DiabloWikiJay Wilson interviews from the Leipzig GC just keep popping up. Today’s comes courtesy of Game Informer Magazine. It’s three pages and has some good stuff, including character design, how they worked to update D2’s core features, why most Diablo clones fail, and more. There’s even another touch on the DiabloWikiart design controversy! Here are a couple of quotes from the interview, and you may also enjoy the other Game Informer @ Leipzig interviews with Blizzard’s France Pearce and WoW Lead Designer Tom Chilton. Here’s a quote from Jay Wilson:

    GI: Obviously, Diablo II was huge. When you’re working on the next installment, how do you prioritize what you keep, what you scrap, what you revisit?

    DiabloWikiWilson: Well, the big thing is identifying what are the core goals of the Diablo series. What were the things that made it successful. Generally, those things are very high level—when you start to get specific, you’re generally doing something wrong. Things like the approachability of the game, and then you ask yourself why. Why was it approachable? Well, it was an isometric camera, it offered very unique gameplay that nobody else offers that was very easy to get into. It had an easy control scheme, things like that. That starts playing into the decisions that we make—if we add something to the control scheme, we have to take something else out, because you can’t ruin the approachability factor. Co-operative play. Replayability through randomness. The item game.

    All of these things—there are about seven things we identified that are really, really important. And a lot of those, for us, don’t matter that much at all. They’re much more malleable. That was one of the things that we, us working on the project, had those core competencies that we can always look back and say, whenever we wanted to make a decision, was it part of one of these? And if it wasn’t, throw it out. If it is, then you have to ask, “Is there another way that we can accomplish the same goal then?” That’s always the key. I thing it’s also always approaching the game from the standpoint of, “Does that really make the game better? I know it was there before, and I know the last games did it, but did it really make the game better or does it not?” And sometimes you just have to try it out.

    GI: People who played Diablo II obsessively acquired a Pavlovian response to the drop sounds—are you keeping those effects, or are you rerecording them?

    DiabloWikiWilson: We’re probably going to rerecord them, just because the quality isn’t as high, but the guy who’s doing them is the same person from Diablo II. He’s going to do them justice, for sure. The main thing I actually want to get is a little more distinction, where higher-quality magic items have a more distinct sound.

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