse.

        • and what does tradiional mean RPG mean ? for me it would be those in D&D ruleset but its cheaper to make up your own word then sell some books /comic whatever then buy license. Controller would never work for classic rpgs, now marked morphed to console like fpp/tpp due to wider customer base. But i will like isometric view better forever as its more about imagination and feeling the story rather then exploration and hand labor.

    • Consoles excel at being able to sit on the couch with a couple friends playing a or multiple games.  Still remember sitting around with my friends playing classic Mario, busting every possible block looking for secrets.

  3. i hope diablo 3 works well with WINE

  4. And Jay the Exhausted begins to worm his way back into my heart with his talk about those who underestimate the PC industry.

  5. You said it Jay! It’s all propaganda; secretly spread by console developers. My PC is the best piece of gaming equipment in existence, and I tried it all, believe me.

  6. Slightly OT, but interesting:
    Force Strategy Gaming has information from “decent sources” that the Diablo 3 Beta starts this Tuesday or Wednesday.
    Source:  http://www.youtube.com/user/ForceSC2strategy#p/c/5C2F514ECED855CA

  7. The problem they see on the pc is not really performance or control but more the “pirate” thing, no ? It’s true, some games are more pleasant with a console controler, others with a keybord+mouse combo. The “dying” thing they talk about is only their “sales” (I think, again, again). For me, I found more easy to hack a pc+game than downgrading his console and (can’t and don’t want to explain it in english, not explain it at all xP).

    However, with the “only online, BN account”, I don’t think it’ll be source of trouble for their selling of D3 on pc (or maybe not to much. After all, very much is possible on pc with the appropriate knowledge).

    I may be mistaken but this is my opinion. Open to new point of view on the question (or not, at least developped (3 lines or more !) ) (so much brackets, “Lost, the return of the bracket island”).

    Clodololo, the (Noob King).

    • If it was a piracy thing then only the PS3 would remain, since the rest is all hackable and pirated.

      • ofc but since they counter the piracy on pc, for D3 (completely or at least that’s what they think), it still remain on both console and pc.

        And thanks for your reply, I learn some more about the ps3.

        Clodololo, the Noob King.

  8. Glad he is sticking up for the PC industry.  With Sandy Bridge and AMDs APUs, the market has never been more primed with capable hardware.  Developers should listen to his advice… there is some serious money to be made.  The industry needs a unified marketing face, and NOT Games for Windows… talk about a conflict of interest with the xbox – no wonder G4W was beaten and left for dead.

  9. It’s gonna be interesting to see if a console version ever comes out at all, let alone how different it might be.

  10. PC gaming all the way, basicly because it’s for the Hardcore people and it’s got so much more possibilities.

  11. The base PC can be expensive, depending on what you want – but after the initial buy, upgrading it doesn’t have to cost a fortune if you can settle for 3rd or 4th fastest CPU/GPU.
    Personally, I find the PC the overall better medium, because you’ve got everything you could need at hand.

  12. Honestly i cant see how consoles are so popular…  THe initial cost is lower but in here games are close to twice more expensive for consoles then on PC , so if you buy games regularly you will pay them the differance cost pretty soon. Also there is alot of free online games for PC. (not to mention all non game advantages of PC).
    Now there is surely some advantage for developers due to lesser piracy on console titles but with internet being more and more common and gaming moving towards online play this is less of and issue. It wouldnt be suprising if in future all games would require to be online like D3 (games unable to be played offline due to core features being stored on server)

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