Jay Wilson leaving Blizzard to pursue writing

jay wilson in taiwanIt has finally happened, Jay Wilson has revealed he is leaving Blizzard. Jay posted a series of Tweets earlier today to spread the news.

“Sad to say after 10 of the best years of my life this will be my last week at Blizzard,” Wilson writes. He adds that “I’m leaving to pursue my original passion, writing. It’s what I was doing when I fell into this job, and I’ve always wanted to return to it. I will dearly miss my friends at Blizzard. They’ve been the best, most dedicated, most passionate group of people I’ve ever met.”

Jay had a rough ride during the release of Diablo 3 and was blamed for many of the terrible decisions that were made during the game’s development. He will also be known for his classic comment of “F**k that loser” comment following Rushster’s interview with David Brevik about the state of Diablo 3 on release back in 2012. Let’s also not forget he loved to double everything.

Jay moved on from Diablo 3 when Josh took over which was not only good for Jay but also the game. We wish Jay the best of luck in his future ventures.


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  1. Bye Felisha. *slams door*

  2. Speaking of yourself in the third person again, your highness?

  3. Good riddance!

    Now, can we have offline single-player like we did with Diablo 1 and 2 ?!?

  4. “Fuck that loser”

    Too soon?

  5. Yeh, maybe too soon 🙂

  6. In hindsight, Blizzard should of let JW write the D3 novelizations instead of letting him ruin the D3 franchise.
    I hope he writes about it.

  7. Flux has finally done it!

  8. I know it’s emotional but I really hated Jay. This dude is the reason the game was released unfinished with a pay-to-win RMAH.

    His legacy is Whimsyshire, which was according to Diablo wiki: “…was made as a response to criticism regarding the game’s graphics being ‘too cartoon-like’ and ‘too bright’.”

    Deckard Cain did on his watch as well.

    • I’m not defending Jay, he seems like a total a-hole but RMAH was fun I think. It was not pay to win since you won nothing. It was a good idea that you play a game and get money for it. Which I did, though not much, but with a little sense in business you could get payed a decent amount of money. Until Chinese came.. All in all it was a fun idea and I get back the price of D3 CE that way so I defend that feature.

      • “Well, I don’t know if I believe anyone is 100% a dick…”

        He behaved like a total a-hole and rightfully got the stick for it. But it ain’t his fault that nobody has seen, that he wasn’t the right man for the job, before all went sideways. As well, as it was unfair to him to be fired, just for still needing more time to learn out of his mistake of taking it personal, where there was only “sticking it to the Man” , that he, as the face of the project, was to us at that point in time. Only best wishes on his future path to Jay himself from my side.

      • Better said, if it wasn’t really Jays own interest to go, Blizz should instantly hire him back. Just doesn’t put him on any project that actually relies heavily on the rpg part. Put him on something like Warcraft IV, where his strength in tactical and strategical thinking can play itself out. Though not in a Face position, until he has proven himself to the casuals again …

        If that way ain’t possible: I’ve pitched you a rough job description of my idea of a perfect working and learning place in the Blizzard family. Outside of the grasps of the corporate arm, to allow a way for Blizz North to come back into the fold, as a sidepitch. (Though only a few percents of my longterm ideas behind it … .. let’s just say that the word “thinktank” wasn’t chosen for no reason …)

        • On my tumblr, if that wasn’t clear already.

        • And: I’d love to have Jay on that team, too, if nothing else would be possible. He’d make a valued bridge to the corporate, indeed, and I would enjoy the opportunity, to finally get to know him personally.


          I should really start thinking about some bedtime … Please apologize my lapse in concentration

  9. Wish I could edit posts but I meant to type ‘Died on his watch’ not ‘did!

  10. The infamy of Jay will live on in our hearts forever!

  11. Aren’t you thankful? And hope he never comes back

  12. Man fuck Jay Wilson and everyone who looks like him!

  13. and then we doubled it

  14. no wonder with all those fagot ragers (rage over norhing btw)

    oh well thx for all what you did and cya

    • The “fagot ragers” could have provided a voice. Instead they were fought against. Don’t blame “them” for the criticism not reaching the place responsible. Our [, the fans their] window to talk to the higherups always was via proxy only.

  15. Blame the people higher up they’re the ones who put that dev team into place. If the first bullet point on D3 game director job page says
    -Needs to have worked on several triple A titles

    And the last bullet point
    -ARPG experience is required but considered a plus

    Then you can expect a F***up like this
    JW was exactly the wrong guy to take on this job
    I don’t think he even liked D2
    No feel with the D2 community at all
    Keep your PvP out of my PvE

    Good riddance ^^

    • You don’t need fagot pvp is every game you know ! (go play a shitty fps crap then)
      This is one of the reasons i love D3 , almost no fucking shitting pvp crap

      • So you love D3, because it ain’t a diablo? Is that what you’re sayin’?

        • no i love D3 coz there is almost no stupid pvp in it
          thats why !!!!!!
          can’t you read ????????????

          Or are you one of those pvp fagots that want stupid shitty pvp in every game ?

