DiabloWikiJay Wilson interviews from the Leipzig GC keep popping up. The latest is on Game Reactor, and it’s a 9-minute video interview with some good content. Some quotes:

    Jay describes starting work on Diablo III:

    I think our first thought was don’t screw it up. Originally… The very first thing we focused on was establishing what we thought the core elements of Diablo. The high level things that really defined the games. Things like replayability through randomness, customization of characters, the item game, the approachability of gameplay, the isometric camera. These are all things we felt are core to the Diablo series. And then when we figured that out, we really focused on, okay, what do we want to make better or add to the game.

    On the colour scheme and tone of the game (ie: the ‘DiabloWikiart controversy’):

    We went through several revisions, and I think some of them were probably closer to what those fans asked for. But in the end what we found was that when we went for that dark, gritty, grey, brown environment, we found that the environment became very monotonous over time, and Diablo is a game you spend a lot of time in, so monotony is our enemy. We also found that things like identifying players from monsters, and monsters from each other – those are very critical important elements – is really difficult when you have a very flat, colourless art style…

    An interesting thing with DiabloWikiHealth Orbs is that Jay actually said they have about 25-35%.

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