Blizzard Korea has released a short youtube clip of DiabloWikiJay Wilson talking vaguely about Diablo 3’s DiabloWikirelease date and greeting Korea as we progress into the new year.

    I know some have already posted about Jay’s Korean segment at the end, and that really does show some dedication for their reach-out to their foreign markets. Similarly, people have also noted that we can add “close” to our Lexicon of Patience. Realistically, this small clip should not be considered a sign of release, as it presents no clear verbiage of how close we actually are to finally playing the game.

    With this new piece, is this fueling the conspiracies that the Korean rating debacle was the paramount reason for the delay? Or is this just more PR to help butter them up for their eventual addition of the DiabloWikiRMAH later on down the road?

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