Jay Wilson is now a World of Warcraft designer

jay wilson in taiwan

Whatever happened to Jay? After his departure from Diablo 3 Jay moved on to work on the now cancelled Project Titan sci-fi MMO. With that now canned, Jay has since moved on to World of Warcraft as a designer which is revealed in a list of credits for the upcoming expansion Warlords of Draenor.

Jay has worked on WoW before as part of the Strike team for Mists of Pandaria so WoW is not new to Jay.

If you’re new to Diablo 3, Jay Wilson  was the original Game Director who resigned his position after backlash from the community about the game’s design and direction. He also admitted that that the auction house actually “hurt the game”  during his GDC panel which was a real insight into his time working on the game.


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  1. No wonder WoD doesn’t have any new classes, professions, or races and just has a rehashed old Outland world. GG Jay. Everything you touch will go belly up.

  2. he must be a really good bullshitter or take credit for other people's work, otherwise I don't get why he still has a job there. Although, just being one of the "additional designers" is a pretty big demotion I guess.

  3. Message recieved! No more WoW playing.

  4. This is hilarious.

  5. I’m sure he’ll find a problem and just double it.

  6. I’m amazed at how such people get jobs and find work, when I’m struggling to obtain a job, guess the HR manager and Jay must be best friends.

  7. "Jay Wilson was the original Game Director who resigned his position after backlash from the community about the game’s design and direction."

    Not to nitpick here, but I'm curious. Was it ever acknowledged by Blizzard that Jay resigned because of the negative feedback from the community?

    • No, and in fact they said positive things on his way out. Even if D3 had been spectacular right from the start, it's likely he'd have moved on by now. Blizzard seldom keeps the same person as game director for more than a few years. Tyler Thompson took over as lead dev on D2X, for instance, while Brevik and the Schaefers moved on to work on other projects, mainly the Bliz North version of D3.


  8. Art is always a reflection of the person making it, Jay Wilson will never create something cool with personality.

  9. Wow, you guys are really harsh on the guy. I personally think he did a great job with Diablo 3. The game was finally released, and he did a great job hyping it up and making me want to play it with his explanation of features and demoing it. I got to meet him at Blizzcon and he's a really nice guy.

    Shame on you for bad mouthing him and desiring him to be fired. He wasn't perfect, he's human. The RMAH was an idea they had for getting rid of the third party transactions that happen with a game like Diablo. It was a good idea in theory, it just didn't pan out like they envisioned. Yeah in retrospect it was a mistake, but they admitted it and they moved forward. Now the game is in the best shape it can be, although I think the whole BoP nature of legendary items is retarded and completely destroyed the trade game that has always been a part of the Diablo series.

    Bashing Jay does nothing but bring toxic attitudes to the game. He was just the face of the development, it didn't mean that he was 100% responsible for every feature added or removed from the core game. Get a clue.

    • I never paid attention much to this matter but based off the podcasts I think a lot of the criticisms are just said as a joke.

    • Wow you are really harsh on us guys for being harsh on Jay. I personally think he did a terrible job on Diablo 3, hence why he was asked to step down. (And make no mistake about it, he was ASKED to step down). The game was released with unplayable Inferno difficulty by any other class but the DH. He did a terrible job by hyping up the games features that never even made it into play, such as the different elemental effects on weapons actually having a use. I got to meet him at Blizzcon, too, and he is a nice guy to us because we are customers and he has to be (Yes, they are told to treat people like they are the most important thing ever and make them not feel like gaming nerds). The RMAH was seen negatively by the vast majority of the gaming community and it ended up being even worse than people all thought.

      Jay Wilson did not do a good job on Diablo 3. People don’t resign from a position from doing a good job in it.

      • Marty, people resign from good jobs to take better jobs all the time. His life, unlike yours apparently, didn't revolve around Diablo 3.

        And by the way, the "vast majority of the gaming community" was not negative on the RMAH.

        • Wait, so you know my life? That’s hilarious. So, commenting a couple times on a post on this site while having downtime at work translates somehow into Diablo 3 being my life. Gotcha. By all means, use your prophetic powers on me again. you aren’t Jay Wilson, and you don’t know him and you don’t know me, so I’ll appreciate you not attacking me personally over my opinion about Jay Wilson. And yes, the vast majority of the gaming community was negative on the RMAH…or they wouldn’t have removed it. He was asked behind closed doors to resign from the Diablo 3 development. Because he hadn’t done a good job. No matter what you want to bleat in his defense, people who are good at a job don’t resign from it that quickly if they are doing well.

