Jay is in front of the cameras once again and this time the guys from Railgun.tv ask the questions. Jay discusses the background story in Diablo 3 as well as some of the features in the game such as checkpoints, items, magic find, RMAH, followers, Inferno etc.

    According to Jay they are still fine-tuning the character levels and determining when players should move onto Nightmare, Hell etc. Listening to Jay it really sounds like they are not 100% sure how they are going to structure the difficulties which is a little surprising this late in the day (or is it late?).

    Jay also mentions that the team will be committed to the game post release and it won’t be a case of finishing the game and the dev team moving on. They plan to keep tweaking and balancing and looking for feedback from the community post-release. It sounds like they are going to release the game in as solid a state they think is possible and then start working on making changes based on feedback. So out the box when it ships I think we can expect quite a bit to change over the first four weeks or so of release.

    Thanks to Lars from Railgun for sending that over.

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