EvilMe points us to Dutch site Gamer.NL where there’s a new interview with DiabloWikiJay Wilson from Gamescom last month. It’s a short interview, but they get right to the point with the requisite questions about the Real Money Auction House and the Always-Online DRM, before concluding with a couple of non-standard (and thus more interesting) questions about other ARPGs. I’ll quote the Google translation of those.

    In recent years games and recently appeared as Torchlight Bastion clearly inspired by the Diablo series. Is there anything in this game that has inspired you?
    Jay Wilson: Blizzard as a company is a major user of all media forms. We always carry that we are inspired by everything, be it books, movies or games. They inspire us very much.I do not know if there is a connection, but since Diablo III was announced, there are a lot of action-RPGs have been added. If so, I think it’s great. It’s a wonderful genre, and there is still a lot to participate. Look for Torchlight, many similarities with Diablo, but a completely different approach. That’s what we love. It’s very inspiring to see what others do with the genre. Thus, the dungeon crawler finally mature.

    Diablo III but may actually still compete with much cheaper games that many of the same offer?
    Jay Wilson: If you compare it to Diablo Torchlight or Bastion, you will see that our game has more content and better images. It’s a larger game. I would therefore prefer to turn around. Is not it great that we have a market where different games with different price levels can co-exist? Torchlight is well priced for the size of the game and I will not affect the game. It’s great to have a game at that level and it can spread over several sections. The price difference is an outlet for them, but I do not think Diablo III will be attractive not because it is a different price. I think it’s a different game, and so it is good that both games can coexist.

    A very diplomatic answer by Jay, and realistic. But behind the scenes, don’t you think he and the other Diablo III developers are like, “We have to work our asses off so no TL2 or PoE other ARPG can steal our cake!” I hope they are, at least. Pride, ego, and competitive fire drive most of the really good/interesting things in this world, and I’d like Diablo III to be amongst them.

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