          • I thoroughly enjoyed how you objected to a personal attack of you in response to your personal attack on Jay by attacking me.

            I'd appreciate it if you didn't attack me for my opinion of you.

            Vast? I don't think that word means what you think it means. The same goes for "quickly".

            "People don’t resign from a position from doing a good job in it." Yes they do.

  10. Lol, some of this comments are ridiculous. Jay Wilson was designer on both Company of Heroes and W40k: Dawn of War – two really good rts games. So you should revisit your posts.

    Fun fact is that also Joshy Moshy worked on that games.

  11. Surprised there's no mention of Condi Rice visiting the Bliz campus and sitting in on a WoW dev meeting?

  12. He seems to have cursed himself when he uttered the no infamous words '**** that loser'. The irony.

  13. I think its a bit naive to assume that for a game from a company as big as Blizzard and with as much time and money invested in its development as D3, that anyone, even the Game Director, had anything approaching absolute power. Especially when it comes to something like the AH (i.e. revenue stream). That's the kind of decision made by executives and accountants. Jay will have just had the responsibility of making it work. "We want real money item trading. Make it happen." The idea the AH was put in the game solely because Jay wanted it there, and that it went because Josh wanted it gone, is absurd.
    And I'm sure a lot of the problems with D3s early stages were caused by the WoW strike team coming in and provoking sweeping changes (weapon % damage for spells, runes unlocked rather than items, etc) which required time that took away from other features and hindered late game testing, and the higher ups demanding D3 be released when it was even if the game wasn't ready. Again, that wouldn't be Jay's decision, he'd just have to find a way to implement it (i.e. cutting features left, right and centre).
    I'm not saying Jay did a fantastic job. It's impossible to say without knowing exactly what he had to work with. But he and the team did deliver a game with a solid core which over time has been fleshed out to a fantastic game. If he'd truly screwed up as badly as people like to make out, then no amount of patches or expansions would have been able to save D3.
    It's worth remembering, as a dev pointed out a while when the subject of Jay was brought up in stream, that the one thing most attributed to Jay Wilson is the game's smooth, visceral combat – i.e. the thing I've most often seen cited as the reason people kept playing even when D3 was at it's worst, that made people who quit want to be able to come back, and which sets D3 above it's competitors.

  14. jay wilson? **** that guy.

    • Yeah people forget that nice, professional, and sweet comment Mr. Wilson bleated out about a fellow game designer as he and the others trashed that man’s works…

      • Which was part of a PRIVATE conversation between him and his friends who happened to be developers on his team. I think its bs that people use that against him when it was a damn private conversation. If we took comments you made in private and told the world, im sure you wouldn't be employed, and no one would ever hire you.

  15. Man, let me tell ya… the amount of petty spite and bile on either side of this issue really never gets old. I'm glad we can dredge this up again for cheap thrills every so often. Can the next article get some Bobby Kotick in it too? Also ActibliZZ and the game is too colorful and the servers didn't work right on launch. And there's no necromancers.

    • You’re right Darkmere. Before anybody posts, we should all be clearing whatever we want to say through you. Please, put us in our place.

  16. JW needs to be nuked from orbit, just to be sure.

  17. Jay Wilson got a lot wrong with D3, but he also got a lot right. There is a lot to the game that is an improvement on its predecessors. I think its easy to bash on someone when they mess up and are down. But i appreciate his hard work on D3. There where times I was incredibly frustrated with the state of the game, but overall I have gotten years of enjoyment out of the game. I think the AH gets to much blame for what went wrong with Diablo. I actually think it was a good idea and that the incredibly low drop rates and itemization were the big problems with the game. I do feel bad for the negativity on Jay, even if a lot of it is his own doing. I hope only the best for him. But anyone who allows Maghda to kill Deckard Cain should be forced to step down as game director.

  18. People always blame the ‘face’ of an organization. That’s part of the responsibility of being a leader, knowing where the buck stops and taking flack. You become a convenient scapegoat by default, this partly justifies the prestige and higher paychecks.

    \**** that loser\ showed a weak leader who because of several design failures, became defensive after receiving criticism. That is extremely lame and rare to hear from someone who managed to climb within a massive organization.

    Moral/Ethical issues aside (Pay-to-Win namely), the AH was loathed by the majority of the community (unlike some posts here claim). It’s been some time but people need to remember that good gear essentially never dropped thereby ‘suggesting’ the use the AH as a means to progress towards more difficult content. In other words, the AH wasn’t merely a fun/safe place to conduct trade, rather it was a necessary evil towards completing content.

    -signed long-time Diablo fan

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