DiabloWikiJay Wilson replied to a bunch of tweets tonight with some info about his travel plans and they’re bad news for anyone still hoping for an imminent DiabloWikirelease date announcement.

    Looking forward to #ME3. Unfortunately I’m off to GDC tomorrow. No, not to announce anything, and not sign of release.

    There were some very promising signs and hints a week and a half ago, but plans change all the time, especially when tumultuous events intercede, and for all the the rumors flying, I don’t have any confidence we’ll get that magical announcement any time soon.

    Check your calendar to be depressed; Q2 doesn’t begin for weeks yet, and over the years Blizzard has shown a strong preference for the later portions of release date windows. I don’t keep making “June 32nd” jokes on the podcast for nothing, you know. Thanks to Signal and Lorderan for the twitter tip.

    Update: Azzure and others in comments point out that Jay only said no D3 release date announcement from GDC: this doesn’t rule out an announcement via their normal Bliz Irvine PR channels, and that could happen any day. Personally, I’m not holding my breath, but you guys certainly can if you think it’ll help.

    Update #2: Amazon Italy has removed the April 17th date for Diablo 3 they had posted until news of it broke widely yesterday. (They now say simply “2012”) Were they contacted by Activision/Blizzard and asked to remove it? Note that we’ve seen fake release dates for years that Blizzard has never bothered to tell retailers to correct.

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