USA Today (apparently) runs a regular gaming feature called Game Hunters, and they’ve used that venue to post a (new?) interview with Diablo III Game Director Jay Wilson. As you’d expect from this sort of major media site, the questions are all fairly general information, rather than drilling into more specific game details (like we do), but there are a few good bits. Here’s a quote:

    What will gamers be most surprised at after playing Diablo III for the first time?
    Jay Wilson: How much more depth there is to combat than previous games. In the past there was depth to character creation and character building, and while combat was good, it was straightforward. Now we put more depth into that.

    How so?
    Jay Wilson: Well, for example, previous games relied heavily on potion buttons. And you keep hitting those buttons and it’s the same for every class. That narrows down the skills a player would use. In Diablo III, though, there’s a much greater diversity in skills and abilities, and in class diversity, whether you use the Barbarian character who is very tough or the Wizard who has an enormous amount of control, and so forth. Adding co-op, too, also adds a deeper combat element.

    It would be remiss not to mention Blizzard’s amazing production values. What can gamers expect from Diablo III?
    Jay Wilson: A new bar will be set! I think we did a great job of taking the Blizzard approach for stylized art and adapted it to the Diablo franchise in a way no one has seen before. I think it’s one of the best-looking games out there and you don’t need a ridiculous system to run because of our advanced tech. On the sound side, we have the Blizzard sound department, an amazing group, we have an enormous amount of respect for them. We feel we’ll hit the target for tone and mood. As for cinematics, it just gets better and better. What they have planned for this game is frighteningly awesome. Ok, I don’t want to oversell them, but I almost don’t think I can. They’ve showed us what they’ve been working on so far, and let’s just say we couldn’t believe it was possible.

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