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Through the kind auspices of Blizzard PR, we’ve secured a 1-on-1, 30-minute phone interview with D3 Lead Designer DiabloWikiJay Wilson, on Tuesday, October 6th. Yes, that’s next week. This is not the same interview for which MD has been soliciting questions, though I’m cannibalizing those threads for topics to discuss with Jay.

I’ve got a fair number of questions ready to go, but with a whole half hour (compare to this 15 minute interview from Blizzcon) I should have time to ask Jay about quite a few issues, which is where you guys come in. Submit your questions for Jay in this thread, and I’ll pick the best ones and pose them directly to the Diablo 3 Lead Designer, Tuesday morning. Click through to see some of the issues I’m going to bring up, and add your ideas in the comments.

Jay’s knowledgeable about everything in the game, but Blizzard has asked us to specialize our questions for this one. So I’m primarily going to be asking about gameplay, characters, skills, etc. Not so much about lore, story, art, etc. (MD will surely cover those issues in great detail in his upcoming email interview.)  I’ve got a bunch of good Monk questions, mostly taken from the aforementioned threads,and I’ll definitely be asking about the non-mana resources, party play interactions, char build variety, and higher level skills. 

Additional questions in any of those areas are welcome. I’d also like to ask some questions about items, character customization, and end game/PvP design theories. Questions on those issues, and anything else you’re dying to know, can be added to this post. Fire away, and get your comment in by Monday night, so I’ve got time to look them over before the interview.

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1 thought on “Jay Wilson Interview Questions

  1. In the gold based economy of WoW, little gold actually drops from killed monsters.  Players make the most money by selling items to other players or by completing quests (the big one).  I am not sure how D3 will accomplish this as well, since WoW has a ridiculous amount of quests relative to the Diablo experience.  I suppose there may be more random events and daily type quests that reward money?

    There are no gold find or magic find stats in WoW.  That is another complicating factor inherent to D2.  I never liked the gold find or magic find stats in D2.  There is something inherently ‘wrong’ to me for a hero to purposefully decrease his ability to fight monsters in order to have a better chance of getting cool items.  I think the game will be healthier in the long run if those stats were removed.  Especially in terms of party play—what is there to prevent a player from wearing tons of MF gear and standing back from the action, scooping up his better drops (which are safe from theft in the new loot system) obtained by higher killing power, low MF characters doing all the work?

    I think Blizzard can control the amount of gold farming by limiting monster gold drops to a little more than what repairs cost (plus what skills take to buy, etc).  The bulk of the gold should come from NPCs for successful completion of different quests.  The quests would inherently have a level of difficulty associated with them, and so the gold reward could be scaled properly to reflect the player character’s level.  To prevent excessive farming, there could be diminishing returns on a quest or gold rewarding quests in general tied to an account (a very high number not normally reached by recreational play) on a monthly or weekly reset.

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