Jay Wilson: No D3 Release Date Announcement from GDC

DiabloWikiJay Wilson replied to a bunch of tweets tonight with some info about his travel plans and they’re bad news for anyone still hoping for an imminent DiabloWikirelease date announcement.

Looking forward to #ME3. Unfortunately I’m off to GDC tomorrow. No, not to announce anything, and not sign of release.

There were some very promising signs and hints a week and a half ago, but plans change all the time, especially when tumultuous events intercede, and for all the the rumors flying, I don’t have any confidence we’ll get that magical announcement any time soon.

Check your calendar to be depressed; Q2 doesn’t begin for weeks yet, and over the years Blizzard has shown a strong preference for the later portions of release date windows. I don’t keep making “June 32nd” jokes on the podcast for nothing, you know. Thanks to Signal and Lorderan for the twitter tip.

Update: Azzure and others in comments point out that Jay only said no D3 release date announcement from GDC: this doesn’t rule out an announcement via their normal Bliz Irvine PR channels, and that could happen any day. Personally, I’m not holding my breath, but you guys certainly can if you think it’ll help.

Update #2: Amazon Italy has removed the April 17th date for Diablo 3 they had posted until news of it broke widely yesterday. (They now say simply “2012”) Were they contacted by Activision/Blizzard and asked to remove it? Note that we’ve seen fake release dates for years that Blizzard has never bothered to tell retailers to correct.

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127 thoughts on “Jay Wilson: No D3 Release Date Announcement from GDC

    • the more i come here everyday to read some news of D3……
      the more jay is pushing the game futher away….
      ….the more it feels like that beying in da toilet rubbing your ass is a better idea  -_-

    • I like how Jay said ” Looking forward to #MA3″ Do you like the Mass Affect series Jay? You excited to play it? 

      Well there is another game called Diablo 3. I don’t know if you know this but that a few people are “looking forward to D3” also. 

      Take some insight from the MA3 then…. slap a RELEASE DATE on it, so people can say “looking forward to D3”


  1. So much for 9 out of 10 of how close we are to release announcement.
    I think i will laugh hard if by some chance D3 will flop like sc2.

      • What abot less than 5 million since it’s release? Or what about the fact that there are 5 times more D2 games are played than SC2 games currently.

        • Sigh, someone who read a single article which used some numbers that aren’t even applicable, then decides to regurgitate this “knowledge” everywhere. 

          It was such a flop that there are over a million *ACTIVE* SC2 players still playing: as in, those that have played competitive matches in the current season (which is only a week or two old). That only counts ranked matches, nevermind the nameless hordes who are playing every form of custom game from the space-DOTA clones to the team tower defense games. I don’t know where you got your “less than 5 million units sold” figure, but if I assume that’s true, that means 20% of everyone who ever bought this game since it was released *almost two years ago* are still actively playing it every week? What other RTS has *anything like* that rate of retention? 

          Contrast to D2, where that “51,000” figure is almost completely static because 95% of the ‘players’ are actually just bots left running 24/7.  

          A “flop”? Yep, way to prove your point. 

          • I accept that I simply got “the games played” data from Azzure’s article. But I didn’t believe he could manipulate statistics or simply lie about them.

            As of february 2011, SC2 sold 4,5 million units. Considering the momentum since day 1 and the fact that Activision Blizzard didn’t mention anything about it got past 5 million, saying “less than 5 million” is pretty accurate.

          • Just to clarify – I’m not calling the Anonymous guy an idiot, he’s totally right.

          • I accept that I simply got “the games played” data from Azzure’s article. But I didn’t believe he could manipulate statistics or simply lie about them.

            So if anyone’s idiot it’s either you or Azzure… 

          • Ok, maybe calling you an idiot was a bit harsh – but I hope we have cleared those figure up now at least 🙂

      • just because people bought the game doesn’t mean they kept it. tried it once, tried it twice, didn’t get a nerd-stiffie, then threw it in the trash where it belongs.

        other than to the developers/publishers’ pockets, the number of units sold doesn’t mean shit. it’s the ACTIVE player numbers that make any game a success (and the modding community, pay close attention Blizbitches). case in point: take it away Permaximum

        • No, those numbers (http://sc2ranks.com/stats/region/all/all/all) are people who have played since the last patch, less than three weeks ago. It also doesn’t include people who just play unranked games (4v4, free-for-alls or custom maps).

          If you want to talk about modding, you clearly haven’t seen what you can do with the SC2 Galaxy Editor..