          • I am indeed gay, but no fagot. Sorry to disappoint … o.0

            If anything, I’m gay for roleplaying. Meaning player driven character choices in variating degrees of permanence, reflecting the aspects of learning, training, consolidation, logical reflections of the different ways dealing with the ingame society as encountered and roads of specialisations deriving from that. Basically I’m a PvE-player, who is of the opinion that balancing an ARPG around PvP first and building the PvE environment second (, expanding the PvP core in the process), would lead to a better PvE experience in the long run.

      • PvP can be inplemented where PvP and PvE actually boost each other through well thought out itemization you know. Nobody here said PvP at the cost of PvE.

        Players like you spamming the official forums during development that they should “not be punished” for all kind of things the more core players were suggesting, were probably contributing for the direction the game has taken because this was music to Blizzard’s ears.

        Now you’ve got the game as it is. Without all the nice things that provided depth in game play. And community forums like this one that were thriving during D2 days and now are like a ghost town. Shame on you

  16. That’s ARPG is NOT required but considered a plus

    Sorry for double post

  17. Writing??

    D3’s story was awful. Sure video games can have good stories, but D3 had less plot than Mortal Kombat. I wouldn’t trust Jay to write a solid Willie Coyote episode.

    Seeing his failures with video games his career right now should be working at McDonald’s picketing for $15 min wage. Even that might beyond his skill set.

    • Jay didn’t write Diablo 3’s story.

      Although if he’s an author, and the game director D3, there is an argument to be made that he should have rejected the story the writers did come up with.

  18. Writing? Christ, what idiot would hire him? *looks at upcoming fall CBS schedule* Oh, right. He’ll make millions.

  19. *sighs* Whilst I didn’t like Jay’s comment towards David Brevik, I always felt he got the wrong end of the stick. Yeah the guy made some mistakes, however impression I got was he was under a huge amount of stress and was the target of extreme group hatred. I wish him well in his writing.

    • Its funny how Wyatt was just as responsible for many of the bad release decisions, but Jay got all the blame because he was more of a public figure.

      All seriousness aside, Jay will go down in history as the man that doesn’t just shit on games, he shits on legacies.

  20. its not jays fault , but the ppl above him !!

    and on the other side , i really loved AH and they can bring it back for my part , there was (almost) nothing wrong with vanilla only the haters and naggers and stupid ppl who could not understand that D3 is not the same as D2 made the game bad !!

  21. Perhaps you troll @colateral mofo who knows.

    Nevertheless your opinions are part of the minority.

  22. I honestly don’t get the hatred towards Jay. Sure, he was the lead on the D3 project, but that still doesn’t mean that everything was his fault. I think the inclusion of the RMAH in particular was likely a decision from higher up, a new monetization to try for Blizz games. In hindsight of course it’s easy to see the problems it and the AH in general caused (even Jay admitted it was a mistake), but many seem to forget that during development the idea of making trading easier, more accessible was actually really popular among the community and the AH at least was a great success in that regard. Too great I’d say.

    As for the game at large, sure, items were extremely simple originally, but again, it’s worth noting that D3 was developed with PvP in mind for a long while based on what we saw from previous BlizzCons. Balance is really important there and simpler things are easier to balance, so to me it makes perfect sense that they started simple. The game however is still mostly the same as it was in 1.0. Plays the same, the combat is still as fluid, the skills look awesome, its art style unique. Beside a shift in item design and added content that gave us more things to reach for nothing really changed in my opinion, but that is expected happen with any game that’s supported in the long term.

    In short, in my opinion the core and most of the game we have today was created under Jay’s watch and as someone who played it hundreds of hours and still do occasionally to this day I thank him for the work he did, mistakes and all.

    • Different type of players had different types of criticism towards the AH. That is was concepted as a necessary ingredient to manage Inferno, was in my opinion the only deep flaw, the AH had. Especially the opportunity for invested players to turn their playtime into some bucks from the hasty, casual ones, was in principal a genius idea. To make the game playing more like work, rather than an actual game, instantly destroyed that opportunity, though, and only into the hands of players, whose interests only were in the primary gameplay of hack’n’slay, and the primary gameplay alone. (Well … .. And Sweatshops and Botrunners, of cause .)

      Talking about simplicity: Items that are not being balanced in/by a proper skilldesign, at least equal in weight, complexity and progression curves, does not make for a good ARPG. A good A-Adventure with [A]RPG-Elements, yes. But neither ARPG, nor even close to a diablo. (That’s basically my core criticism, since the Strikeforce went ballistics on the game pre-release. Though, at that point of time, expressed more in the form of a nagging feeling … Naturally .)

      • Little correction:

        “[…] though, and only into the hands of players, whose interests only were in the primary gameplay of hack’n’slay, and the primary gameplay alone.”

        : “[…] and put it firmly into the hands […]”

        Well, … That, and I’ve forgotten the speculant type of traders, that were drawn to the game, just to play the AH itself …

  23. Never too late to say it again: FUCK THAT LOSER.

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