HolyKnight pointed me to a DiabloWikiJay Wilson video interview from last months’ Gamescom that we hadn’t posted yet. So here it is. 

    This is a short interview, just three minutes, filled entirely with Jay explaining the DiabloWikiArtisans. There’s not much you haven’t heard previously, but it’s a nice, concise summary, and some of the comments about how the Artisans will be integrated into the game’s story are interesting. Short quote below.

    One of our primary objectives with Artisans is to make each one a unique individual… a really profound character who contributes to the series. Somebody who when you go back to town you don’t just want to craft with them, you want to check out the “talk” option because they’re either amusing or compelling or they tell you something about the world.

    Video Games | Diablo III | GC 10: Artisan Interview
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