        • for most people SC2 was a single player game. finished the campaing and now waiting for HotS
          the SC2 competitive community(people who was logging in to play WC3 ladder not dota) is not much bigger than the WC3 community was because competitive RTS is is FING HARDCORE STUFF!
          i know people who was afraid of the find game button!:D
          so yeah the competitive RTS communitity peaked with SC2 and it’s a small community compared to dota(lol, hon etc)
          SC2 was the last hardcore RTS from Blizzard
          but SC2 was VERY succesful as a single player game

          • btw im not saying that SC2 is not succesful as a multiplayer game because it is but LoL has like 10 times more players
            and it’s deffinitely less succesful than Blizzard expected when they started developing the game
            thanks to dota

          • Haha I know what you mean, some days I’m totally scared of that ‘Find game’ button 😛 I guess you have to be ok with losing games pretty much 50% of the time to enjoy SC2 ladder games. Some days it’s frustrating as hell, but others you feel like a total boss when you stomp 3 or 4 people in a row – happy days!

            I’ve never actually got into HoN/LoL/DOTA – I guess I always imagined that each game lasts for ages, and that not much happens in the beginning. Maybe I’m wrong there..

    • No one’s asked Jay, but I bet they would have said 9/10 any time since like, September.  Once a game is into beta testing, final tweaks are being made, etc, it’s damn close. The metric really should have been on a larger scale; if the guy had asked 1-100 scale, then Jay could have said 93 and we wouldn’t have gotten all excited…

      • he also could’ve said a 9.3 on a scale of 1-10, same story cause adding more 0’s behind it doesn’t chance much to me really.

      • No doubt.  The game has been in development what, 5+ years?  5 years = 60 months, 10% of 60 is 6.  That means “9/10” is at minimum a 6 month window…

        Jay was a douche to even comment on this or the other “cannot confirm or deny” bs.  It is just getting peoples hopes up then pissing them off…You’d think they would have learned by now.

        PS.  Chat blows chunks. 

  2. Expect a release date in the coming weeks.

    Remember, that means up to 8 weeks last time it was said. Remember the battle.net currency announcement? Yeah.

    • The currency was a shame because the Blizzard web team is usually right on top of things. They say they’re going to do something, and it damn well gets done in a small amount of time.

  3. cant beliefe i fell for it…
    but can you blame me? activision italy said its true; incgamers awesome inside sources said its true; jay said you know what he said

  4. I dont get it, this is very weird trolling on Jay’s part. Why didnt he debunk the earlier rumour? Why did he say that the announcement was imminent when it wasnt?? Why the deliberate misinformation and lies??? There is someting very weird going on at Blizzard, I remember them being vague and ambivalent in the past but deliberate misinformation??? What purpose does it serve???

    • I’d guess because Jay knows they’re fairly close and he likes people guessing and getting excited and eager for the game he’s been working on since 2006.

      • His words did not made me more excited or more eager for the game… Maybe it’s because i’m not the target audience…

        • That’s what Jay is good at. Managing expectations. He’s not trying to get you excited, he’s priming you to have some patience.

          Which I think we all would have run out of after almost four years of public development. 

  5. I was mad for 2 minutes then I saw Mass Effect 3 Collectors Edition on my desk and Im happy again 🙂

  6. Don’t you love it when top level execs mention other games as if they are like the rest of us. Fuck J fuck ME3 and fuck blizzard.

    I’m off to wait for Half Life 3 announcement…I hear it could be any day now.

    On second thought, who are we kidding. Fuck Valve too!

  7. Things that take less time than developing Diablo 3:

    World War 1.
    The Manhatten Project.
    Every Apollo mission.
    Giving birth to five babies, allowing for 3 months rest before the next conception.

  8. Oh COME on.

    They should keep their BS to themselves, if they’re not going to follow through.
    Seriously. Keep your stink. Up there.

  9. I don’t care if Jay has a direct part in all the delays or not, he should, without the slightest doubt, be fired immediately after the game is released. 

    The dev progress on this game, more often than not, seemed VERY amaturish (recent example – really? NOW you realized you want to DOUBLE the monsters damage? After a TRILLION runs of the early game?) 

  10. Wasn’t this announcement rumor created by this website? People read to much into things…
    People just forget the annoucement and know that if the games isn’t delayed the game will be released in June.  Listen to flux, blizzard are never early on Quarterly estimates!

  11. a couple comments – you got to admit that italian site sure got alot of hits because of their ‘prediction’ … and two … did you guys really think blizz would release a game with 1 months notice? … especially in the state the game is at? …
    and 3 … Im starting to get bored of jay’s comments … and almost bored of waiting for diablo.    

