Jay Wilson in Korea

Jay Wilson’s press tour continues, with a day of interviews in Korea already finished and Taiwan next up.

Had an amazing day touring Seoul. Korea is an amazing country! Always have a fantastic time here. –JayWilson
Ah, you are in Korea? It’s nice to have you there. Have a great time! Who are the people in the photo? –Zunyaman
Members of our PR team and some awesome Korean kids who wanted there picture with us. I think they didn’t know who we were. –JayWilson

Goodbye Korea, wish I could stay longer. Off to Taiwan! –JayWilson

None of the Korean interviews have appeared yet, but no doubt fmulder or some of the other other newshounds will sniff them out soon enough. He’s got Oz coming up as well, so at least we’ll get some interviews in English, and won’t have to battle the Google translation issues. Below are two pics Jay shared of his adventures. No word on what he’s exhaling in the first shot, but I don’t think it’s tap water.

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  1. no wait, that’s Jay wilson breathing fire?!

  2. Also known as the “Flame Belcher” in D3 lore. A formidable beast of an opponent.

  3. Happy Year of the Dragon!

  4. looks pretty hardcore. maybe he should do dragon age 3.

  5. Haha, awesome. Nice one jay! 😀

  6. So its jay wilson thats diablo !
    Never saw that one coming.

  7. I love that it’s indoors. At a bar.

  8. Trip to Korea, eh?? Release date delay incoming! 🙂

  9. Jay does not make Diablo, he IS Diablo…

  10. Now I really want to see Jay and Bash “duke it out” with fire blasts- it’s a win-win!

    Oh, and it could be tap water, if there is fracking near by 😛

  11. Now that’s a spicy Kimchi!

  12. I guess Jay is pretty much done with his….
    *puts on glasses*
    Seoul searching.

  13. Fatastic flaming breath, jay!!  Hope yor wife doesn’t see this one ;


  14. Flaming shots are best done in empty bars. 😉

  15. Jay is witch doctor!
    😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛

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