French Diablo site JudgeHype took part in a group interview of Jay Wilson at Gamescom. There’s no video or full transcript (yet), and the bullet point write up is in French. However, Google translation does a good job on that language, and there are several very interesting tidbits reported.

    • Jay would not name any returning Diablo I uniques, save for one… DiabloWikiWindforce! Yes, the big bow will be back in Diablo III.
    • There will not be “challenges” as they are known in Starcraft II. However, there will be a huge variety of Achievements, which are shown on your character’s banner. These will be general and PvP, and there will be ones such as “Speed Run” to reward players for rapidly clearing a given area.
    • The team is committed to preventing “runs” or camping of the most rewarding areas in the game. They’re planning on closely monitoring how we play once the game is released, and making changes as need to be prohibit exploits of that sort.
    • The system requirements have not yet been revealed or even hinted at, but Jay said that if your computer can run World of Warcraft or Starcraft II on high details it should have no trouble with Diablo III. (At last, a reason to click one of those “try WoW free” banner ads!)

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