  12. Thinnest book in the world:

    “Italian truth stories”

    Relax they need to publish the thing before the next press conference call for stock holders anyway (that’s the second week of May at the latest).

    So possible dates are April 24th, May 1 (impossible), 8th of May. I would still go for Apr 24 th with an announcement next monday after the event.


    It all depends how the testing of Mop is going though. If there are any serious delays in the Mop design, Diablo 3 could get a late June date. Remember SC2 was published on July 25 because of the delay in the Cata Beta access. NO BLIZZARD GAME can be launched without a new beta Wow expansion. Much too much subscription money at stake.

    So D3 fans, cross your fingers that the new Pokemon advancement system and pet collecting, raising, figthing is on schedule or you’ll be waiting many many more moons. With the change to the fixed fees on the D3 AH, Blizzard gets much less money from that mechanic … So Diablo 3 is small potatoes anyway compared to the money machine of Wow. Just like SC2.

    I don’t see them selling 30.000.000 copies of D3, so to Blizzard D3 is just small change anyway.


  13. seriously? f**k this s**t. They took way to long to make a game that if you think about it, it’s not that big. Now they s**t on us on every ocasion. I’m sick of these ups and downs, mostly downs. Yes I am angry, yes i want to roundhouse kick jay and bashiok in the face.

  14. OK, this is starting to get really annoying. Beta for SC2 was WAY shorter, and that game is an ESPORT who need perfect balance. For Diablo3, beta has started from September… and now it is March and we don’t even get a realease date. I did every achieve in BETA… twice. The game is awesome and the release date delay is’t legit.
    In my opinion its a marketing move, to build the highest hype possible, to get closed to summer month where ppl have more time and, of course, to milk the WoW annual pass to maximum. Marketing strategy = everything in these days 🙁

  15. This doesn’t say anything other than he is not going to announce a release date tomorrow. They probably have it all planned out by now and this still leaves 17th of April in the realm of possibilities. 

    But June 32nd as well of course. 

  16. CeBiT shouldn’t be used as a publicity stunt for a game. Even if they announce diablo 3 this week, other game developers in the GDC will be like.. “dafuq.. booo!”. I would.

  17. Well the only thing that he said is that HE isn’t at GDC to announce the date. He can be there for various reasons, probably at the place where it takes place good hot dogs are sold. But it doesn’t mean “No release date imminent” as the title says. Basically it won’t be even him who will announce the date, it will be imo Mike Morhaime or just simple press release.

  18. “sooner than you expect” -> “soon was too soon” -> “early 2012” -> “targeting Q2” -> ?
    I guess now we just have to wait for the “big news” like Mike said in upcoming WEEKS. That means probably in March we will hear something like “possible release in Q3” or “Q2 was too soon” and they will release new wallpaper. Thanks God I just recive ME3 CE!

  19. I was joking to my girlfriend, that if i ever get grandchild i will ask it to play Diablo 3 in my name after i die of old age [atm im 26 :P]

  20. If GW2 and D3 release at the same time…. you can sure bet i am getting GW2 and D3 will have some time on brick and mortar shelves. At least ArenaNet is not as annoying.

  21. Hmmm. I think blizzard is following an interesting formula that is being put to the test right now. How disorganized and loose does your internal PR need to be before people do not buy the game out of anger?
    How much can you trail/delay a title with promises of a soon release before people spend their budget on another game title and you lose your release slot rush?
    How unprofessionally can some of the PR (Bashi) / mod people post when talking to the community before people give up?
    Its typical human nature. With too much power, too much hype, too much assurance of success…. comes the fumble. They are sitting on the nr1 slot with WOW comfortably and think that they can redefine the rules of games marketing and development cycles.
    The user base is loyal, only for so long. Start giving some full, clear messages, or do not message at all.
    I for one, being a Blizzard fan since their first game, am let down with how I am being treated as a returning customer and potential D3 buyer.
    They need to sort it out. Look at Ubisoft. They have schedules, plans, deadlines. When they announce a game you get a release date shortly after that is FIXED and they usually stick to it.
    Its not so loose with the only excuse quality. Lets not kid ourselves, blizzard delivered that quality when they were working on ONE product at a time. This will not be the case now. The games will be good but only one every 5 will be amazing or worth your time over years.

  22. I think its Q3 for sure if they are not going to announce release date this or next  week. This is really starting to look really bad once again. Q3, Q4 ? who knows anymore. Prolly they got some bigger issues with the game than they actually let the people believe.

