Secondii, webmaster of Chinese Diablo3.cc, stopped by our forums to let us know that he’d just posted a brand new, exclusive interview with Diablo III Game Director Jay Wilson. Apparently Jay’s off in the China on a PR swing, and while he did some ducking and dodging, Jay did reveal some new info to Secondii’s questioning.

    Update: Correction from Secondii in the forum post. The photos were taken and interview conducted at Blizzard’s offices in Irvine, California. The guy in the pictures is Bloodface, the webmaster of Diablo3.cc. See the thread for more details, pics of the cool gifts they gave to Mike Morhaime, and much better translations of the interview.

    The biggest new thing is word that there will be no item binding (of any kind) in Diablo III. We’ve long debated DiabloWikiBoA vs. DiabloWikiBoE vs. DiabloWikiBoP in D3, and years ago Jay said they were considering either BoA or BoE for (at most) the highest level uniques DiabloWikilegendary items in the game. Apparently that’s no longer in their plans, and it seems like all the best items, whether found or crafted, will be available for trade or twink, just as they were in Diablo II.

    A few other tidbits I gleaned from the fairly-readable Google translated version of the interview.

    Jay no-commented on Mercs, if we’ll get the anticipated DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Beta test announcement on May 9th, and when we’ll learn which 1000 Blizzcon 2010 attendees won beta slots. Jay says that MFing will be a viable activity for Clvl 60 chars, but that there will be other things to do as well. He confirmed that the UI is pretty well set in stone now, and he says that while they’re looking to make DiabloWikiArena changes based on player input, they do not think it will work well as an e-sport.

    Jay confirms that the DiabloWikiNecromancer will appear as an NPC in the game, but he no-comments on whether the Necro might return as a playable class in an expansion.

    Jay confirms that Diablo is the monster on the Blizzcon poster, and that he’s an enemy in the game, but Jay doesn’t give any details about where or when players will face Big Red.

    There were a couple of questions about Diablo 3 achievements that weren’t comprehensible in the translation. “Arms?” On that and a few other points we are hopeful that human translation may improve upon the Google bot. Thanks to Secondii for the tip, and for some more interview translation assistance.

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