Jay Wilson Gets Korean Gifts: Art and Food

Two interesting blog posts by Player’s Cut showing activities with Jay Wilson during his visit to their offices. Neither get into Diablo III info (those are yet to come) but if you want to see Jay gifted with fan art of himself, plus some amazing Diablo-themed Korean culinary delights, check out the links.

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  1. Surprisingly, I don’t!

  2. Gak Ha! You forgot the obligatory singing of ‘Country Roads’ along with Bap, KimChee, Galbe, mahne sohju. I miss Korea…

  3. Korean food is one of my favorite, my nephew tried to open a Korean restaurant in LA but when he saw how much money he needs for this he quit the idea because if he made even one mistake he could hurt the entire business. Soju is one of my favorite dishes, unfortunately I could not find any restaurant that serves this kind of food in Las Vegas, I have to order from a restaurant located 15 miles outside the city.

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