Another DiabloWikiJay Wilson video interview from Gamescom 2011 has surfaced, this time on GameTrailers.com. This video is notable for being over-edited, for repeating the exact same content as all of the previous JW interviews from Gamescom, and for the totally distracting giant (female) Wizard bewbs right behind Jay’s head.

    The video is 7:35 in length, with about 7m of Jay talking. It’s edited so that you don’t hear the questions, just Jay talking, and there’s no sense of Jay’s answers starting or ending due to the tight editing. The piece is definitely produced for casual fans, with soundbites on every topic, rather than any more detailed discussion of anything in particular.

    A quick summary, put into a blockquote box for easier formatting:

    Jay starts off talking about DiabloWikiInferno. He stresses that the difficulty of Inferno is mostly flat, and that items and everything else progress through the difficulty levels, with the highest quality items and runes and other stuff only findable on Inferno.

    He then touches on DiabloWikiHardcore in D3, as well as giving a brief summary of the DiabloWikiBanner system.

    I’m sure you’ll be as thrilled as I was to learn that Jay also spends several minutes talking about the fan reaction to the Real Money DiabloWikiAuction House. We again get his “two-thirds of feedback was positive,” unsourced statistic, and the delightful companion assertion that everyone who doesn’t like the RMAH is misinformed or misunderstanding things. He goes into much detail about how people in D2 bought RMT anyway, so the only thing new about RMAH in D3 is the fact that you won’t be buying dupes or hacks or getting your account stolen in the process. And he again goes into that slightly-perplexing talking point about how D2’s items went to the best traders, rather than the best players, and how D3 isn’t really an item acquisition game, unlike WoW since people there gather in Orgrimar (or whatever) and show off their loot to each other.

    Like I said, it’s the same stuff as the last half-dozen JW interviews from Gamescom, which is why I’m giving a half-assed summary here.

    Jay does end with some slightly different material; he says that the DiabloWikisecret cow level is secret, and then reveals that the DiabloWikichat gem will not return in Diablo III, much to the relief of Blizzard’s customer service people. Jay then goes a step further and says, “I will definitively say the chat gem did nothing in D2.”

    That last bit is just wrong. It’s like telling a child there’s no Santa Claus or Tooth Fairy! Watch the video below, and thanks to Doomscream for the tip.

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