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French Diablo site JudgeHype took part in a group interview of Jay Wilson at Gamescom. There’s no video or full transcript (yet), and the bullet point write up is in French. However, Google translation does a good job on that language, and there are several very interesting tidbits reported.

  • Jay would not name any returning Diablo I uniques, save for one… DiabloWikiWindforce! Yes, the big bow will be back in Diablo III.
  • There will not be “challenges” as they are known in Starcraft II. However, there will be a huge variety of Achievements, which are shown on your character’s banner. These will be general and PvP, and there will be ones such as “Speed Run” to reward players for rapidly clearing a given area.
  • The team is committed to preventing “runs” or camping of the most rewarding areas in the game. They’re planning on closely monitoring how we play once the game is released, and making changes as need to be prohibit exploits of that sort.
  • The system requirements have not yet been revealed or even hinted at, but Jay said that if your computer can run World of Warcraft or Starcraft II on high details it should have no trouble with Diablo III. (At last, a reason to click one of those “try WoW free” banner ads!)
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17 thoughts on “Jay Wilson Interview @ JudgeHype

  1. i hardly consider making ‘runs’ in a more rewarding area of the game an ‘exploit’. i mean it is just a given that the cold plains will be much easier than chaos sanctuary, that is the natural progression of a game, and it makes sense that monsters in later areas will drop more rewarding items. obviously hell won’t dispatch their best fighters to camp outside a rogue encampment and leave their so-so fighters defending their king.

    besides, making a chaos run in hell wasn’t exactly an exploit, it was more of a challenge (except when you follow the hammerdin bot). an exploit would be the moat trick.

    i could see them doing this in inferno difficulty, but if they’re going to even out the monsters/difficulty/drops throughout the inferno difficulty, why not just have a big square map of the same monster? we played through 3 difficulties of the maps it’s not like we’re doing inferno to see the scenery again, we’re here for the lootz.

  2. “The team is committed to preventing “runs” or camping of the most rewarding areas in the game. They’re planning on closely monitoring how we play once the game is released, and making changes as need to be prohibit exploits of that sort. ”

    well, they’re finally doing something about bots;  
    if they’re closely monitoring which areas get run repeatedly that will surely put a damper on ’em

  3. As a proud legit Windforce owner (pre-patch 1.10, when the drop rate was still astronomically low!), I can only say: Fantastic!

  4. “Runs” are not an exploit. If they prevent “runs” they are taking away one of the fun things in Diablo. They should let people play the way they want to play instead of dictating how each character plays and futhur dictating where the character can play. Stupid.

    Preventing runs WILL NOT PREVENT BOTS. It only means non-cheaters will have no way to get gear. They are trying to force people to use the RMAH.

    • So in your logic, runs suck b/c they make it easy for cheater to get gear. And non-runs suck b/c they make it too hard for non-cheaters to get gear.

      It’s almost as if you’ve arrived at your conclusion in advance, and are simply bending all factual details to fit it?

  5. Another point that I’ve read on Judgehype and is not explicitly mentioned in the news :
    There is a possibility that Blizzard will give magic find bonuses to players who play in different zones.

      • It’s related to the fact that Blizzard wants to encourage players to explore and play in every areas of the game in Inferno difficulty, rather than doing the same runs over and over again. So they said they might implement something such as giving a magic find bonus so that players are more likely to do that. This will make the game more fun for the players and will still give them good chances of finding great items (even if they are killing zombies in the first areas for example).

  6. Well as far as specs go I’m glad they said high and not ultra. Makes me want to break out my copy of SC2 and see how many zerglings I can flood the screen with before there is lag on my 13″ Mac pro. The only thing that worries me are the amount of individual beings on-screen. Other players plus pets, minions and followers!! I still played SC2 all the way and enjoyed it very much. I think it has higher graphics then wow?

  7. About the system requirements, there’s a little mistake in the news translation. The JudgeHype article says “Si votre ordinateur est capable de faire tourner World of Warcraft ou StarCraft II en détails moyens, il devrait pouvoir faire tourner Diablo III”, which means “if your computer can run World of Warcraft or Starcraft II on medium details, it should run Diablo III.
    Big difference, imo 🙂

    • There is another interesting bit. It says that Achievements will be rewarded by titles or cosmetic objects. Many achievements will also modify you banner.
      Now, the interesting point for me is about the cosmetic objects. This was not mentionned before. I do not know if this a translation error (english –> french –> back to english). At first I thought it was an improvement of the banner, but the banner improvements are mentionned separately. So, will there be cosmetic objects as there is in WoW ? Minipets seem out of order (because they would much too small on the screen). Gear that is used just for the look ? That would need a special system for that (where you can have two sets of items, one for the look, one for the stats). Special dyes perhaps.

  8. Other stuff: (i didn’t read the translated version, only the french version)
    -There are over 200 legendaries already in the game.
    -If necessary they might give MF bonuses to players diversifying what zones they play in.
    -Could you combine spells by e.g. setting fire to a wall of zombies?  No, they decided against it because of the innumerable combinations.

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