Jay Wilson in Development Hell

diablo 3 spoiler alertEarlier we posted about Bashiok being spotted in the wild, and another few shots have come in from site visitor Pellevanten who bumped into Jay Wilson in Development Hell. (A forum thread covering this unicorn-free secret level with other images and details can be seen here.)

I’ll post the shots after the break along with where he appears. along with some of the other devs, for those that don’t want it spoiled.

Spoiler Warning

Development Hell is actually over for Jay now but if you are looking to seek him out  he is in the crypts in Cemetery of the forsaken on Nightmare difficulty. It’s not only Jay that’s there, you will find many of the developers as Zombies.


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3 thoughts on “Jay Wilson in Development Hell

  1. Glad to see they had the time to put themselves into the game and not fix the crappy items.

  2. Yeah because putting themselves into the game took months/years to develop, get over yourself.  

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