  23. So Jay says 9/10 and you post a bunch of rumors getting the community excited about some big D3 news on the 5th from some random “reliable” source and the 5th comes and goes, than everyone blames Jay. Right…

    As far as dev time of this game goes, I would say a 9/10 means an announcement next month, for a june release. That sounds like 9/10 to me. On everyone else scale 9/10 I guess means one week till launch wtf?

  24. …and MAYBE blizz is a one big troll that must be right at all times delaying the game based on rumors and  because you hope you can get it soon, they say: “Release will be tomorrow”, everybody´s hyped all over, when the day comes, they would say “nah, we´re just kidding” and every god damn time they do this. It´s like “you won´t get the game at any cost because it makes me so happy to troll you!” says Trollson…
    Not blaming anybody really, but they should keep their “release announcements” and they had to do it 2 years ago too.
    Maybe there´s no D3 game in development at all, or S***ivision will turn it and put into their famous collection of CoD games.
    Ok, enough of conspiracy 😀 Just disappointed after all of these years… 

  25. My god, how boring this “final stage of development” has become…it’s like watching a stupid soap opera.

  26. For a company with the pedigree and resources of Blizzard, the level of incompetence that has been shown in getting this game to release is staggering.

  27. I´m really looking forward to next year to hear that it´ll be next year again, REEEAAALY FUNNY!

  28. Remember that it was this site that told us the announcement would probably be march 5th, not mr. Wilson. If you interpret ‘in the coming weeks’ as a maximum of four weeks away, Blizzard still has a week or two to get the release date out. If it isn’t in by then, I think some heads should roll at Blizzard HQ. SIX years of development time for a game is wholly over the top, no matter how high your standards are as a company.

    • BS. We’ll all buy it anyway and it’ll be a critical success. They couldn’t care less what we think if we don’t vote with our wallets. A few more months of crunch isn’t going to make it much less profitable.

      • I wasn’t saying that the majority of potential customers weren’t going to buy it anyway, but a dev cycle this long is totally unwarranted considering the scope of the game. Of course they can afford to sink as much money into it as they want with their WoW revenues, and I have no doubt they will at least break even with this game, but I think they should really reconsider their development approach as it seems wholly inefficient to me.

  29. Genuinely laugh out loud.

    Here’s another:

    “D3 in development over 4 years”

    “We’re working on basic attack” 

  30. Don’t mean to be that guy, but don’t blame Wilson, blame yourselves. Things like this, and looking at Christmas presents early because you can’t stand the wait never help you. Find another activity, don’t focus on d3, and then you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you haven’t visited a fansite in a while, click the link and see the release date there in the headlines. But you know, things like this make for alot of visits to various places 😉


  31. Hey nerds!
    I put a lot of faith into this April 17th rumor.  Jay says he’s off to the GDC and not announcing anything.  Has everyone forget about CeBIT that’s also going on the rest of the week?  Also how painfully trolling his tweet was?  When was the last time they gave warning that they weren’t going to announce something?  Seems silly to me.
    And as long as we are stirring up some s*** about SC2.  Game sucks.  Played more SC1 then SC2 since SC2 came out.  I was there for SC2 midnight launch and I was stoked.  Just doesn’t have the magic..

  32. I’m just glad that first zombie mob you encounter does 2 points of damage instead of 1. I’ve spent hours pondering how that totally boned the rest of the game!

  33. I don’t get why you guys get your hopes up.  You just know it will be crushed.  I learned my lesson from SC2, and it should stay true for all Blizz releases.  I will only believe it when the game is on my HDD and installing.  Don’t rip SC2, It is a success.  It has a smaller community due to the competitiveness of it, but it is no flop.  It has a huge impact on the prof gaming scene, which is something the diablo series will never achieve.  Back to the topic.  I don’t believe April release date is possible.  SC2 released roughly 1.5-2 months after beta ended.  As for D3 beta, if they ended it today, April release date might be possible.  But they will release another patch for the beta, which means roughly another month or two of beta.  So my guess would be a July release (just like SC2). 

  34. I am still holding out for an announcement this week. Jay wouldn’t be announcing anything anyway, it’s all down to marketing and PR departments to do that.

  35. I just wish They would keep there mouth shut period. Don’t mention anything at all about release, simply don’t comment on them. How hard is it to simply say no comment.
    I honestly had my hopes up for this one all the rest were just guesses as was this on it seems. Unfortunately I fell prey to the hype this time. This only means i going to be just that much more critical of every aspect of this game once it goes live and I’m probably going to be disappointed. 
    I know blizz dosn’t owe me anything but dicking with there fans so much is really burning the candle at both ends at this point in the game.

