PCGamer posted a short article pulling some quotes from a DiabloWikiJay Wilson interview they conducted last month at Gamescom, in which Jay talks about Blizzard’s game development and how they do not see themselves as strictly a computer game developer. Here’s a quote; click to the article for the full piece.

    Jay Wilson, game director of Diablo 3 loves the PC. Honest. I interviewed him at Gamescom a few weeks ago and asked why PC still matters in such a changing industry. “The install base of PCs outnumbers all the consoles combined together hands down.” said Jay. “There’s a lot of people out there with PCs and Macs, and they like games too.”

    Jay seemed frustrated by a lack of confidence in our games platform of choice, but admitted that Blizzard might have benefited from a less crowded marketplace: “It’s unfortunate that the illusion that the PC is dying has been propagating for so long and that people have bought into it. On the other hand I’d say Blizzard has done quite well off of that – the fact that people have the illusion that PC is not a place where you can make money. It’s made it even easier for us to do really well.”

    The game director also implied that the fruitful relationship between Blizzard and PC might be one of superior functionality, not platform loyalty: “I would add – we don’t see ourselves as a PC developer – we see ourselves as a game developer. It’s just that the games that we wanted to make suit the PC platform. And one of the things that we’re not willing to ever do is go to a platform just to cash in on it.

    Jay also mentions that RTS games (like Starcraft 2) don’t work very well via console controls. Presumably he thinks RPGs transfer better, given the ongoing DiabloWikiDiablo 3 console project.

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