  36. I’m sure this comment will get deleted but I think I speak for all Diablo fans when I say, Fuck you Blizzard.

  37. No more respect for Blizzard, i can’t believe they actually TROLLING us around … 1 year.With “the game is almost ready”, ” imminent release”, SOON , NEAR FUTURE, “Im not taunting you” …. yes you are.
    4 years++ work and thats the final result ? Srsly ? The humans build Empire state building for that time.
    What’s wrong with you guys ? Now im starting to understand why 600 “non-developers” was fired.
    1 year beta ? What were you doing all that time ? animations ? skill/rune system and RMAH ? LOOOOL

  38. I loved most of Blizzard games, it’s actually one of the very few games dev team i admire, their games are more than games to me. I do agree that wow changed after vanilla, but well u know it was anyway much better than anything else out there (Eve online got my respect also) and was not so bad after all (the next one, the Pokemon thing is really odd, i won’t defend it) 
    SC2, well sorry for those who seem to be disappointed, but it’s the only game always in my HD with HOMM3 and W3 so yes i enjoy it. When i got time i do the achievements or one FFA game or try to learn how to play others races (yes i’m a casual player in silver league, anyway i changed, i’m now a casual player who like to play video games sometimes after work).  But to stick to the subject, I’m happy to see that there is still some good products in our fast food lives. Most of people might  don’t give a shit but i respect their way of work, they take their time and sell things when they think the job is well done, no matter what. I’m happy when they say they polish it, happy to hear soon every month since 6 months (no i don’t think there is kind of a conspiracy), happy to ask me the same question every day wizard or WD for the first experience? (WD ftw! come on give it a shot) and happy to hear my self with a different answer every week (no no! wizard it will be as usual!). And even if of course i would love to play it asap (omfg), i calm down, try to focus on something else and wait with a big smile for the polished diamond to come to daddy 9/10 soon. So well, i agree with ToolofIsis. I don’t get why few thousands of people on forums are so agressive all the time and think they speak for millions of players all over the world… D3 is not just for D2 fans or hardcore player. Not just for u or for me, it has to match a lot of different expectations. Try to let yourself be surprised then u can judge, then my HD will judge.
    PS: sorry for my frenglish. This post was my very humble opinion. See u all IG soon.

  39. Its not only outside rumours. Its a fact that blizzard screws people with their dates. They should just say no, not even a close to release. And then when the game is ready, just announce the date and thats it. But fuck this shit, d3 develompent time has been 1-2 years too long already and the game is getting outdated already before release. Q3 at best but im out now.

  40. Seriously, JAY WILSON needs to stop the bullshit. One day he teases us and say that we are 9/10th to a release date and everyone expects a release date announcement at GDC and the other day he just puts his finger in our faces. 

    Its just… it doesn’t feel right. Makes me loose respect for Blizzard. 

  41. All I’ve gotten with this game is disappointment… No beta invite after being a hardcore fan for years.  No release date cuz they simply aren’t in a hurry; no one has lit a fire under their asses; or they really just can’t figure out what the ppl want. Is it even worth it to wait around checking this site for news for a game that may never come?  I’m just really feeling over it right now, who else feels the same?! 😥

  42. Wow, you all sound like a bunch of whining children.
    Sure, it’s taken bliz a while to create this game; but get over it.

    Look at this 9/10 comment mathematically:
    Four years development so far. That’s 48 months.
    10% (or 1/10) of 48 months is close to 5 months until release.
    Trololol  😀

    But seriously, you guys are way too emotionally attached to this game.
    I mean, I’m planning on taking a week off work once the game is finally released to play it religiously. … also planning on playing a monk (this will be lost on half of you ❓ ).

    But comon’, the rage and disappointment I see on this website is astounding.
    It’s a game – a want – not a need, by any means.

    And have a nice day 😉  

  43. This game better come out before Guild Wars 2 because I am looking forward to that more than Diablo 3.

  44. OH NICE FAKEOUT JW. Tell everyone no announcement but then you gonna announce it and surprise every1. Nar blizz aren’t that nice. They’re definitely trolling, we’re in march 2012 and still no date given! Bet nobody expected that.

  45. Ummm i bought the CE of SC2 played it for about 4 months haven’t touched it since….. Guess i’m not real huh? :mrgreen:

  46. So now every announcement is to announce a delay. As i said before, Jay has NO clue what D3 should be. That’s why they,re still changing basic mechanics. 

  47. If we were somehow able to harvest nerd rage into a useable resource we could help get this game finished.

  48. I don’t keep making “June 32nd” jokes on the podcast for nothing, you know

    the word “joke” implies something funny, which is what Flux has never been.

    (delete my comments all you want, I’ll just post them again, you pimple)

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